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  1. 1. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds
  2. 2. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Contents Introduction Page3 20 Comenius day overview Page 19 · Healthy minds Page Page 20 27 · Fitness Page 28 38 · Healthy Eating Page 39 -46 Evaluating and Conclusions Page 47 Acknowledgement Page 50 Appendix Page 52
  3. 3. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School
  4. 4. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolThe Comenius TeamMrs Pointer Mr Bruce Mr Mackenzie Miss Campbell
  5. 5. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolWhat is ComeniusComenius school partnerships enable pupils, students and staff fromacross Europe to work together on joint projects.Balwearie is working with Arskoli (Iceland), Højelse Skole (Denmark) andSeaton Burn (England). Aims: To develop and share good practice in creating healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Work process: Promoting healthy lifestyles and cultural awareness. In the first year each participating school will plan and create a healthy living manual. A project conference will take place in Iceland at the beginning of Year 2 where partner schools will exchange manuals and trial them at their own school. Expected results: Evaluation of the manuals and feedback. In the process students will learn about the cultures and lifestyles of all participating schools - promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles for all. Árskóli, Sauðárkrókur, Balwearie Højelse Skole Seaton Burn
  6. 6. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolBalwearie High SchoolBalwearie High School serves the west end of Kirkcaldy, catering for 1750boys and girls from S1 to S6 including a Department of Additional Support.The school was opened as a Comprehensive in 1972 and is set in spaciousgrounds. Out with school hours, the school functions as a well-used com-munity centre.Balwearie provides a well-rounded, well-supported education for each of itspupils. A strong ethos of caring, high standards and celebration of successmeans that pupils are treated as individuals and encouraged to achieve tothe very highest levels.Pupils are offered a full range of courses from 5-14 in S1/ S2, through Stan-dard Grade to National Qualifications at Intermediate, Higher and AdvancedHigher levels. A high staying on rate is reflected in large numbers gainingemployment, Further or Higher Education.Health Promoting SchoolsStrengthening the health and wellbeing of children and young peopleHealth promotion in schools is not just about encouraging children andyoung people to eat well and to exercise; it encompasses a much broaderholistic approach. This approach is called the whole school approach,which includes promoting the physical, social, spiritual, mental and emo-tional wellbeing of all pupils and staff.Health promoting School is an ongoing government initiative.
  7. 7. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFife and Kirkcaldy · Fife has a population 350,000 · Fife is known as the home of golf · Balwearie High School is situated in a town called Kirkcaldy. · The population of Kirkcaldy is 48,000. · Kirkcaldy is the home town of Gordon Brown who is the Prime Minister of Britain. · Kirkcaldy has long been nicknamed the Lang Toun (Scots for long town) · Raith Rovers is the local football Fife team. Kirkcaldy · Fife Flyers is the local Ice Hockey team.
  8. 8. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolScotland Forth bridge Linking Fife to Edinburgh The Scottish Parliament Edinburgh
  9. 9. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Edinburgh Castle Scott Monument T in the park Music festival
  10. 10. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Nessie, who lives in Loch Ness and has been seen on many occasions by tourists and has had her photo taken by so many people. The Blue M en Of The Minch (also known as storm kelpies) live in the stretch of water between Lewis and mainland Scotland, looking for sailors to drown and boats to sink. Edinburgh Ca stle It has been reported that many ghosts are in the castle grounds. Such as a headless drummer who was seen in 1960, a ghostly bag piper and the ghost of a dog who was buried in the pets cemetery in the castle.
