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How To Write Compelling Copy


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Homepage copy: it’s easy to do, but it’s hard to do right.

Finding language that is interesting and reflects your hotel’s unique features is difficult enough. When you add in the challenge of writing about your hotel in a compelling way, without overusing adjectives or underusing punctuation, it can feel like a job more suited to a Pulitzer winner than a hotelier.

The challenge can be overcome, though. With a few basic guidelines to follow and an added twist of your own hotel’s personality, you can create homepage copy that draws in guests and makes them want more.

We’ve created a guide to great copy that resonates with your guests, creates vivid mental pictures and draws on their emotions.

Check it out!

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How To Write Compelling Copy

  2. 2. Writingcopyforyour hotelwebsiteis easy.... right? You just put finger to keyboard and type out the basics - make sure you've got who, where, why and how and you're done, right?
  4. 4. There'salotmoretoit. You've got a challenge ahead. You need to find language that's interesting and reflects your hotel's unique features. On top of that, your writing should be compelling. Don't overuse adjectives or under-use punctuation.
  5. 5. Don't Panic! We've put together 4 basic guidelines to follow. Those, along with a twist of your hotel's unique personality, will help you overcome the copy-writing challenge.
  6. 6. 1. Create Vivid Imagery with Clear, Crisp Language
  7. 7. Your copy should create a 'mental movie' in your guest's mind. Something that draws them in and makes them consider what it would be like to stay at your hotel. Use powerverbsand rich adjectives to convey emotion and meaning. Be careful, though! There's such a thing as too much of a good thing.
  8. 8. Here's a great example from the Powerscourt Hotel's homepage: “The Great Sugar Loaf Mountain is visible across the valley, between the tall elegant beech trees. The avenue slopes down, through woodland, before revealing the Palladian elegance of Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa, with its breath-taking views. Located on the famous Powerscourt Estate, one of Ireland's finest estates, with its historic house, beautifully manicured garden and its waterfall, the highest in Ireland, you may be just half an hour from Dublin but it could be a million miles away.”
  9. 9. The Powerscourt description does a great job of using the hotel's unique selling points (the highest waterfall in Ireland, close to Dublin, beautiful facade). At the same time, it brings in excellent adjectives and descriptive language to bring that mental movie to life in your head.
  10. 10. 2. Keep Sentences Short and Sweet
  11. 11. “Writetothe Chimpanzee Brain. Simply. Directly.” -Eugene Schwartz
  12. 12. In 'The Art of Plain Talk, Dr. Rudolph Flesch recommends that 70-80% of your writing consist of short, snappy words. They should be 'easy food' for your brain.
  13. 13. Longer sentences break up the monotony and should be used occasionally, but for the most part? Keep it short and sweet. Here's an example from Telluride of fast-paced, fun copy:
  14. 14. 3. Light Up Your Copy with Powerful Adjectives
  15. 15. Cliched adjectives sabotage your copy. The push the wrong buttons in your brain - the ones labelled 'skip' and 'ignore'. How do you counteract that? Look for accurate, vivid adjectives (don't just say 'beautiful') and 'visual' verbs.
  16. 16. Remember: Your goal isn't over-the-top, bloated descriptions. Keep them crisp and clean, but use a few carefully- chosen adjectives to keep your copy from drying out.
  17. 17. 4. Show Off Your Benefits to Guests
  18. 18. Simply listing your hotel's features isn't enough anymore - if it ever was. You need to tell guests why those feature matter. Transfrom your features into benefits for your guests.
  19. 19. Features tell guests what you offer. Benefits tell them what the feature does forthem. Showing benefits has been proven to have huge benefits for conversion rates : check it out
  20. 20. Your Features: Ask yourself 'So what?' to get... Has a great spa and gym A kids play area A restaurant A spacious conference room We have a health spa and gym. After a busy day, you can let your hair down, unwind, and improve your health. We have a kids’ play area, so you can indulge in quality time with your significant other or relish time with yourself. Want something to tickle your taste buds but feel a little tired? We’ve got you covered! Just visit our hotel restaurant. Your Benefits:
  21. 21. Having the right copy is critical. By following the steps above, you can create homepage copy that packs a powerful punch, engages your potential guests, and boosts conversions.
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