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Audio Marketing for Your Healthcare Facility- Social Media


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Learn how to use social media and audio to leverage your healthcare facility's marketing strategies.

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Audio Marketing for Your Healthcare Facility- Social Media

  1. 1. Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 |
  2. 2. Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 |
  3. 3. Audio is the intermediary between one-on-one engagement and mass communication. Using audio in social media stimulates your ears and eyes increasing resonance. A confident, articulate, and professional voice gives your facility a physical presence in a virtual world.Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 |
  4. 4. • For Interns and Orderlies, professionally record on-site training.• For patients and the public, develop “How-To” and educational videos.• Educational content: • Enhances your reputation and online visibility. • Can serve as your patients’ go-to source for medical knowledge. Click Here to Download Holdcom’s FREE E-Training & E-Learning Tips! Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 |
  5. 5. Podcasts allow you to reach out to patients and give them informative information about your facility in an easily accessible way. Content Ideas: • Follow up a popular blog with a related podcast to gain followers. • Interview medical staff and donors. •Announce special events and fundraisers, physician availability, and medical reminders.Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 |
  6. 6. Adding audio to a 3D model simulates an in-person tour These tours are given to new employees and guide first time patients. A professional voice over allows the ability to describe activities, convey departmental information, and provides the personal touch as the viewer moves through each room.Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 |
  7. 7. • For patients with long hospital stays, like those undergoing extensive surgery.• Patient and/or caretaker can post updates tracking recovery and experience for loved ones to read.• May include audio, pictures and text.• Announce timely information about vaccine availability, upcoming events, and news about the healthcare facility.• Intended for individuals on the go.• Send urgent messages in real time.• Combine email blasts, SMS messages, and a mobile-enabled website to maximize results Blog: Sonic Branding Holdcom || 800.666.6465 |
  8. 8. Holdcom | | 800.666.6465 |