  12. 12. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolScottish FoodsScottish Salmonsalmon tends to be smoked, and thinly sliced, served as an entrée.Stovied Tatties (or Stovies)Stovies are a potato-based dish, designed to use up left over meat and vegetables.Several onions should be cut into small pieces and fried in a good amount of beef dripping (fat from the cookedmeat) in a large pot. Scraps of meat and left-over vegetables (usually carrots and peas) are then added to the fry-ing onions.Six to eight good sized potatoes are peeled and cut into 3cm (1.5") pieces. Approximately 2.5cm (1") of water isadded to the pan containing the fried onion mixture and the potato pieces are added to this, seasoned with salt andthen left to simmer until the potatoes are soft. More water is added only if the pan is likely to become dry.The resulting stovies should have the consistency of mashed potatoes, but the potato pieces should still be detect-able. Modern cooks would add a beef stock cube to the mixture prior to simmering.PorridgeA simple dish, made of boiled oatmeal. It needs to be boiled slowly and stirred continuously with the traditional spirtle - awooden stick which is about 30cm (or 12") long - to avoid the formation of lumps!Porridge should be thick and wholesome, not thin like gruel. It has remarkable properties for preventing hunger. Today it isoften eaten for breakfast, with the addition of milk, and a small plate keeps you feeling full until lunchtime.Traditionally crofters in the Highlands of Scotland would make a large pot of porridge at the beginning of the week. Once al-lowed to cool, it would be cut into slices, and the crofter would places a slice in his pocket eack day for lunch.Porridge must be cooked with salt to obtain the correct flavour. Those eating porridge outside Scotland have been know tocook it without salt and indeed eat it with sugar or even syrup, which is a habit which would turn the stomach of any Scotsman(or Scots-woman).
  13. 13. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolHaggisHaggis is perhaps the best known Scottish delicacy, and it is wonderful stuff, with a rich flavour, although those partaking forthe first time are often put off when they hear what it is made of...Haggis is made from sheeps offal (or pluck). The windpipe, lungs, heart and liver of the sheep are boiled and then minced.This is mixed with beef suet and lightly toasted oatmeal. This mixture is placed inside the sheeps stomach, which is sewnclosed. The resulting haggis is traditionally cooked by further boiling (for up to three hours) although the part-cooked haggiscan be cooked in the oven which prevents the risk of bursting and spoiling.MacSweens also make a vegetarian "haggis", which is actually quite tasty, even though the only ingredient it has in commonwith the real thing is the oatmeal! For more information on haggis:Short Bread ReciptIngredients:6oz Plain flour4oz Soft butter2oz caster (granulated) sugar1 oz cornflour (cornstarch)Method:Mix the butter and sugar together (preferably with a wooden spoon) until it is pale and creamy. Sieve both the flourand the cornflour into the bowl and mix well. Put a small amount of flour on your working surface and place thedough on this. Shake a little flour on top and roll out about quarter inch thick. Prick with a fork and cut into roundswith a cutter or, if you want one large shortbread round, pinch the edges with thumb and finger all round.Use a palette knife to lift the shortbread onto an oiled baking tray and bake for 25 minutes in a pre-heated oven at325F/170C/Gas Mark 3. If the biscuits are ready, they will be pale brown and crisp; if not, return to the oven for 5 or10 minutes. Shake a small amount of caster/granulated sugar on the top of the shortbread immediately after theyhave been removed from the oven. Use a palette knife to move them to a cooling rack and store in an airtight tinonce they are cold.
  14. 14. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School To a Mouse - A Poem by Robert Burns (Written by Burns after he had turned over the nest of a tiny field mouse with his plough. Burns was a farmer and farmers are generally far too busy to be concerned with the health of mice. This poem is another illustration of Robert Burns tolerance to all creatures and his innate humanity.) Wee, sleekit, cowran, timrous beastie, O, what panics in thy breastie! Thou need na start awa sae hasty, Wi bickering brattle! I wad be laith to rin an chase thee, Wi murdring pattle! Im truly sorry Mans dominion Has broken Natures social union, An justifies that ill opinion, Which makes thee startle, At me, thy poor, earth-born companion, An fellow-mortal! I doubt na, whyles, but thou may thieve; What then? poor beastie, thou maun live! A daimen-icker in a thrave S a sma request: Ill get a blessin wi the lave, An never misst! Thy wee-bit housie, too, in ruin! Its silly was the wins are strewin! An naething, now, to big a new ane, O foggage green! An bleak Decembers winds ensuin, Baith snell an keen! Thou saw the fields laid bare an wast, An weary Winter comin fast, An cozie here, beneath the blast, Thou thought to dwell, Till crash! the cruel coulter past Out thro thy cell. That wee-bit heap o leaves an stibble, Has cost thee monie a weary nibble! Now thous turnd out, for a thy trouble, But house or hald. To thole the Winters sleety dribble, An cranreuch cauld! But Mousie, thou are no thy-lane, In proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes o Mice an Men, Gang aft agley, An leae us nought but grief an pain, For promisd joy! Still, thou art blest, compard wi me! The present only toucheth thee: But Och! I backward cast my ee, On prospects drear! An forward, tho I canna see, I guess an fear!
