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Goa to the power of HolidayIQ


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Goa to the power of HolidayIQ

  1. 1. HolidayIQ’s first-of-its-kindinitiative in Goa
  2. 2. Unleash the power of traveller opinion to create the smarter Indian traveller!
  3. 3. Thought behind theinitiativeHolidayIQ wants to take traveller experiencein Goa to another level by generating reviewsabout Hotels in Goa on HolidayIQ.These reviews will help travellers withaccurate information about destinations andwill improve their travel experience
  4. 4. The concept 2 3 Reviews Generate 1 published 4 Reviews on HIQ Install Awards hiq!PAD event at hotels More Assigning Guest information Review Managers about GoaA custom made in each hotel hotelstablet Award function that felicitates keyTo generate hotelsreviews
  5. 5. Remo’s anthem for Goato the power of HolidayIQ•Remo will compose „The hiq!song‟• Anthem of „Goa to the powerof HolidayIQ‟
  6. 6. Key elements of thecampaign1 Press conference2 hiq!TEAM3 Unveiling of ‘The hiq! Song’4 hiq!PAD goes to pubs and shacks5 Final awards event
  7. 7. Key elements of the campaign 1 Press conference• Launch of “Goa to the Power of HolidayIQ”• Unveiling of the hiq!PAD
  8. 8. Key elements of thecampaign2 hiq!TEAM• hiq!TEAM install hiq!PADs at hotels• Training of hotels on usage ofhiq!PAD
  9. 9. Key elements of thecampaign3 Unveiling of ‘The hiq! Song’ • Event at Goa Marriot Hotel attended by key hoteliers of Goa. •Remo unveils the „hiq!‟ song by performing it live.
  10. 10. Key elements of thecampaign 4 hiq!PAD goes to pubs and shacks• Tourists can also share reviews of their hotel while theyare at pubs and shacks of Goa.
  11. 11. Key elements of thecampaign5 Final Event awards • Felicitating hotels of Goa basis the reviews received from hiq!PAD.
  12. 12. Expected outcomesMost reviews, One destination, Tourism Benefitbetter website national reach1,00,000 Reach out to Buildingnew Goa travellers onlinereviews across the reputation country for hotels & Tourism Trade
  13. 13. Moving to a new tourism GOA LEADS THE WAY!India to the power of HolidayIQ
  14. 14. Getting a hiq!PAD Julius Fernandes +91.98230.99600