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Narration for Video


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Find out why your business needs professional narration for your marketing videos. Don't have your marketing efforts fall short due to a lack of professional voice. Use our easy online portal to purchase any professional audio recordings you need. Improve engagement, create a unified brand voice, and share a consistent message.

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Narration for Video

  1. 1. As Content Creators – you know the importance of finding not ANY voice- but the RIGHT voice. The right voice will: -Improve comprehension. -Increase engagement. -Deliver a consistent message. -Reinforce YOUR brand.
  2. 2. Demand for digital content is increasing, you need reliable, affordable resources for professional voiceover recordings for- Demand
  3. 3. 96% of B2B Organizations Use Video*
  4. 4. • Consultation • Storyboard • Proof of Concept • Copy Writing • Client Approval • Development • Implementation • Testing • Soft Launch • Go Live • Debugging Timeline Projects on a timeline with a strict budget are difficult. Writing/editing copy, confirming pronunciations, and converting files to the proper format is overwhelming. Especially when you need it done quickly.
  5. 5. Want a Simple Solution? Audition Voices Instant Price Quote Put in Your Script
  6. 6. We can manage the professional recordings for you. Our roster of professional voice actors are available 24/7 to record your audio. From script submission through production and delivery, we’ll be there every step.
  7. 7. Thank you for another job well done. Same as always, the project ran as smooth as expected. Thanks to you, I was able to deliver the final product before its deadline. You make my part as easy as anyone would want it. Thanks again, and I look forward to our next adventure. What do our clients say? Check out this response from a Video Producer-
  8. 8. Get Started- 800.666.6465 Or Get A Quote Now at