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Open XML Formats For CIO's


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Open XML Formats For CIO's

  1. 1. An introduction to the Ecma Office Open XML Formats Now ISO 29500 Document Freedom Day -- Hanoi, March 25, 2009
  2. 2. Importance of Interoperability Achieve industry alignment using standardized technologies. Enable data interoperability between documents, applications and systems. Capture and reuse information to and from many data sources. Build intelligent applications that improve data context and quality. Shared service oriented architecture (fx http, XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) Documents
  3. 3. Interoperability for Documents The role of XML-based document formats in the Microsoft® Office system Business Process Efficiency Improved Data Access Business requirements Customer details, Costs Company standards Web service Efficient capture formatting Validated information intelligent receipt Query & extract Document Assembly Text Searching & Auto-creating a Document polished document Fragment Repurposing Image Content data XML structure Finding Data and Previous presentation RFP Content formatting Document Archival Archived & consumed long into the future without vendor-specific clients or applications
  4. 4. XML documents are the future
  5. 5. XML-based formats enable you to do things you couldn’t before Better value from existing infrastructure Information security Regulatory and process compliance Information integration Retention, discovery and content management Documents as digital assets – what are you worth? Legacy documents & archives Lifecycle cost vs. Implementation cost Documents that Managing manage documents themselves with systems
  6. 6. Example Solutions Company Product Solution XML data-driven charting and presentation data for automated Advisory Board Company, The Excel custom schema presentation development. XML-based tool to automate the processing of self-assessment Northumberland College Word custom schema reports. XML-based authoring and document-publishing system for CLE British Columbia Word custom schema book-publishing Extract geographic data from Navision and import it into Excel Wortmann AG Excel custom schema 2003. Drug and product information entered via InfoPath 2003 updates Moore Medical InfoPath to a legacy ERP system. Content Authoring Tool—create XML structured documents that Open University, The Word custom schema can be easily published via print and the Web. Ohio State University Medical Uses Web services to improve the flow of clinical and other data InfoPath custom schema Center related to operating room activities. An online service creates customized customer-defined views of McGraw-Hill Construction Word custom schema construction information and integrated data housed in previously isolated databases. Document info system automates doc handling, updates data, Word, InfoPath custom PGGM and archives electronically. XML Web services provide schema integration between desktop and server Journalists use InfoPath 2003 forms to write and save stories in Austrian Broadcast Corporation InfoPath custom schema an offline mode, then submit and route automatically. InfoPath forms are used with SQL Server to collect info about a Austrian Ministry of Interior (BMI) InfoPath custom schema work item and upload the information to the database, drive workflow. Danish InfoStructure Base XML Reference Schemas Open publishing format for documents endorsed by government
  7. 7. Enabling the future without sacrificing the past Understanding IT impact of XML-based formats Application compatibility Layout and rendering fidelity Deployment & migration Existing solutions / integrations Storage & bandwidth Enabling the Preserving future Legacy
  8. 8. Developing meaningful, useful XML-based formats Some standards committees attempt to define the future of interoperability, but ignore the importance of preserving existing documents XML based formats must solve for the future, but work to preserve the integrity of existing documents
  9. 9. Introducing the Ecma Office Open XML Formats (ISO 29500)
  10. 10. Office Open XML Formats Open File Formats • Intl standard for document formats (December 2006) ISO 29500 (April 2008) • Designed to enable interoperability • Open Specifications enable broad access to technology The future of file format technology • ZIP compression of the format reduces file sizes • Segmented data storage improves data recovery and programmatic access • Full accessibility support Compatible file formats • Standardized file formats supporting 100% of Microsoft Office functionality • Supported in Microsoft Office 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007, as well as and Corel WordPerfect Suite* • Document conversion, deployment and migration tools available
  11. 11. Ecma Office Open XML Formats
  12. 12. Open XML Formats Architecture Modular format improves developer capabilities with minimal user impact Office ―file‖ File Container Operates identically to any other Windows desktop file. User sees and interacts with the Document Properties desktop file exactly as they do with today. Comments Internal operation WordML / SpreadsheetML, etc. Different types of data within each file stored as discreet, ZIP-compressed XML components custom XML Users would not see these components unless they un-ZIP the file to view the document parts Images, video, sound Applications and systems could modify and extract individual parts without using Office applications Embedded code / macros* The corruption or absence of any part would not prohibit the file from being opened Charts
  13. 13. Deployment Considerations Office File Conversion Tool Office Migration Planning Manager Proactively Identify File Format Issues Unleash data through XML In quot;Deep Scanquot; identifies and Uses output from the Microsoft prioritizes issues found Office Migration Planning Manager Severity levels customizable Not a requirement for Office Examples of conversion or 2007 deployment compatibility challenges: Converts old documents to the Loss of version history new Open XML Formats Change in rendering or layout Runs documents through an Calculation change due to open-and-save-as process. formulae changes Application Customization Options Controllable file format defaults (Open XML Formats or 97-2003 Binaries or others) Automatic enforcement of Compatibility Mode
  14. 14. File Format Compatibility Ensuring Free Document Exchange With Prior Office Releases Office XP, 2003 will open, edit and save new Office formats Will recognize new Word, Excel and PowerPoint file format extensions Enables users to Open XML Formats across multiple versions Windows 2000 SP4 and later can convert between binary and Open XML Formats Office 2007 users can change the default file format if desired Current .doc, .xls, .ppt file formats will be supported in 2007 Office system Default file format can be set by users during deployment or after Advanced policy controls for enabling and disabling the use of specific formats Office release User Experience with new file formats 2007 Office system Default save as Open XML Formats Office 97-2003 formats fully supported Compatibility Mode ensures features are also compatible Office 2003 Native support for Open XML Formats (Compatibility Pack installed) Office XP Open, Edit and Save Open XML Formats Office 2000, Windows 2000 Support for Open XML formats via standalone compatibility pack SP4 and later (non-Office) Format conversion within Windows Explorer
  15. 15. Open Development Communities
  16. 16. Open XML Formats and ODF Microsoft believes in customer choice in file formats PDF, XPS, ODF, Open XML Formats, HTML, TXT are well- established formats used for various purposes One format cannot address the breadth of industry needs Open XML Formats offer better compatibility with your existing documents Open XML Formats offer better interoperability with line- of-business applications and systems Open XML Format compatibility, conversion, deployment and migration tools are available to help with document format implementation
  17. 17. For more information
  18. 18. Copyright ©2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.
