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50+ Shopify Tools to Grow and Manage Your eCommerce Business


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Shopify is one of the leading platforms to build and run your eCommerce store. They have partnered thousands of great tools that can assist in operating other areas of your business, help you improve efficiencies, and automate processes.

We’ve spent hours digging to find you a list of the top Shopify tools to grow and manage your eCommerce business.

We cover tools for every part of your business including:

Social media
Live Chat
Customer Support
Email marketing
AB testing
Customer reviews
Product photos
Multi channel Selling
And a few of our other favorites!

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50+ Shopify Tools to Grow and Manage Your eCommerce Business

  1. 1. eCommerce tips & tricks | 50+ Shopify tools to grow and manage your eCommerce business by
  2. 2. eCommerce tips & tricks | marketing tools
  3. 3. eCommerce tips & tricks | 1. Olapic User generated content can increase conversions dramatically. Olapic makes sourcing content from your customers, requesting rights for usage, and posting to your channels seamless.
  4. 4. eCommerce tips & tricks | 2. Pixlee The best way to improve the customer shopping experience is to show real customers enjoying your products. Pixlee makes your social photos and videos shoppable on your website.
  5. 5. eCommerce tips & tricks | 3. Kit Your virtual marketing assistant that leverages messaging to help you market your online store. It starts at $10/month and will save you hours. Just one of many things that Kit does is run your Facebook ads for you!
  6. 6. eCommerce tips & tricks | 4. Carthook Cart Abandonment Unlock lost revenue by automatically tracking and emailing shoppers who start, but don’t finish your checkout process.
  7. 7. eCommerce tips & tricks | social media tools
  8. 8. eCommerce tips & tricks | 5. Sell on Facebook Customers can easily browse your products and collections using the new, always visible Shop section on your Facebook Page. Easy to set up and mobile designed.
  9. 9. eCommerce tips & tricks | 6. Buffer Buffer makes it easy to manage and schedule posts to all social media platforms including Pinterest. Buffer will optimize your posts too by posting at the best times for your exact audience. Over time, you can see which posts perform best so you can create more engaging content.
  10. 10. eCommerce tips & tricks | 7. Smarter Queue Save hours on social media scheduling. Create a queue of content to schedule to Twitter, Facebook and (coming soon) Instagram.
  11. 11. eCommerce tips & tricks | 8. Instagram Feed Display your Instagram feed directly in your Shopify store to entice customers to not only follow your Instagram account but also engage with other rich brand content (if you are creating good Instagram content, that is).
  12. 12. eCommerce tips & tricks | seo tools
  13. 13. eCommerce tips & tricks | 9. SEO Image Optimizer Boost the SEO of your images and allow more customers to discover your products by adding alt tags. This app will do it for you automatically.
  14. 14. eCommerce tips & tricks | 10. ALT text Alt text app is another free app that will allow you to add alt text to your images so they can be easily discovered in Google image search.
  15. 15. eCommerce tips & tricks | advertising tools
  16. 16. eCommerce tips & tricks | 11. AdEspresso Create and optimize your ads to get the best ROI.
  17. 17. eCommerce tips & tricks | 12. Leadpages Leadpages is an easy way to create different landing pages without coding. For targeted ads, we suggest that you create unique landing pages for the ad you are running. You want to send your customers to the targeted landing page, so you can see where your visitors are dropping from the funnel.
  18. 18. eCommerce tips & tricks | live chat tools
  19. 19. eCommerce tips & tricks | 13. Zopim Talk to your customers in real-time and provide personalized customer service with Zopim chat that sits on your website. Let your customers get their questions answered as soon as they have them.
  20. 20. eCommerce tips & tricks | 14. Olark Olark is an alternative for a live chat app. Engage with your customers on your website, know where they’re coming from, and how their shopping experience was. Allow your customers to have their questions answered on the spot as they browse through products.
