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Who would be the audience for your media


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Who would be the audience for your media

  1. 1. Qu1.Who would be the audience for your media product?
  2. 2. Audience Making this mood board gave me a good idea of the type of things to include in my magazine and the specific audience I was aiming my magazine at. It is important to have an idea of this so your magazine has clear target audience and theme so it is more likely to be successful.
  3. 3. Audience The ideal reader for my magazine is people that are very interested in metal music and are constantly aware of new albums and when and where bands are touring. They would also be people who are interested in musical instruments and preferably play one as my magazine will feature an instrument section. My ideal reader will also be interested in festivals and attend them yearly which is why I included a festival feature where I it includes reviews, highlights and pictures.
  4. 4. I included download festival as this is a very well known metal festival which my audience will be interested in. I also included a download festival review in my magazine. I used the Slash logo for two reasons. He is a well known guitarist that a lot of metal heads look up to as an inspiration. I also used it because it displayed the colour scheme I chose for my magazine (read and black). This stands out on the shelf as it is very contrasting but also fits in with the metal genre. The audience for my magazine is likely to watch Scuzz and Kerrang! on TV as they appeal to the metal genre and play metal music. I included metal bands such as Pantera and Metallica which are very well known and popular in the metal genre so my target audience for my magazine will most probably listen to them. Magazines that my audience read are kerrang! and Metal Hammer. I used these magazine throughout the process of making mine to get ideas of colours and layout as these are very successful.
  5. 5. People that go to festivals and gigs Influenced by… Male and Female I aimed my magazine at… Interested in playing music 16 to 50+ year olds Like to… People that like to buy…
  6. 6. Audience The audience for my magazine will most likely go to festivals, particularly Download Festival. This is because its a heavy metal festival and includes lots of metal bands. You have to be 16 and over to go to Download Fest and my audience for my magazine will be 16 and over and any gender. This is because there is a lot of explicit features which are not suitable for a younger age group. My type audience are quite outgoing and like to have fun so my magazine is interesting and exciting. The metal bands that play at download wear dark clothes and dark, sinister lighting and usually display and angry and rebellious stage presence.
  7. 7. Audience The type of clothing that my audience are most likely to wear follow the same style as famous metal bands as they are used as an inspiration and an icon to look up to such as Metallica, Guns N Roses, Pantera and Black Sabbath. This type of style consists of denim jackets, that look old or vintage, leather jackets, over sized check shirts, ripped jeans and black tee shirts. This type of clothing is seen as rebellious and doesn‟t follow the conventional main stream type of clothing as it is scruffy. Its seen as a „Rock look‟ or „metal look‟ as it looks hard and aggressive. This type of clothing is mainly sold in vintage shops or online. This is useful to know as I can include a feature in my magazine that informs the reader of shops that they may be interested in. They may also have lots of tattoos which are seen as an act against society and rules which is reflected in this type of music.
  8. 8. Audience I used my audience research to help make some decisions for my magazine. It is important to take into account your audience research as the end product is aimed to please the audience so they will buy it therefore it is important include aspects that they have chosen so they are more likely to like your product in order for it to become successful like other popular metal magazines.
  9. 9. Audience For the name of my magazine, ‘Seize’ was voted second highest for the most popular name. I chose ‘Seize’ because it is short and simple and stands out on the front of the magazine. It also fits well in with the metal genre. The most popular band chosen by the audience was ‘Slipknot’. As a result I chose to include a feature on Corey Taylor (lead singer of Slipknot). This will attract people to buy it if they see a feature on a popular band.
  10. 10. Audience The most popular feature that my target audience wanted to see was ‘Latest Gigs’ so I chose to include this in my magazine so it fits in with my market and my magazine will be more successful as it is more likely to be bought if it includes features that my audience want to see.
  11. 11. Audience My primary audience will be people (both genders) that are very interested in metal music, not just bands but also clothing and instruments. They will probably subscribe to the magazine as they want to keep up to date with what bands are doing and also like to know what gigs are on so they don‟t . My secondary audience may or may not buy the magazine themselves but will pick it up and enjoy reading if they find it at their friends or family members that have purchased it. Therefore I will aim my product to suit a wider range and include features that people who like different music as appose to just metal will enjoy.
