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Evaluation Question 3


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Media institutions and distribution techniques.

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Evaluation Question 3

  2. 2. In order to find the perfect media institution to distribute my product I had to do a lot of initial research. This ended up in me finding two potential institutions that suited my magazine. These were ‘international publishing company’ and ‘Bauer media group’. INITIAL RESEARCH
  3. 3. International publishing company, also known as IPC media is one of the UK’s leading consumer magazine and digital publishers, with a large portfolio selling over 350 million copies each year. IPC media publishes large magazines such as: NME, look and woman's weekly. The many magazines that they published are then split into their 5 magazine divisions. Due to these divisions, this reaches a larger amount of people and widening their target audience. In addition to publishing magazines, IPC media also has a digital website which can receive 25 million views per week. This then attracts a younger audience as this is easy for them to access. NME has circulation figures of 15830 between January and June of 2014. INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY
  4. 4. Bauer media group is a German publishing company, privately owned by the Bauer family that operates in 15 countries world wide, including the UK. Bauer publishes 300 magazines in the UK alone such as Q, mojo and kerrang. Bauer magazine is an extremely diverse company offering content to multiple different ages and social classes. In addition to this, Bauer magazine has a modern and easy to use website, in which they offer online print versions of magazines. Q magazine has circulation figures of 52,781 between July and December 2013. BAUER MEDIA GROUP
  5. 5. After doing research I decided that Bauer media group would be the perfect media institution to distribute my media product. One of the main reasons that I decided to use Bauer magazine is due to their contemporary attitude and online accessibility making It easier for my younger target audience to read. On top of this, there will also be hard copies to reach my secondary audience. In addition to this, I have taken inspiration from Q magazine in order to create my final product. As Bauer already distributes Q magazine they will have previous experience in specific distribution techniques with a similar magazine. MY MAGAZINE
  6. 6. An obvious distribution technique would be to stock my magazine in supermarkets and shops such as WHsmith. This makes my magazine easy accessible to the public therefore having higher sales. However since my magazine has a fashion element to it, I would like it to be on sale in clothes shops such as Topshop, urban outfitters and River island. This is because my magazine has been highly fashion orientated and features clothing looks from these companies. Since these are non conventional places to sell a magazine attention will be drawn therefore having increased sales from people who are intrigued and want to take inspiration. In addition to this I would like my magazine to have large online accessibility. According to a September 2012 survey 95% of all teenagers are actively online. As this is my primary target audience having online accessibility would allow me to reach the majority of my target audience. This will also make my magazine multimodal. My readers will be able to access the magazine via the website or through an app that will use QR codes to provide special behind the scenes images and interviews. This exclusivity will encourage people to download the app. DISTRIBUTION TECHNIQUES