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Hodges digital strategies case studies


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Hodges digital strategies case studies

  1. 1. Digital = Design + Social + MobileHodges Digital Portfolio
  2. 2. Manifesto Hodges Digital Strategies sits at the intersection of Communications and Technology to help our customers grow audiences through effective communications and innovative technical solutions.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  4. 4. MOBILE WEBSITE VCU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Goal: Mobile enabled website aimed at high-schoolers with the sole purpose of convincing them to request an application form. HDS leveraged prior knowledge of the client - we transitioned VCU School of Business to a CMS from an html site - to build a targeted micro-site Strategy: Site design is much more youth-focused and integrated with social media than the main site. Site visitors are immediately engaged to take the quiz and thus exposed to various aspects and advantages of a VCU Business education. Results: WordPress based Web-based and mobile enabled app. Previous VCU School of Business site was built using Drupal (site has since been taken internal by VCU’s internal IT.)DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  5. 5. WEBSITE CONCEPT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT TEACHING MONEY VIRGINIA Goal: To help Virginia teachers find high quality resources to teach new Economics and Financial Literacy requirements. A consortium of organizations including Virginia Banker’s Association, the Federal Reserve and others were responsible for conceiving the site. The most important feature is the ability to search site resources using multiple search criteria. Once a resource is selected, detailed information is provided in a user- friendly format. Strategy: In order to make peer-review and publishing stream-lined, we included complex work-flow processes. Multiple users can upload resources. Each resource is peer reviewed and then routed to admin for approval and publication. Results: Drupal-based App that is actively in use by K-12 teachers across VirginiaDROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  6. 6. BLOG AND WEBSITE RE-DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT VIRGINIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Goal: To design a site that positions the VA Chamber of Commerce as the premier business organization in the state, reflected both in terms of the site’s functionality and design aesthetic. Further, the Chamber wanted to create a Blog and sub-portals that include video, slide-shows and content that is relevant only when the state legislature is in session. Strategy: Full-featured site developed in WordPress that incorporates a blog (organized by keywords). The Chamber maintains the site internally, therefore HDS developed several custom widgets to administer all area of the site. Results: Wordpress site - content is updated on a regular basis by an internal staff member. Some site content rotates in and out of use based on Legislative session.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  7. 7. WEBSITE RE-DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Virginia Council on Economic Education Goal: Develop a site that includes all of the relevant information that Virginia’s teachers need to access information and register for workshops. The Virginia Council on Economic Education is a state-wide organization, located within universities across the state. Each university offers Teacher training workshops. Strategy: Since content creation is distributed across the state, we built complex work-flow underneath the covers for information to flow from the central location to the local universities. However all of that is seamless to the end user, who can sign up for workshops located anywhere across the state. Results: Custom .Net based CMS site with extensive workflow used by 10 state-wide university branches and the headquarters, offering services to Virginia’s educators.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  8. 8. WEBSITE RE-DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Family Lifeline Goal: To create a new website that unified brand identities of existing and beloved non-profits. Family Lifeline recently merged with CHIP . The new website provides audiences a clear understanding of services that the organization provides. Strategy: By making services front and center on the Home page and navigation, HDS immediately educates the user about the blended services for the organization. Visual design on the site was also refreshed (logo was the only element that was retained) to indicate a blending of multi-generational services. Results: WordPress site that addresses any brand confusion on what the blended organization offers. Website was pivotal to re-branding of the organization.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  9. 9. RE-BRANDING, CONTENT AND WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT THE MONUMENT GROUP Goal: All we had to work with was the stylized ‘M’ from the previous logo. The Monument Group asked us to refresh and modernize their brand to reflect their approachable style of functioning and wealth of experience. Strategy: We decided to describe their expertise via case studies and testimonials. Further, we wrote all of the site content to make it engaging to end-users and to provoke a contact or call to the group. We used images judiciously to contrast and draw attention to certain features of the site. Results: WordPress Site. Design, Copy and off-line branding all emerged from just the ‘M’ from the original logo.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  11. 11. FAN PAGE + CUSTOM APPS ChildFund - Experience of a Lifetime Goal: To create a multi-dimensional app that engaged current fans with a promotion that offered a meaningful prize. Based on qualitative and quantitative data from our Analytics action reports, HDS concepted and developed a contest that allowed one lucky winner the opportunity to visit their sponsored child. Strategy: Leveraging our deep experience with Facebook, HDS built an app that allowed contest entrants the ability to leverage their friend network to enter the promotion and thus virally spread the message of ChildFund’s work. The outpouring of affection and support for the organization validated it’s mission and drew new donors to the organization. Results: 78% Fan engagement.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  13. 13. iOS NATIVE MOBILE APPS RUTGERS UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS Goal: To build a mobile app that is a one-stop shop for all of Rutgers Athletics events. iPhone and iPad apps that live-stream events, stream news, social media, team-info and stats. Strategy: The Apps were designed to function in a magazine-format. Most current news item is one the cover of the app. Right after the user “flips” open the cover, they are able to access all areas of the app. Live-stream and archived video can be viewed in a fullscreen mode and also on a large screen via Apple TV integration. All team related information - Schedule, Bios stats etc are right at a fan’s fingertips Results: 4+ star rating for apps on Apple’s App Store.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  14. 14. iOS NATIVE MOBILE APPS HILLDRUP MOVING AND STORAGE Goal: To build a mobile app to leapfrog Hilldrup’s competition, particularly in the B2B space. iPhone and iPad apps that act as an organizational portal to help Hilldrup stay top-of-mind even beyond the moving experience. Strategy: In order to build an app with a longer shelf-life (beyond the lifecycle of the move), HDS concepted the app as an organizing tool. App users can track contents of their boxes as well as track their boxes during the move itself. The app allows users the ability to create QR codes to stick onto boxes, so that they can view the contents of any of their boxes without having to open the box. Results: 4+ star rating for apps on Apple’s App Store.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414
  15. 15. Thank You for looking through a representative sample of our work. We invite you to browse through our portfolio at and to ask us any questions you have.DROP US A LINE WEBSITE FACEBOOK(804)788.1414