  12. 12. Audience Within my research I have been looking at the biggest icons in the metal genre that I can include in my own product in order to please my audience so my magazine will be like and bought by many. I have found that the stars in the metal genre are all mainly bands such as Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden and so on. I will include bands like these in my magazine as it will appeal to the audience from all age groups as well as the big bands such as „Black Sabbath‟ have been around in the 70‟s. I would not include bands like One Direction or JLS as these fit into the pop genre and do not appeal to my target audience.
  13. 13. Qu2.How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  14. 14. The artists on the front of my magazine are wearing dark clothing which represents the sinister, angry, metal reference that my ideal reader is most likely to relate to and fit in with that genre by possibly wearing the same type of clothing as appose to brightly coloured, floral clothing which is associated with pop or indie music as appose to metal. I tried to make sure they would be inspirational and iconic for the readers in order to make the magazine more appealing. In order of doing this they are wearing the typical metal dark clothing with the serious look on their faces. This was to make my magazine more appealing to my target audience.
  15. 15. They are also looking directly at the camera with a serious expression, again, representing the angry, rebellious side that it prominent in the metal genre. This is appose to smiling that may be found in on a pop magazine. This is also seen by the artist „Dimebag Darrell‟ who is from the famous metal band Pantera. He is always seen to have a stern, serious look on his face and very rarely smiles on pictures to represent the metal as a serious genre, and an angry, rebellious side of the band.
  16. 16. For the colour scheme of my magazine, I used red, black and grey. These create sinister connotations as red tends to be associated with blood and anger, while black is dark and aggressive. This will appeal to my target audience as the type of music they listen too represents this so they will be able to relate to it however someone who is into pop or indie may not be particularly attracted to these colours as it is not aimed to appeal to them. Like colours such as bright yellows and pinks would do
  17. 17. How does your star represent particular social groups? A star that has a main feature in my magazine is Corey Taylor as he is an icon to many metal fans as the leaser singer of a famous metal band ‘Slipknot’. However he is also the lead singer in another band called ‘Stonesour’ which is a less heavy and more hard rock as appose to metal therefore Corey filters his appearance and performance depending on his audience.
  18. 18. Corey (Slipknot) Corey (Stonesour)
  19. 19. Corey Taylor: Metal Representation Scary Mask creates a mysterious sinister which is also portrayed in metal music as it can often be seen as quite scary and dark Dirty ‘Warehouse worker’ costume makes it more of a performance and entertains the audience by creating excitement Hidden identity gives a sense of rebellion Dirty clothing represents not following the rules of typical society These clothes of which wouldn’t be associated with pop music
  20. 20. Corey Taylor: Hard Rock Representation Shaved face to give a sense of cleanness and formality Still showing tattoos to show there is a harder, rebellious side to the band as some of there songs are heavier than others Smiling to the audience portrays a friendlier, more approachable image Clothing consists of tee-shirt and jeans which an average person would wear on a day to day basis an so the band appears to the audience as more normal and can relate to them
  21. 21. Qu3.What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  22. 22. Distribution: I made sure I include lots of different ways my audience could find my product rather than just the print magazine. This is to expand my audience and make it easier for them to access my brand through various social networking sites ect. As seen in the picture below, I included a banner at the bottom of my contents page to inform the reader of where they can find the magazine elsewhere. I made sure it stood out as it is important to encourage the audience/reader to keep coming to my brand. I chose twitter and facebook for the social networking sites as they are the most popular and used sites so they are more likely to find my brand. I also included a website link so there is a site to go to that has everything the reader needs to know about the magazine but also so you can purchase the magazine online to expand the market.
  23. 23. Distribution: I chose „Seymour‟ to distribute my magazine. The reason I chose Seymour is because it is the largest distributor of UK magazines internationally. From this I believe that with their experience and expertise they would bring more success to my magazine
  24. 24. Merchandise: These items will be sold on the ‘Seize’ website where the link is printed in every issue of the magazine to encourage readers to visit the page. Tee-shirts Posters Headphones
  25. 25. Social Networking Instagram Facebook Twitter Website
  26. 26. Qu4. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  27. 27. The genre of my magazine is metal/heavy rock so I chose to fit my magazine to the conventions of existing magazines that fit into this genre also e.g. Metal Hammer, Kerrang! It was important to do so as my target audience is more likely to be interested in the magazine and purchase it if it fits into the metal category effectively. In the next few slides I will show you how my front cover contents page and double page spread use forms and conventions of existing media products that are in the same market as my magazine.