  15. 15. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolKirkcaldy Kirkcaldy is located in East Scotland on the coast of the Firth of Forth. Raith Rovers Football Club is Kirkcaldy s home team. They are currently playing in League 1 in Scotland. Kirkcaldy has a main shopping street with many clothes outlets, cafes and shops. This is the Fife Flyers Ice Hockey Team Badge. The Town Hall Gordon Brown the British Prime Minister was raised in Kirkcaldy
  16. 16. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School The Links Market.The Links Market is a funfair that comes to Kirkcaldy every year in April.It comes for a week and it has a wide variety of rollercoaster s and fungames. The picture below shows the biggest rides which are called thebig wheel and the bomber. The big wheel is a wheel with carriages andgoes fairly slow, whereas the Bomber is the highest and fastest ride! Here are other pictures of rides which are at the links market. The Waltzers! Twister! The Caterpillar! The Dodgems!
  17. 17. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolOur LifestyleIn Kirkcaldy teenagers like to go outside with their friends and have agood laugh. We also like to go to the park, play sports like football,rugby, tennis etc. We also like to go shopping in the local shopping cen-tre and high street where there are lots of shops. There is also a cin-ema, bowling alley, crazy golf course, gym, bingo and lots of nice res-taurants at a near by town called Dunfermline. If it s raining we like go-ing on our computer or laptop on bebo, msn or facebook. We also likeplaying our Playstation, Wii, X-box 360 and our handheld devices likethe Nintendo DS, PSP and Gameboys. Most teenagers have a phoneand spend a lot of their spare time texting or calling their friends! Wealso love spending lots of time listening to music on our i-Pod s.In Kirkcaldy we have a big swimming pool in the town centre. Lots of uslike going up to the Beveridge Park. At the park you can go to the skatepark, the play park, the pond, on the boats, play rugby or football on thefields. We also enjoy going down to the beach with our friends. We likegoing in the freezing cold sea and sunbathing on the sand only when its(rarely) nice!
  18. 18. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolScottish WildlifePuffinsAn unmistakable seabird with its black back andwhite underparts and distinctive black head withlarge pale cheeks and a tall, flattened, brightly-coloured beak. Its comical appearance isheightened by its red and black eye markingsand bright orange legs. This clown among seabirds is one of the worldsfavourite birds. They like to eat fish, especially sand eels.Highland CowsThere is no doubting the fact with their stockyappearance, pointy big horns and eyes thatpeep out through long shaggy fringes, Highlandcows win hearts and are favourites amongst ani-mal lovers around the World.Highland cows were born and bred to deal withthe extreme weather conditions of the Highlandsand Islands of Scotland making them the hardiestbreed of cattle in the world today.Scottish DeerDeer in Scotland are not owned by anyone. They are a natural asset,an integral part of the countryside, and their presence can influence theenvironment around them.
  19. 19. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolSection 2Comenius Day Overview1st May 2009On Comenius day the pupils in S1 and S2 participated in an educationaland fun-packed day.The day was split into 3 sections and they were -· Healthy Eating· Fitness· WellbeingThe event was organised and presented by Pupils, Staff, NHS Nurses,Chefs and people from the local community. We all worked together inmaking it a great day.The usual school timetable was altered into 6 Comenius workshops eachlasting 50 minutes. Over 600 S1 and S2 pupils took part in the events.These events were also attended by staff.The outcomes of the day have been shared with all pupils and staff in Bal-wearie High school. This day has also been recognised as a great successby the local Council.
