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How to Operationalize Real-Time Marketing with


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How to Operationalize Real-Time Marketing with

  1. 1. re·al time mar·ket·ing (RTM) [ree-uh l, tahym, mahr-ki-ting] noun 1. The strategy and practice of reacting with immediacy in digital channels to external events and triggers. Rebecca Lieb, Analyst, Altimeter Group
  2. 2. Definition of Real-Time Marketing According to Marketers in North America Dynamic personalized content across channels 43% Dynamic personalized content in outbound channels 13% Developing quick response to mainstream event 12% Timely social media retort 11% Dynamic personalized content in inbound channels 5% Offer management 3% None 10% From: | April 2013 Source: Neolane and Direct Marketing Association (DMA), “Real-Time Marketing Insights Study,” July 17, 2013
  3. 3. discover today what will be important tomorrow – to take preemptive action
  4. 4. Plan Buy BidAddAdjust Impact Create Shift Engage Preempt Change Optimize
  5. 5. Dynamic Contextual Understanding Predictive Consumer Insights Actionable Data Visualization Always Ready Always On Bias for Action People Process Data
  6. 6. Cross Channel Visibility ▸ Blogs ▸ News ▸ Social platforms Predictive ▸ Who’s saying what? ▸ Which conversations will gain volume and velocity? ▸ What’s the context? ▸ Where and when will they matter? RT Context ▸ Seed terms that matter to your brand every day ▸ Context not hashtags ▸ Topics not keywords Conversation & Content ▸ Text ▸ Image ▸ Video ▸ Language agnostic
  7. 7. Oreo is a trademark of Mondelez
  8. 8. Half-life = Optimal time for high volume interaction RTM Relevance requires an understanding of which conversations will matter, which will have enough volume and velocity to warrant action.
  9. 9. DISCOVERY PREDICTION Planning Dimensionalize Insights RT Marketing Take Preemptive Action Mitigate Crisis Investigate Interests Optimize Media Fuel Trending Topics Adjust Campaigns Improve SEO SEM Develop Content Understand Your Audience Plan Products Get Competitive & Campaign Insights Ignite the Influencers Convert Detractors Join the Right Conversations
  10. 10. ▸ Delivers immediacy to customer interactions ▸ Increases brand relevance ▸ Ensures brand is on trend ▸ Enables hyper-personalization ▸ Offers contextual optimization ▸ Provides surprise and delight ▸ Supports spontaneity and dialogue ▸ Brings brands into the “buzz” ▸ Gives lift to “always-on” approach ▸ Inspires content creation ▸ Helps brands understand
  11. 11. ▸ Interest ▸ Consideration ▸ WOM ▸ Search ▸ Virality ▸ Media Interest ▸ Consumer satisfaction ▸ Purchase rate ▸ Recency and frequency