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Persist sexual arousal disorder


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A slideshow on the documentary "A Hundred Orgasms A Day"

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Persist sexual arousal disorder

  1. 1. ABOUT:Persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS) symptoms:• Clitoris throbbing sensations• Extreme need to have an orgasm• All tension, little, if any sexual release• Sexual organs filled with blood no matter what state of mind• Affects women from age 19-80.*Is NOT like nymphomania, the people who have this disorder do not cravesex constantly, the muscle pressure in their genitals makes for a need torelease.The cause is unknown. There are only 40 known cases in the world. It is believedthere are more cases, the women who have it may just be embarrassed to comeforward.
  2. 2. THE AFFECTS OF PERSISTENT SEXUAL AROUSAL ON WOMEN:This documentary explores the lives of three women with persistent sexual arousal syndrome: Jeannie, Rachel, and Heather.Jeannie is the main focus because she creates the first ever PSAS support group online.Jeannie says of the disorder “orgasms have become a task.” What may seem like the dream come true to a man, is very difficult for these women to live with.“Image having an erection 24/7.” Jeannie said to her maleGynecologist who laughed off her concerns.
  3. 3. PHYSICAL ISSUES WITH PERSISTENT SEXUAL AROUSAL SYNDROME Rachel considers the washing machine something she hates because the vibrations of it are a trigger for her case of PSAS. She has spontaneous orgasms too.Both Jeannie and Rachel say their PSAS has gotten more intense with age.They both are cleaning the house constantly: simple, repetitive actions help distract them from the constant throbbing feeling.
  4. 4. HOW PSAS BEGAN…Both Rachel and Heather noticed symptoms of the disorder around the end of their pregnancies. Jeannie notices after menopause begins.Jeannie finally got diagnosed with PSAS by a neurologist, after having 10 orgasms in a row and still having an urge to keep going.Heather is from a conservative town. They believe her womb is cursed and try to “exorcise the monster demon” from her. Heather happened to read an article about it in the Boston Globe and realizes her problem has a name.
  5. 5. HOW LOVE LIFE IS AFFECTED HAVING PSASHeather feels she cannot have sex with her husband anymore. She did not want to feel aroused if the PSAS symptoms were not present. She sleeps in her son’s room, her son and husband sleep together. She sleeps alone to masturbate.Rachel is the opposite, her husband is the biggest trigger to her PSAS. He actually turns her down because she wants sex so much.Jeannie left her husband because she didn’t want to tell him, she was very embarrassed.
  6. 6. A CURE?Jeannie is the one out of the three women who desperately wanted a cure.There is a medical procedure that involves surgically sealing off abdominal blood vessels but in the USA, it is very expensive and there is no absolute proof it will work.Jeannie takes medications as an alternative. During the video, she found another alternative treatment: electronic acupuncture. She felt pulse free for the first time in 8 years. It only lasted 48 hours and then came back, but it made Jeannie feel grateful, even if it only was a temporary cure.