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What is Ibogaine,ibogaine treatment,Ibogaine clinics


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We are experienced our staff is educated. We take every drug-dependent as the guy who needs our help and we are the best at what we do this is what our client says.

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What is Ibogaine,ibogaine treatment,Ibogaine clinics

  1. 1. Holistic Sanctuary Drug Rehab If you are wondering what is ibogaine then you must know that ibogaine is a root or shrub which is found in Africa. Ibogaine has the power or qualities of healing the addiction. There are some Ibogaine Clinics which also uses the ibogaine
  2. 2. Ibogaine treatment, Ibogaine treatment Centers Holistic Sanctuary gives the ibogaine treatment for those who are struggling with the drugs and those who are .opiate dependent Our Ibogaine treatment centers are the best for .treating with the Ibogaine And we help those .who want to help themselves
  3. 3. Ibogaine Treatment Cost The first thing comes into the mind is money for treatment well yes ibogaine treatment cost is high but you must keep in mind that we have a high rate of successful. And most important thing your loved one has a great chance for becoming drug-free.
  4. 4. Best Ibogaine Treatment, Ibogaine Therapy Holistic Sanctuary is pretty popular for offering Best Ibogaine Treatment. We handle our client with very patience and gently because we understand how hard is for them too. Ibogaine Therapy can heal body soul and mind.
  5. 5. Ibogaine Cost Ibogaine cost Is really a big issue what we cannot do anything in that because it is exported from Africa and biggest reason is that it has really huge demand in the market.
  6. 6. Ibogaine Center • In Our Ibogaine Center we do several activities like • Yoga • Exercises • Games • Knowledge quiz • Personality Development.
  7. 7. Contact Information Baja California, Mexico Phone: +1 (323) 606-9904
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