  19. 19. Appendix
  20. 20. The Advisory Board Company Excel Custom Schema Customer Profile Solution Provides best-practice research and XML data-driven charting and analysis to some of the largest and most presentation data for automated progressive health systems and medical presentation development. centers in the United States Benefits Business Situation Reduces the time required to create found it difficult and expensive to provide presentation templates by 33 percent clients with customized reports using through automation of much of the standard desktop productivity software presentation generation and update process Helps ensure that deadlines are met through solid reliability Creates opportunities by extending the company’s ability to produce customized reports and presentations
  21. 21. Wortmann AG Excel Custom Schema Customer Profile Solution one of Germany’s foremost IT Extract geographic data from Navision and companies, manufacturing and import it into Excel 2003.. distributing computers and monitors through more than 5,500 retailers Benefits Business Situation Reduced data extraction time needed a tool that would work with it to 100% increase in top customer contacts provide a visual representation of the 50% reduction in sales visit costs data, improving managers’ understanding Saved inventory costs of regional sales and Improved sales network management
  22. 22. Northumberland College Word Custom Schema Customer Profile Solution The college serves 14,000 students XML-based tool to automate the processing throughout northeastern England and of self-assessment reports. delivers community-oriented instruction ranging from automotive engineering and Benefits computer programming to Reduce time gathering data for sell- healthcare, social work, and graphic assessment reports from 2.5 days to 1 day design. increasing productivity for task by 250%. Business Situation Improve data analysts in self-assessment needed to address administrative reports. inefficiencies in the processing of Increase ability to attract new students. information gathering required for faculty self-assessment reports.
  23. 23. CLE British Columbia Word Custom Schema Customer Profile Solution Headquartered in Vancouver, the XML-based authoring and document- Continuing Legal Education Society of publishing system for book-publishing. British Columbia (CLE) provides reference materials and courses for Benefits 10,357 British Columbia lawyers. Increase CLE’s revenue an estimated 43 Business Situation percent needed a cost-effective way to distribute Improve editor and production staff its legal reference materials online and productivity by 7 percent provide rich, contextual navigation as a Provide online access to CLE content to value-added service to end users. broaden readership Hyperlinks cross-reference case law and statutes Keyword searches improving legal research from the desktop Net Present Value per user of U.S. $30,238 and payback in 19 months
  24. 24. The Open University Word Custom Schema Customer Profile Solution Located in the United Kingdom it is one of Content Authoring Tool—create XML the largest distance education providers structured documents that can be easily in the world. published via print and the Web. Business Situation Benefits needed to produce course content Ease of use with standardized output. structured in a format that is suitable for Authors can work with XML in a familiar the Web, as well as print form and other environment. media. Fewer iterations mean faster, more efficient document production. Time saved for designers as XML documents can be applied to the web quickly.
  25. 25. McGraw-Hill Construction Word Custom Schema Customer Profile Solution Provides best-practice research and An online service creates customized analysis to some of the largest and customer-defined views of construction most progressive health systems and information and integrated data housed medical centers in the United States. in previously isolated databases. Business Situation Benefits Needed better, less expensive technology to deliver project information Reduced operating costs to subscribers in a faster, more efficient Increased competitive advantage by manner. increasing customer retention and new subscriber opportunities Increased subscriber competitive advantage: reduces by up to 35 percent the time subscribers spend accessing information Use of the .NET Framework resulted in fast time to benefit; solution was developed in only 6 weeks
  26. 26. Adoption in major Office suites 2007 Microsoft Office system - Default Save Format is Open XML (+ free updates for Office 2000, XP, 2003) – Dec 2006/Jan 2007 Open Office – Novell announcement of support of Open XML in Open Office – Novell edition Corel announcement of support of Open XML - Availability mid 2007
  27. 27. Open XML Format Compatibility Full support for existing & new file formats across versions Current binary formats fully supported in 2007 Current XML formats fully supported in 2007, 2003, XP and 2000 Administrative control of Open XML Formats Bulk file analysis and conversion tools available Specify available file formats during deployment process User-defined defaults and run-time selection of file formats Current Office 97-2003 binary file formats supported