  20. 20. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School This section of the Comenius day was run in the style of work- shops. It focused on four different areas of psychological health. Stress Self Harm Self Esteem Relaxation The following pages will show what we did on Comenius day and the days that followed.
  21. 21. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Stress-IntroductionThis area of the Healthy Minds section on Comenius day was all about Stress. Weran a workshop which was shown to all of 1st and 2nd year pupils which was allabout stress.Our workshop aims were to:· Explain the definition of stress.· The causes of stress .· The symptoms that can emerge from long periods of stress.· Give an understanding of how stress can affect us physically and mentally.Stress-DefinitionDuring this section we explained to everyone the definition of stress. We deviseda short paragraph to underline our meaning.We hear about stress all the time. At home, at school and even on TV. Peoplesing about stress, it s a natural part of our human lives. Stress is not all bad.There is good stress and bad stress. Good being that feeling that helps youget things done like a deadline for schoolwork. Bad taking the form of seriousthings like bullying, bereavements and divorce.Stress is there whether we like it or not but it is our job to define the good from thebad and control it as best we can.Stress-CausesStress can be started by a large number of things. During our workshop we high-lighted some of the reasons why people get stressed out by splitting the class intogroups and giving them each a set of stress cards . They then had to sort thesecards into the most and least stressful causes. These included,SchoolGrowing upDivorceBereavementsPublic SpeakingPeer PressureThese were seen as the biggest stressers while things like holidays and moneywere generally thought of as not too stressful. All of the classes seemed to thinkthat the stressers related to home, family and school were more stressful thansports competitions and performances.
  22. 22. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolStress-SymptomsThere are many symptoms that can arise from being exposed to frequent and longperiods of stress. These symptoms can be both physical and mental. They can alsorange from minor differences in your mood, to serious ailments including self harmand eating disorders.For this part of the workshop we handed out more stress cards . These had somesymptoms of stress on them and this time the groups had to sort them into the mostand least serious symptoms.These included mental problems such as:AngerAggressionDepressionLosing sense of humourBottling things up.And physical problems such as:AnxietyIncreased heart rate and/or blood pressureSleeplessnessSweatingSickness/dizzinessLack of appetiteTense musclesFrom these symptoms we can see that our bodies let us know in a number of wayswhen we are stressed, both mentally and physically. Some of these changes canhappen without you noticing and we should pay attention to ourselves and ask aparent or friend if they have noticed any change in our behaviour. This simplemethod can really help to win the war against stress related problems.
  23. 23. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolStress-SummaryBy reading this Stress section of our Comenius Manual you can learn how we allfeel and behave towards physical and mental stress, what can cause us to becomestressed and how to find good ways of coping with stress as well as improving ouremotional and physical wellbeing. It s all about recognising when we are stressedand how we can deal with it in a productive and positive way. Remember, everyone is an individual. Be kind to yourself, take care of you.
  24. 24. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Self - Harm Self harm is a deliberate injury inflicted by a person upon their body without the suicidal intent. The self-harm workshop is to raze awareness of what self-harm actu- ally is and so that people know where to seize help. The first task that we did on Comenius day was all about the typical behaviours of self-harm. So we gave the pupils of Balwearie High School a set of the most common typical behaviours cards. And what all the cards and then put them into a line of the most serious at the top and the least serious at the bottom. Then we discussed what all the groups had. The next task that we did was all about the reasons why people self- harm. So we gave them another set of cards with the reasons. And they needed to put them into these 3 groups : *professional help *friends and family *teacher - guidance and teacher Then we discussed what all the groups had done!