  28. 28. Front Cover „Metal Hammer‟ and „Kerrang!‟ are two of the leading magazines in the market that is the same genre of music as my magazine (metal). So I used the forms and conventions of these products the most in order to create a successful magazine.
  29. 29. Front Cover The colour scheme I used was Black, Grey, Red and White. This is very similar to the colours used on the Metal Hammer magazine. This colours are successful as the stand out. The red contrasts well with the black and white so it is eye-catching to the reader. These colours fit in with the metal genre of music as it is quite dark and sinister. We tend to associate red with blood and black with death, which are common features in the metal genre of music so my target audience is likely to be interested than people who are into pop which uses brighter,
  30. 30. Front Cover For the masthead I used a bold, jagged/burnout font similar to the masthead fonts used in the existing magazines „Metal Hammer‟ and „Kerrang!‟. I did this because it fits in with the metal genre as the burnout is associated with anger. It looks as if it has been broken or smashed. This is successful in catching the readers attention. I did it in black so it stood out on the white background.
  31. 31. Distribution: I chose „Bauer‟ to distribute my magazine. The reason I chose Bauer is because it is one of the largest distributor of UK magazines internationally with more than eighty influential media brands. Baure have stated that their business is “built on millions of personal relationships with engaged audiences”. This is important as the audience will gain trust in my brand and become a loyal customer. I believe that with their experience and expertise they would bring more success to my magazine as it is important to know what your audience want.
  32. 32. Distribution: My magazine will be distributed to a number of retailers that I believe will increase my market and gain many sales and publicity which is I picked a variety of shops, not just music shops as that will limit my market.
  33. 33. Progression After learning the conventions of magazines I knew what I needed to do to create a successful magazine. It is important to include these conventions because the top leading magazines in the market use them so in order to compete it has to stand out.
  34. 34. Progression Before beginning the production of my magazine I created a mood board and a mind map to generate ideas for my magazine so I had a secure starting point. This enabled me to have a clear idea of what genre I wanted my magazine to be and what audience I was aiming it at. This was an important stage to creating my magazine because it separates a good magazine from bad having organisation and a clear genre. This means I could focus on key features that my target audience would be attracted to and knew what questions to ask when carrying out my market research later on.
  35. 35. Front Cover Another way in which my magazine uses the forms and conventions of the existing media products is the main cover line. I used a bold font and placed it on top of a red background to ensure that it stood out almost as if popping out of the page. I stuck with the same colour scheme to keep it consistent and professional. I placed it over the main image, as did „Metal Hammer‟ and „Kerrang!‟ This is effective as after looking at the main image first, it is the second thing that catches your attention. It also entices the reader to want to buy the magazine and see what's inside as it gives a very brief snippet.
  36. 36. Front Cover I used banners, one at the top and one at the bottom. The banner states that the magazine is “voted no.1 metal music magazine of the year”. This makes the reader want to buy it as it ensures them that it is no.1 so it is better than all the other magazines of this metal genre. They will also feel like they are getting there moneys worth as it must
  37. 37. Front Cover For the main image I used a picture of the artist which is a band. All three people are facing the camera with a front gaze to make it look like they are looking at the reader. This fits in with the metal genre as it is seen as quite serious and threatening which is what a lot of metal bands are like. They are all wearing quite dark clothing which again fits in with the colour scheme of the magazine. I was influenced to do this by „Metal Hammer‟ as I believe it looks effective and stands out. The darkness of the clothes also allows the text to stand out.
  38. 38. Content s For the contents I stuck to the general theme of the magazine, with the same fonts and colours. This is to make it look like a real magazine as it is professional and neat and also gives it a unique selling point as all magazines tend to stick to the same style as it is recognisable and what customers are used to.
  39. 39. Content s I took ideas from „Metal Hammer‟ and „Kerrang!‟ again as there magazine is consistent and professional. I included pictures down the side of the page so the reader can get an insight of what is inside. It was also interest them as they will want to read it if they see a picture of a band they are interested in. At the bottom of the picture I added page numbers which match the stories to make it easy for the reader to navigate and find things. It is important to keep the magazine simple as people read magazines for fun and they like to flick through them quickly. I also structured my contents in a way that is simple and easy to read making sure that
  40. 40. Content s Like other magazines I also added an editors note at the side of the page in a red column. This stood out and fitted in with the general theme. In the editors note I thanked to readers and people who buy the magazine and also included things that are coming up and giveaways. This is important is it persuades the reader to buy the next issue of the magazine as they will not want to miss out. I also signed it and added a picture of myself, this is quite important as it makes the magazine more personal and so the reader feels more involved and knowledgeable about the making of it.
