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Announcements for the Hoffman Family Library and its Virtual Learning Commons

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Vlc march 2013

  1. 1. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsVirtual Learning Commons Weekly Announcements Weekly Announcements 2/24/2013-3/2/2013
  2. 2. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsThe Virtual Learning Commons is awonderful place for students,faculty, librarians and staff tocollaborate, learn, and educateeach other. It is always a work inprogress and you are alwayswelcome to contact us to add tothe site. From school, to art, web2.0 technologies, there is a wealthof knowledge out there justscreaming to be learned.
  3. 3. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsComing Soon to the Hoffman Family Library!! A Makers Space is a place for people to connect, invent and create. It is a great way to utilize your library here at Goodwin College along with finding books or movies, working on projects, and getting research and reference assistance! Learn more about MakerSpace’s: http://bit.ly/UMXueW and here: http://bit.ly/VQnuoP
  4. 4. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsMakers: Women Who Make America World Premiere Broadcast February 26, 8pm ET on PBS* For the first time on television, MAKERS tells the inspiring story of the modern American womens movement. Narrated by Meryl Streep and told with music, humor, and first-hand accounts of the National Womens women who lived through these turbulent times, MAKERS covers History Project the dizzying joy, aching frustration and ultimate triumph of a 730 Second Street movement that turned America upside-down. #469 Watch the trailer Santa Rosa, CA 95402 http://www.nwhp.org Read about MAKERS on JWAs blog. (707) 636-2888 Join the conversation Twitter @MAKERSWomen / #MAKERSChat nwhp@nwhp.org
  5. 5. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons First Ladies: Influence and Image Mondays, 9pm ET on C-SPAN Premieres February 25, 2013In a first-of-its-kind project for television, C-SPAN is teaming up with the White HouseHistorical Association for a new, two-season original series: First Ladies: Influence andImage, examining the private lives of the first ladies and their years in the WhiteHouse. Each week beginning this Monday, February 25th, First Ladies: Influence andImage will tell the stories of the women who served in the role of first lady over 44administrations.The 90-minute programs will air live Mondays at 9 pm ET on C-SPAN and C-SPAN3(which also is the home for American History TV on the weekends), C-SPAN Radio,and via livestreaming on c-span.org.To learn more about our first ladies, watch video from the series, and find scheduleinformation, visit www.c-span.org/firstladies.
  6. 6. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons27 Graphic Novels for Womens History Month From Louisa May Alcott to Batwoman to Wimmens Comix, Check out some amazing graphic novels for Women’s History Month posted on the Library Journal Website. http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/ CA6720988.html
  7. 7. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons New Collection in the Hoffman Family Library!!! The Maker CollectionIn preparation for the upcoming Maker Space in the library, we have added a wonderful new Maker Collection. This includes books on arts and crafts, cooking, and even gardening. Check out what is available now! http://opac.goodwin.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-shelves.pl? viewshelf=89&sortfield
  8. 8. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons New Collection in theHoffman Family Library!!! The Civil War Collection St. Martin Donations http://staff.goodwin.edu/cgi- bin/koha/virtualshelves/shelves.pl? viewshelf=88
  9. 9. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons You are invited... Vital Voices in Entrepreneurship Wednesday, April 3, 2013A speaker series focused on first-hand perspectives of leaders who aremaking their mark in business and the community. Keynote Speaker: Billy Grant Chef and Founder of the Billy Grant Restaurant Group Reception and Networking: 5:00 - 6:00 pm Hors doeuvres, beer and wine by Billy Grant Catering will be provided. Keynote Address: 6:00 pmGoodwin College Community RoomOne Riverside DriveEast Hartford, CT 06118
  10. 10. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons Time Magazine Special Report: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us. “Bitter Pill: To Understand why U.S. health care spending is out of control,you just have to follow the money. This in-depth investigation of billing practices reveals that hospitals—and the executives who run them—are gaming the system to maximize revenue andsticking patients with bills that have little relationship to the care that’s provided. The free market in American medicine is a myth, with or without Obamacare” By Steven BrillBrill, Steven. “Bitter Pill: How Outrageous Pricing and Egregious Profits are Destroying Our Health Care System.”TimeMagazine. 181.8 (2013): 16-55. Print.
  11. 11. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons Even More Citation Help!The Hoffman Family Library subscribes to EasyBib School Edition!!You may create an account using your eamil addresson any of the schools computers. Once your accountis set up, you are free to use EasyBib wherever youhave an internet connection.Please contact one of your librarians if you have anyquestions. *** VERY IMPORTANT! ***You MUST create your account from on-campus toallow off-campus access to your account!