  25. 25. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolSelf EsteemThe workshop self Esteem raised awareness about selfconfidence and gave tips that would help you be more confident.In the event the presenter talked to people about what they thought self-Esteem was. (self-esteem is a way a person feels about themselves. Aperson with high/positive self-esteem generally feels good about them-selves and feels they have a lot to offer).Everyone in the group joined in on the discussion and answered.After this discussion, we started playing with the Self-Esteem ball,which had different statements on it. This was where everyone was in acircle and we through the ball to each other. When someone caught theball, where ever their left thumb landed, they read out the statement. Forexample the colour . Looks good on me and they had to put acolour in the blank space. We all had a turn!Then we did the Self-Esteem jug. This was a jug that we each put astatement in. It was nice hearing people saying nice things about themselves. Once the jug was full we read out some of thestatements and hoped that when they were sayingnegative things about themselves. They Rememberedthe good things they said previously. And helped peopleto think more positively about themselves
  26. 26. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolComenius Healthy Minds Relaxation Relaxation plays a vital part in having a healthy mind. Our aim of the relaxation workshop was to raise awareness about relaxation, to discuss relaxation techniques and to explain how important relaxation is and how it can help. What is relaxation? When this question was asked many of the participants answered with techniques but there are also many other definitions of relaxation. One of these being, rest: freedom from work, strain or responsibility. People enjoy listening to music, taking hot baths and sometimes just reading. People all over the world relax in their own different ways because relaxation is anything that makes you forget about your troubles and feel happy. How to Relax. The first activity was to involve the pupils in a first hand try at relaxing. Soft music from a relaxation C.D was playing in the background and the pupils lay in a space on the ground. We read through a small passage about breathing techniques and how important it is to use your lungs fully, then through a relaxation script which most of the pupils enjoyed. After the script was read the pupils had a minute to just listen to the soft music. The scripts and most other techniques are developed to help us cope with stress, worry and anxiety. For the second and final activity in the workshop was to ask the pupils how they personally relaxed. Some people found the task easy and others didnt. It may seem simple but many people dont actually now how they relax. Once everyone had thought of how they relaxed they wrote down their technique and the cards were used in a display in the school.
  27. 27. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolRelaxation SummaryThere are many common ways that people relax and only a few of these are listen-ing to music, reading, sleeping, sitting on a beach or playing with a pet. All relaxa-tion techniques follow the same simple framework which is to temporarily distract orchange the way we think about stress. It is important to remember that relaxationcan help you. We highlighted that relaxation doesnt just reduce stress levels butimproves overall health. Burying yourself in work and not giving yourself enoughalone time can damage your health. It is important to take at least ten minutes aday to unwind in your own personal way.Whichever relaxation method you use whether it is an hour long yoga class or asimple ten minute exercise you benefit in many ways such as you feel better on theinside and on the out.
  28. 28. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School
  29. 29. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFitness -Aerobics· This event was ran by S5/6 pupils who have a real interest in Aero- bics.· Each session lasted for around 50 minutes.· Each Session had 25 pupils taking partAerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobicexercises with stretching and strength training routines with the goal ofimproving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). It was performed to music and was practiced in agroup setting led by an pupil instructor,The various routines comprised of a number of different dance-like exer-cises.Pupils Evaluation I enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities throughout the day.The best topic was Aerobics. This was the first time that I took part inAerobics and I hope to take part in it again.Megan McNicol 1P1Fitness-Dance· This event was ran by S5/6 pupils who have a real interest in Dance.· Each session lasted for around 50 minutes.· Each Session had 25 pupils taking partPupils Evaluation We made up a dance to Indian and African music. There were 4groups that planned and performed a dance in the style of the music.I enjoyed this activity and felt the senior co-ordinators were really help-ful.Hannah Corbett 2T2