  41. 41. Content s At the bottom of my contents I added a banner which I included subscriptions and social networking addresses. This allows people to access the magazine online and follow latest news and updates. This is important as many people (almost everyone) uses the internet and social networking in the day and age so this means you can expand the market and popularity
  42. 42. Double Page Spread For the double page spread I used the conventions of a typical lay out of a magazine. This is because it is important to make sure the page looks professional and neat, by doing this I added a picture related to the feature to interest the reader. I made sure I stuck to the same colour scheme of my magazine. My double page spread is an interview of the artist on the front of my magazine as this was the main feature. It is set out in columns in the simple question and answer form. This is effective as someone looking at a magazine doesn‟t want lots of writing to read as they will soon lose interest. I tried to make sure the page was busy and stood out using bold fonts and contrasting colours (black,
  43. 43. Double Page Spread For the pull quote I used contrasting colours and bold fonts so it stuck out to the reader and like Hammer magazine that I used for inspiration, I placed it at the top of the page to it is the first thing they see. The pull quote is used to attract the target audience to read the article, it is usually a brief summary of the article or when an interview, something that someone has said that will entice the reader. This will make them want to read the article more as they will be
  44. 44. Double Page Spread I set my double page spread out in columns which follows the conventions of most magazines as it is easy to follow and read and you can fit more on the page. As my double page spread feature was an interview I set it out in simple question and answer form. This is effective as it doesn‟t look like too much writing as people tend not to want to read loads when skimming through a magazine.
  45. 45. Qu5.How did you attract/address your audience?
  46. 46. How did you attract / address your audience? It is important when designing and creating a magazine to ensure that it is attractive to the audience but also eye catching. This is the key to get people to buy your magazine as it is the first thing people notice before you even read the text or look inside. Also it is what makes it stand out to the other competitor magazines on the shelf.
  47. 47. Attracting your audience Ways in which you can attract your audience: Individuality Banners Pull quotes Large Font Low Price Bright Colours Entertaining Advertisement Bold text Big images Contrast Pop-ups Stating what is inside
  48. 48. Banners Big main image Bold Text Banners Large Fonts Contrasting colours Secondary images Price
  49. 49. Attracting your audience The banner at the top of my magazine cover states that my magazine has been voted the number one music magazine of the year. This attracts the reader as it ensures them that it is better then all the other magazines of this genre therefore they are more likely to buy it and they also feel that they are getting their moneys worth. I used the colours red and white for this banner as it fitted in with the colour scheme but also because they are contrasting so it stands out more and catches the audiences attention. I also used a bold font to exaggerate this.
  50. 50. Attracting your audience On the front cover I included pictures that related to a feature inside the magazine. Pictures tend to be the first thing that people look at when they pick up a magazine so I did this to intrigue the audience and make them want to buy the magazine so they can read the related feature inside. I put it at the side of the magazine in a red column so it stands out and catches the readers attention. I used pictures I’d taken that are from a famous metal festival as it relates to the genre of my magazine so my target audience will be interested.
  51. 51. Attracting your audience For the banner at the bottom of my magazine it informs the audience that inside they could win tickets to a metal festival which many metal fans would be keen on doing. This will attract them to the magazine as they will want to buy it to get a chance of winning the prize as it is located inside the magazine. Again I used bold fonts and contrasting colours that followed the colour scheme of my magazine that contrasted to stand out to cat the audiences eye.
  52. 52. Attracting your audience On the front cover, my main cover line entices the reader and makes them want to buy the magazine as it states that there is an ‘Exclusive Interview’ with a famous metal band inside. It Is also in a bold font that stands out on the contrasting background. I placed it over the main image because the main image is usually the first thing on the front cover that the audience look at and so therefore they are more likely to see it. I used the ‘Exclusive Interview’ as my main cover line to attract my audience because makes the reader feel like they are getting an inside scoop on the band that no one else knows so it will make them want to read it.