  12. 12. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsResearch Databases and Libguides at Your Fingertips!!The Hoffman Family Library offers its patrons a wide variety of researchdatabases and guides to assist in your education needs. Check themout today! Library Research Databases! http://bit.ly/VWIhIr Libguides on Many Subjects! http://bit.ly/WsrcVN
  13. 13. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsNew Titles are Added to the Library All the Time! Check them out!! http://bit.ly/11GyY3k
  14. 14. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction & NonfictionStart reading these 2013 longlist titles now to countdown to the shortlist announcement this spring! The 50 titles under consideration for the 2013 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction can be found here:http://www.ala.org/awardsgrants/carnegieadult/l onglists
  15. 15. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons 2013 CALDECOTT MEDAL WINNER“The 2013 Caldecott Medal winner is This Is Not MyHat, written and illustrated by Jon Klassen, publishedby Candlewick Press.In this darkly humorous tale, a tiny fish knows it’swrong to steal a hat. It fits him just right. But the bigfish wants his hat back. Klassen’s controlled palette,opposing narratives and subtle cues compel readers tofollow the fish and imagine the consequence.“With minute changes in eyes and the slightestdisplacement of seagrass, Klassen’s masterfulillustrations tell the story the narrator doesn’t know,”Caldecott Chair Sandra Imdieke said (ALA.org).”
  16. 16. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons The 2013 Newbery Medal Winner!“ The 2013 Newbery Medal winner is The One andOnly Ivan by Katherine Applegate, published byHarperCollins Childrens Books, a division ofHarperCollins PublishersIvan’s transformative emergence from the “Ape at Exit8” to “The One and Only Ivan, Mighty Silverback,”comes to life through the gorilla’s own distinctnarrative voice, which is filled with wry humor, deepemotion and thought-provoking insights into thenature of friendship, hope and humanity.“Katherine Applegate gives readers a unique andunforgettable gorilla’s-eye-view of the world thatchallenges the way we look at animals and atourselves,” said Newbery Medal Committee ChairSteven Engelfried (ALA.org).”
  17. 17. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsFollow the Hoffman Family Library Blog! Want to know what is new and exciting in the library or in education news? Follow the Hoffman Family Library Blog! http://goodwinlibrary.blogsp ot.com/
  18. 18. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsHoffman Family Library is on Twitter! Follow us! http://bit.ly/YR50ZA
  19. 19. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsGoodwin Dedicates Classroom to Zuvic, Carr and Associates Engineering FirmGoodwin College dedicated Room 201 toZuvic, Carr and Associates on Friday, Feb, 22.Pictured: Goodwin Environmental Studiesstudent Rajiv Atterbury, Goodwin PresidentMark Scheinburger, ZCA Vice PresidentTomek Grajewski, ZCA President Marici Zuvic,ZCA Vice President Robert Carr, GoodwinDirector of Environmental Studies ProgramBruce Morton, and Goodwin EnvironmentalStudies student Desmond Batts.
  20. 20. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsEnvironmental StudiesIncreased government and private investment ingreen technology combined with a growingawareness of environmental challenges makeenvironmental science some of the fastestgrowing — and best paying — emerging careerfields!Goodwin Colleges Environmental Studiesprogram provides technical training for jobs inthis rapidly growing field while also focusing onthe scientific arguments for environmentalstewardship. Graduates gain real-world skills, aswell as a comprehensive understanding of thefactors that impact environmental health.
  21. 21. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons IMPORTANT!!!!In order to check out materials from thelibrary or access databases from home, youmust register with the library system. Youcan do this by coming in to the library orfilling out this form: http://goodwin.edu/library/studentadd.asp
  22. 22. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons Cell Phone Use Prohibited In the Library! PLEASE NOTE: Talking on your cellphone is PROHIBITED in the Hoffman Family Library. Failure to comply with requests will result inbeing asked to leave the library. Thank you for your cooperation.
  23. 23. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons Can’t get to the library? You can still get help Call! from your friendlyEmail! Goodwin College IM! librarians!! Text! Find out more! http://bit.ly/Y7WQ9l
  24. 24. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons Library Policy!!! It is Library Policy that when printing outPowerPoints, you MUSTprint SIX slides per page. Thank you.
  25. 25. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsMore Questions? Ask Us!Visit the Library Website or Contact one of your friendly librarians for more information on School and Library News! www.goodwin.edu/library