  30. 30. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School
  31. 31. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFitness-Table Tennis· This event was ran by staff.· Each session lasted for around 50 minutes.· Each Session had 25 pupils taking partDuring the table tennis session the class got split in two. Half of theclass went for a workout using the Nintendo Wii Tennis. It was greatCo-ordinators Evaluation - Mr BruceQ1 What did the pupil get out of your event?· Good exercise using traditional table tennis and using IT like the Nintendo wii· Good funQ2 Do you feel pupils are aware of healthy lifestyles after Comenius?· Not only the pupil. I feel the whole school benefitted form a event that highlight good health is not just about eating well.Q3 Are they any new healthy activates that should be considered in future?· Yes I would like to see climbing and cycling involved in future. They day went well and I hope it becomes a regular event in Balwearie.Pupil Evaluation I played both the table tennis and the Nintendo wiiduring this activity. I loved using the Wii. Duringthe Table Tennis I played against different pupils inS1 and S2. I enjoyed the Comenius dayRhys Collins
  32. 32. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFitness Football· This event was ran by S5/6 pupils and staff who have a real interest in Football.· Each session lasted for around 50 minutes.· Each Session had 25 pupils taking part .Pupils Evaluation I took part in the football on Comenius day. Weplayed a seven-a-side tournament . I enjoyed thefootball and Comenius day. I hope we can do itagain next year.Ryan Currie 2T1Fitness Basketbal l· This event was ran by S5/6 pupils and staff who have a real interest in Basketball.· Each session lasted for around 50 minutes.· Each Session had 25 pupils taking partPupils Evaluation The Basketball was cool. I had Mr Thomson on my team. There werefour teams involve in a mini tournament.We ended the activity with a shoot out. Trying to score from various dis-tances.Dylan Patterson 2R2 Basketball was very good. It was my favourite as you got to play againstclassmates.Jordan Boyle 2T1
  33. 33. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School
  34. 34. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFitness Cross-Country Run/walk· This event was ran by Staff.· Each session lasted for around 50 minutes.· Each Session had 25 pupils taking part· It was held in the Beveridge ParkPupils Evaluation I took part in cross-country at the Beveridge park . I choose runagainst the clock - it took me 12 minutes for one lap. I enjoyed this eventas I had friend who ran with me.Shona Doig 1R1 I timed myself at running round the Beveridge park that is out with theschool grounds. It took me 10 minutes. I enjoyed this event as I couldrun against class mates.Alastair More 1P3
  35. 35. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFitness Badminton· This event was ran by S5/6 pupils and staff who have a real interest in Badminton.· Each session lasted for around 50 minutes.· Each Session had 25 pupils taking partPupils Evaluation This event was fun. I played singles against other S1 pupils usually notin my class. I enjoy this sport as it is similar to tennisJames Whitehead 1P3
  36. 36. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFitness NetballThe Activity ContentThe netball session consisted of an introduction to the sport as wellas playing in the different positions, and learning how everyone playstheir part in a team.Everyone taking part was given a choice as to what they wanted tocontribute to the team.The teacher s both played with the pupils and instructed them.From the activity the pupils got a basic knowledge of Netball and howto work as a team.Pupils Evaluation We got split into teams and went straight into competitive matches, Ireally enjoyed this eventNicola Kinsey 1P1I enjoyed the Netball as it is my favorite sport. I get on well with MissWallace (Coach/Coordinator) who takes the school team -She is a top Scot-tish coachRobyn Farquhar 1R1 I really enjoyed the day and the Netball. The main reason I liked theNetball was that I got to play against friends that usually don t play thissport.Sarah Drummond 2T1
  37. 37. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFitness HockeyThe Activity Content·This session included games and coaching.The participants warmed up, tried hockey techniquesand had a final game to end the gathering.From the activity the pupils got a basic knowledge of Hockey but alsolearned about the importance of exercise.Co-ordinators Evaluation Mr LothianQ1 What did the pupil get out of your event?· Participation in games· Individual practice of skills· Fun and enjoyment· A level of exercise that was suitable to them they could work as hard as they liked.Q2 Do you feel pupils are ore aware of healthy lifestyles after Comenius?Yes Not just as a result of taking part in sporting activates like hockey but the bal-ance of day event was just right very informative!Q3 Are they any new healthy activates that should be considered in future?Yoga, palates, tai Chi relaxationGolf and outdoor activates like climbing/orienteering would be great.Pupils Evaluation it was really good and exciting. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed it.The boys were competitive but us girls tried our hardest to beat them.It was good sportsmanship .Claire Mackie 2R2