  53. 53. Attracting your audience On my contents page I included another banner which attracts the audience because it informs them about the subscription discount deal. This not only increases the chance of the customer returning and continuing to read your magazine but it also attracts them as they believe they are getting the magazine cheaper and therefore not spending lots of money. It is also simple and easy as the only thing they have to do is call the number. This is attractive to the reader as people don’t like complicated things that take up time and then result in them not bothering. I made sure to use contrasting colours that followed the main colour scheme for my magazine and bold text again to catch the readers eye.
  54. 54. Attracting your audience It was important to set a reasonable price for my magazine as it is what the customers tend to look out for the most. The price has to stand out amongst all the other competitors but also be high enough to make fair profit. If the price is too high the audience will look elsewhere for another magazine with a lower price. I used my market research to decide on a suitable price for my magazine and in doing so I decided on a price of £3.00 as this gained the highest vote on what my audience would be willing to pay. It is important to listen to the customers to gain their satisfaction so they are more likely to buy the product.
  55. 55. Attracting your audience I repeated the colour scheme throughout my magazine which was black, red, grey and white. This will appeal to my target audience as it fits in with the metal genre of my music magazine as the red tends to be associated with blood and anger and black with darkness which is what metal music is most commonly related to so they will be able to relate to it however someone who is into pop or indie may not be particularly attracted to these colours as it is not aimed to appeal to them.
  56. 56. Attracting your audience I used an eroded font for the masthead and the contents title to attract the metal audience as it is quite hard and dirty looking as a pose to a fancy, pretty font which is more likely to be associated with pop music. I did this as it will attract my target audience’s attention.
  57. 57. Qu6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  58. 58. Technologies and Construction Technologies used when creating my magazine: Green screen Photoshop Lighting Camera Internet Publisher Blog Paint
  59. 59. Used a digital SLR camera and a green screen to take pictures Grouped the two pictures together to make one Selected the pictures I wanted to use for my magazine Placed them on the front cover of my magazine which was made on publisher Photoshop: Magic eraser tool erases the background
  60. 60. I used the internet to get the font I wanted by using a site called In Photoshop I used the magic eraser tool so erase the white background I print screened the font I wanted and then pasted it onto a publisher document where I cropped it to the correct size I then saved it as a JPEG and opened it in publisher where I was making my magazine I then saved it as an image and opened it in Photoshop
  61. 61. To make the ‘Download Festival’ pug I used Photoshop. I used the Ellipse Tool to create the rounded shape Then I used the paint bucket tool to fill in the pug with the colour I wanted which stuck to the colour scheme of my magazine I then used the stroke tool to create the outer edge of the pug Finally I used the magic eraser tool to erase the background and saved the image as a JPEG I altered the thickness of the outer edge to make it stand out
  62. 62. Technologies and Construction When choosing a picture for my magazine I had to ensure that the lighting and focus was right to have maximum effect. To do this I used a green screen which made it easier when editing the background out so I could get clear edges.
  63. 63. Qu7.Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression to the full product?
  64. 64. Progression Before beginning the first stages towards producing my final magazine I completed a preliminary task. This involved creating a front cover for an Aquinas magazine to get us used to the software and see how we could improve our skills throughout the course.
  65. 65. Progression Stage one of this task was to create a flat plan of the cover. Flat plans are important as they help with the organisation and production of the product.
  66. 66. Progression I used my flat plan as a basic guide when creating the cover and contents however some changes were made when developing my ideas.
  67. 67. Progression I now had the improved skills and knowledge I needed to begin my coursework and create my magazine. After studying other magazines, market research and creating a flat plan I was then able to start producing the front cover to my magazine.
  68. 68. Progression The progression made from first producing my college magazine to the final magazine was evident when comparing them. I used a bolder font and contrasting colours that stand out better and are more eyecatching . I learnt that this important as you are completing with all the other magazines on the shelf. I used a more styled font that fits in with the theme of the magazine and target audience better which enabled it to stand out more and made it clearer of who I was aiming my magazine at.
  69. 69. Progression My Photoshop skills have improved as I have learnt how to use the tools more effectively therefore I am able to get rid of the background better and make the edges smoother. A reason for this is because for the college magazine I used a mobile phone to take a picture on against a wall however for the real magazine during coursework I used a professional camera against a green screen which made a huge improvement.
  70. 70. Progression An improvement made on the contents page is the decrease in white gaps and making the page look busier. This keeps the reader interested and stops the magazine from looking boring so they will want to read it. I also improved the layout to by separating regulars and features to make it easier for the reader to