  21. 21. eCommerce tips & tricks | customer support tools
  22. 22. eCommerce tips & tricks | 15. Zendesk Use Zendesk to manage your customer support team, seamlessly create tickets for customer issues, and manage responses in a timely manner.
  23. 23. eCommerce tips & tricks | 16. Helpscout Manage your customer support questions and cultivate a knowledge base to help customers find the answers they’re looking for.
  24. 24. eCommerce tips & tricks | 17. If you’re already using Salesforce for CRM, this solution creates an out-of-the-box solution for a help desk for small businesses.
  25. 25. eCommerce tips & tricks | email marketing tools
  26. 26. eCommerce tips & tricks | 18. Mailchimp A fun and easy email-marketing solution that allows you to create beautiful newsletters that you can use to promote your products and what is going on with your brand.
  27. 27. eCommerce tips & tricks | 19. Mandrill For more advanced users, Mandrill is a API that connects to your web store to automatically send emails customized to the actions that your visitor or potential customer has taken.
  28. 28. eCommerce tips & tricks | 20. Intercom for Shopify Get a complete view of your shoppers’ buying behaviour and created targeted campaigns that appeal to your audience, with a live chat tool.
  29. 29. eCommerce tips & tricks | 21. Pushcrew Compliment your email marketing efforts by sending push notifications directly to your customer’s computer or mobile device to receive real-time updates from you.
  30. 30. eCommerce tips & tricks | A/B testing tools
  31. 31. eCommerce tips & tricks | 22. Optimizely Optimizely allows you to A/B test your website to determine which pictures, copy, and user flow encourage shoppers to buy.
  32. 32. eCommerce tips & tricks | product image tools
  33. 33. eCommerce tips & tricks | 23. Pixc Easily remove the background from your product images for a clean, professional look. All image editing is completed within 24 hours. The images are cropped and resized perfectly to fit your store.
  34. 34. eCommerce tips & tricks | 24. Pretty Instant Book a professional photographer in your city to shoot your product images.
  35. 35. eCommerce tips & tricks | shipping & returns tools
  36. 36. eCommerce tips & tricks | 25. Temando Built to handle a large volume of packages, Temando allows you to automate the entire fulfillment process – sync, manage and process orders from wherever you sell.
  37. 37. eCommerce tips & tricks | 26. Returns Manager The Returns Manager app by Bold Commerce makes managing returns simple for you, allows you to create customized policies, and notifies the customer of the return.
  38. 38. eCommerce tips & tricks | 27. Shippo Get shipping labels, competitive shipment pricing for your orders, and track your parcels all in one place using the Shippo dashboard.
  39. 39. eCommerce tips & tricks | 28. Shyp Shyp makes shipping easy. They pick up, package and send your goods with a click of a button. The courier will come to you within 20 minutes!
  40. 40. eCommerce tips & tricks | 29. AfterShip Give shoppers peace of mind with timely and accurate updates of delivery status of their packages.
  41. 41. eCommerce tips & tricks | tools for customer reviews and ratings
  42. 42. eCommerce tips & tricks | 30. Yotpo Easily collect customer product reviews on a mobile-optimized platform, and publish them on your product pages and social platforms.
  43. 43. eCommerce tips & tricks | 31. ShopperApproved Collect merchant reviews, product reviews and local reviews, and then distribute them amongst a variety of platforms including Google, Yahoo, Youtube and Facebook.
  44. 44. eCommerce tips & tricks | multi channel selling tools
  45. 45. eCommerce tips & tricks | 32. Sellbrite If you’re planning on selling across multiple channels, Sellbrite will help you easily create listings across multiple marketplaces.
  46. 46. eCommerce tips & tricks | 33. Stitch Labs Keep your inventory levels in check across multiple platforms, and use Stitch Labs to manage orders, and fulfillment.
  47. 47. eCommerce tips & tricks | payment tools