  38. 38. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFitness Fitness roomThe Activity Content· This event was ran by Staff.· Each session lasted for around 50 minutes.· Each Session had 25 pupils taking part· Pupils learned how to use the GYM equipmentCo-ordinators EvaluationMiss Wheatley Interview Fitness RoomWhat did the pupils get out of the event?I think they really enjoyed it. Other than that sessions were short and pupils wereactive for the entire time. We didn t exactly have to ask them!Do you feel pupils are more aware of healthy lifestyles after comenius?It may have made them a little more aware of what is required from them to sustaina healthy lifestyle.Are there any new healthy activities that should be considered in future?I think we offer a fairly wide range of activities considering the facilities we have tooffer. Things like body combat, Pilates and that kind of thing we might have diffi-culty with working areas!Pupils Evaluation We were placed in 2 teams. Each team counted the distance they man-aged to cover using a treadmill, rowing machine, stepper and bikes.It was good fun and I enjoyed the dayMallory Martin 2T2 I enjoyed using the fitness room. It was good fun learning how to use allthe fitness equipment.Stuart Donn 2T3
  39. 39. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School
  40. 40. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolComenius-Healthy EatingThis section of Comenius day was set out into 5 workshops.· Calamity Kitchen· Junkfood Roadshow· Healthy Snacks· Soup Kitchen· SmoothiesThe following pages will tell you all about these workshops.Comenius day was a great success and all the pupils and staffthoroughly enjoyed it. We will also include pictures, quotes andwhat we are planning to do in the future.
  41. 41. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolHealthy Eating - JunkfoodRoadshowThe Activity ContentThe junk food road show was a workshop showing certain groups of Bal-wearie High School how the population of Scotland are consuming tomuch fat and salt in our daily lifestyles and diet. ]OutcomesPupils EvaluationThe chef that came in showed us how much fat, salt and even sugar isput into our normal packed hamburger, and how much it is affecting ourhealth.The chef also showed the groups of 12 and 13 year olds how to make ahealthy pizza out of ciabatta bread and assorted vegetables.Amy Devine The amount of salt in our diet is alarming and too much of it can causediabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. A lot of new thingswere learnt about what was actually in our food and it has helped otherpeople understand the consequences of having to much fat, salt or sugarin our diet.Louise Clarke
  42. 42. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFruit Smoothies. Our Fruit smoothies workshop took place in one of the Home eco-nomics class rooms. There were various different types of smoothiesthat Mrs Telfer and Amy Arnott who works in the Zumo smoothies astall on the high street in Kirkcaldy. They made them in front of a 2530 pupils. They included a various amount of fruit including strawber-ries, kiwi, mango, pineapple with a lot more .They also put in some fro-zen yogurt and honey to sweeten the taste. Here is a recipe for a ..Strawberr y Pineapple Smoothie Recipe· 3/4 bag frozen unsweetened whole strawberries· 4 cups Dole pineapple juice· 1 cup orange juice (fresh-squeezed or Tropicana Pure Premium· recommended)· 1 1/2 cups low fat vanilla yogurt, frozenPut all ingredients into blender. Blend well, stopping to stir when nec-essary, until smoothie consistency is reached!All pupils thought the smoothie was delicious and were keen to makethe drink at home.
  43. 43. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolFruit Smoothies!What did the pupils get out of the event ? More knowledge of exotic fruits. Benefits of eating more fruit aiming for 5 a day Benefits of making smoothies at home are that it is free from addi- tives, preservatives, artificial colours. Chance for pupils to taste new smoothie flavours. Do you feel pupils are more aware of being healthy and comen- ius? Positive feedback There are a lot of good places now that you can have healthy foods like the school café and local shops Healthy options must be available in a school café local shop and burger van! Are there any new healthy activates that should be considered in the future? Salad bar buffet Sandwich ordering service.
