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  1. 1. Q5.How did you address/attract your audience<br />
  2. 2. Direct mode of address<br />Direct mode of address is when the artist featured on the magazine is positioned looking at the reader.<br />Direct mode of address Is consistently used on all pages of my music magazine.<br />This ensures the artists featured is able to reach out and interact with each individual reader this can make the reader feel attached to the magazine as the feel a connection with the artist.<br />As you can see many magazine use direct address to attract readers for example Vibe, XXL are magazines which consistently use this technique which are also from a similar genre to mine (hip-hop/R&B). <br />
  3. 3. Costume &Props<br />I used a variety of props and costume as it will help the audience easily understand and interpret the genre of my music magazine and what it is often associated with. <br />My artist is shown wearing colourful clothing as many hip-hop/r&b female artists often wear colourful clothing this will help my audience not only understand the genre of music my magazine centres on but it suggests that it is modern and up-to-date with all the latest trends that hip-hop and R&B artist wear.<br />This clothing also allows me to attract Hip-hop and R&B fans who are my targeted audience<br />In my double page spread my artist is wearing heels and a skirt this helps attract a wide range of people as she is dressed very feminine this will attract fashion forward females, but she is also a hip-hop/R&B artist which is heavily male dominated therefore will also attract male hip-hop fans.<br />Other Hip-hop and R&B magazines also dress their artists similarly e.g. Rap-up <br />However I believe a challenged the stereotype, that hip-hop/R&B artists should wear a large amount of jeweler ( XXL magazine) as I believe this typical association has aged and know hip-hop and R&B artists wear a variety of costumes and clothing,<br />
  4. 4. Language - Superlatives <br />In my magazine I used a variety of superlatives such as “Exclusive” and “Ultimate” as I believe this is a successful method often used In a many different magazines of all genres to attract and secure potential customers.<br />This ultimately indicates to the reader the magazine is trustworthy and unique as many of the articles inside you are unable to gain access anywhere else.<br /> Superlatives are used on this XXL front cover as it successful draws customers in and encourages them to purchase the magazine as they are unlikely to find such an article anywhere else.<br />
  5. 5. Language- My Magazine<br /> <br />In my magazine I used simple and straight forward language as my target audience is young people/teenagers I believe this would be more appropriate than formal language<br />I use word such as ”role” this language is very familiar to my target audience and therefore will attract them and appeal to them as they feel they can understand it easily and relate to this situation.<br />Also due to market research I have conducted, it has become apparent that many young people prefer to read articles using familiar and easily understandable terminology this may be because they can easily relate to the artist and understand their situation.<br />
  6. 6. Colour scheme used<br /> <br />On my front cover I used a limited amount of colours this ensures that it is not too complicated for the reader.<br />I used bright colours such as pink and blue this ensures it stays eye-catching and therefore attract my target audience.<br />The colour scheme I used on my front cover helps my magazine stand out from from others this is essential as it helps it stand out from other music magazines in this industry. <br />Red is a colour consistently used in hip-hop and r&b magazine such as Vibe and XXL therefore by avoiding this colour my magazine stays unique and trendy therefore my target audience will be drawn to it as although it does not heavily use the colour red.<br /> <br />