  48. 48. eCommerce tips & tricks | 34. Affirm Give your customers the opportunity to finance their purchase with Affirm. By giving customers the option to split their purchase into monthly payments it increases cart size and conversions at checkout.
  49. 49. eCommerce tips & tricks | 35. PayPal Many shoppers will opt to pay for purchases online using PayPal for its buyer protection, and ease of use. Offering PayPal as a payment option on your store is a must.
  50. 50. eCommerce tips & tricks | 36. Stripe Stripe is the easiest and most secure way to take customer payments. It is built directly into Shopify.
  51. 51. eCommerce tips & tricks | 37. Braintree Easily accept payments from customers online or in-app. They allow you to keep your first $50,000 of credit card processing fee-free. Here is a list of all the payment gateways for your Shopify store.
  52. 52. eCommerce tips & tricks | custom packaging tools
  53. 53. eCommerce tips & tricks | 38. Arka Customize your packaging and boxes so it feels like Christmas morning every time a customer opens an order from you. Arka makes it simple to design, print and get packaging delivered directly to you.
  54. 54. eCommerce tips & tricks | 39. Lumi Package your products in beautifully designed boxes, branded tape, stamps and much more. Lumi looks lovely.
  55. 55. eCommerce tips & tricks | drop shipping tools
  56. 56. eCommerce tips & tricks | 40. Print Aura Print Aura offers drop shipping of your own designs on t-shirts, aprons, totes and a large variety of phone cases.
  57. 57. eCommerce tips & tricks | 41. Teelaunch Teelaunch will print your design on a variety of products from yoga mats, to beach towels to t-shirts. They offer drop shipping so you never have to worry about inventory. If you need more information on drop shipping and how the concept works, you should check out Shopify’s Ultimate Guide to Drop Shipping.
  58. 58. eCommerce tips & tricks | other favourite tools
  59. 59. eCommerce tips & tricks | 42. Zapier When two of your favorite platforms do not integrate, Zapier can save the day. Zapier creates connections with different applications that do not typically integrate, to help your processes run smoothly. 43. Google Trusted Store Become a Google Trusted Store and give your shoppers peace of mind that you are a reliable brand, that offers an amazing experience and free purchase protection.
  60. 60. eCommerce tips & tricks | 44. Optin Monster Convert your store visitors into email subscribers, and boost your potential for future sales by retargeting them with email campaigns. 45. Rewind This is like a must-have insurance policy. Rewind automatically creates a backup of your complete store, orders, customers and preferences. It gives you the ability to easily restore your website in case of a malfunction. 46. Product Evaluator Tool With this product evaluator test, you’ll be able to ask the tough questions to help you evaluate if your product will succeed.
  61. 61. eCommerce tips & tricks | 47. Facebook Groups Connect with other Shopify sellers in Facebook Groups to share and receive advice on taking your store to the next level. Some great Shopify focused Facebook groups are: Shopify Entrepreneurs, Shopify Mastery- 6 Figure Mastery Group eCommerce Entrepreneurs.
  62. 62. eCommerce tips & tricks | marketplaces
  63. 63. eCommerce tips & tricks | Amazon Amazon is one of the world’s largest shopping marketplaces with 304 million shoppers every year. They make it easy to sell, gain reviews from customers, and you can even have your shipments fulfilled by Amazon. eBay eBay is known for its auctions, however today it has everything on it, including new and used items. With over 162 million shoppers, we definitely recommend listed your products on eBay. Yahoo Shopping Yahoo has a marketplace too, where shoppers can read reviews on products, discover new companies and brands, and purchase a variety of goods online.
  64. 64. eCommerce tips & tricks | Google Shopping Google Shopping creates a highly-optimized avenue for customers to discover your products for sale. Google has strict product image requirements with which Pixc can help. Pinterest Pinterest now allows buyable pins to be integrated with your Shopify store. By integrating your store, you allow visitors to buy directly from Pinterest. Here is our complete list of 32 places to sell online.
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