  44. 44. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolHealthy Eating - HealthySnacksThe Activity ContentHealthy Snacks was a workshop held on Comenius day. Ms Zaidanheld this workshop and she showed us how to make healthy snacks.One of the snacks Ms Zaidan showed us to make was healthy pizzamade on a baking baguette with tomato, cheese and with vegetabletoppings. Other things Ms Zaidan made was a healthy couscous saladand potato wedges.All Pupils were surprised how easy and fun it was to make healthyfood, everyone agreed that itCo-ordinators EvaluationWhat did the pupils get out of this event?I think they enjoyed the event both learning how to make the snacksand tasting them. Many pupils took the recipes away to make them athome.Do you feel that pupils are more aware of being healthy fromComenius?Yes. Comenius reinforced what is learned in Home Economics andwhat is seen in the Café.Are there any new activities that should be considered in the fu-ture?It would be a good idea to run the eventevery year for S1 and S2. It may be possi-ble to consider events for senior pupils toreinforce the messages in healthy eating.Ms Zaidan s evaluation on Healthy Eating.Pupils Evaluation I enjoyed making the healthy snacks andfound out how to make quick, easy andhealthy snackGrace MacGregor 2K3
  45. 45. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolHealthy Eating - Soup KitchenSoup Kitchen was a workshop to show pupils how easy it was to makehealthy food. A demonstration from a volunteer showed pupils how tomakevegetable soup whilst talking to pupils about thedifferent categories of food and what is the limit for an average teenagerto eat a day. The pupils asked questions and learned healthy tips to keepthem on track for a healthy diet! The pupils then got to taste the soupand fill out the evaluation. The overall result was great!
  46. 46. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Healthy Eating - Calamity Kitchen Calamity Kitchen was a workshop designed to show pupils the calam- ity you could find in a kitchen. This allowed pupils to come up to our magnetic calamity kitchen and place magnets depending on the ca- lamity and the corresponding category. The 4 categories or 4 C were : Chilling Cross Contamination Cleaning Cooking We and many different calamities ranging from cats work surfaces to defrosting peas. This encouraged pupil to be more aware of calamities in their own kitchen!
  47. 47. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School
  48. 48. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Evaluation Of Healthy Eating Yes It was ok No Did you enjoy ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| the workshops that you were given? Yes Sort of No Are you more ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||| || aware of un- healthy food? Yes Sort of No Has your diet ||||| |||| ||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||| improved? Yes Maybe No Would you ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| || |||| recommend | taking part in a Comenius workshop to a friend?
  49. 49. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Top Tips To Staying Healthy1. Eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetablesa day2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day3. Do not to add salt to your meals4. Try to not eat processed food5. Try to do 60mins of exercise per day6. Do activities you enjoy7. Do activities throughout the day e.g.walking to school8. Stay organised and up to date withhomework and meetings9. A healthy mind is a healthy you10. Treat yourself well!
  50. 50. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School
  51. 51. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High SchoolAcknowledgementsPupilsHealthy Eating Amy Devine, Sandy Coull, Louise Clarke, Hannah Corbet, GraceMacGregor, Stevie Fong, Sean Sirur, Chloe Lamden, Jamie Cook, Chloe Lamdenand James LyonHealthy Minds Libby Gavin, Courtney Hannington, Sophie Gartshore, Jack Hors-burgh, Nile Paton, Sophie Paton and Maryanne Orr.Fitness Jamie Ferguson, Emma Slavin, Stewart Allan, Emily Sheerins, GregorRodger, Rebecca Laidlaw, Stephanie GreenStaffHealthy Eating A Mackenzie, Z Pointer,Healthy Minds F Campbell, T Mitchell,Fitness C Bruce, G Mclaren, T Soltez, R Kennedy, J Hand, J Houston, L Erskine, JMore, C Wylie, A Burnett, A Lownie, N Malcolm, K Currie, W Thomson. M Dalgarno,K Mackenzie, I MacDonald, M Wheatly, M Gregor, A Lindsay, S Philips, R Kennedy,S Chalmers, J Lothian, J Murdoch, G Beattie,
  52. 52. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School
  53. 53. Comenius Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Balwearie High School Healthy Date: Friday 1st May Comenius All S1 and S2 Fitness Well-Being Healthy Eating Activities/Sessions include: Fitness- Table Tennis, Hockey, Dance, Badminton and Netball. Well Being-Self Esteem, Relaxation and Healthy Minds Healthy Eating Fruit Smoothies, Soup Kitchen and Junk Food and Road show Plus Many More