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The Kooples


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The Kooples

  1. 1. Pretty Reckless FOR The Kooples Pretty Reckless is a collection designed for The Kooples AW16/17 main line. This collection draws it’s inspiration from 1968: a year fuelled with sexual experimentation, liberal gender attitudes and youth rebellion, with The Rolling Stones at it’s centre.
  2. 2. PlayfulCross-dress Casual Extravagance Outspoken Uneven layering Mid-YouthCrisis
  3. 3. A year ingrained into our social history with youth rebellion, new freedoms, post modern identities,reinvention, revolution, and most importantly music. 1968 was the year of the Stones. It was a year to be Pretty Reckless. Pretty Reckless AW16/17
  4. 4. The Kooples Amy and Nick have been a couple for 5 months.