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  1. 1. Q.1In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />
  2. 2. Similarities between Deuces and others including Rap up, Vibe and Q<br />Direct address is used in all these magazines, the artist is looking at the reader this is also used in my magazine as it is a successful technique used to catch the audiences attention in order for them to feel involved and want to purchase the magazine.<br />A simple background is used in all these magazines as it helps reader remain focused on the main image of the magazine and dosent cause any distractions for the reader.<br />All these magazines, including my own the artists are not doing any complicated stances or have any luxury items this helps them show a mature and natural look that the audience would prefer to see as they enjoy the artist and their music rather than looking at a complicated picture of an artist.<br />A limited amount of colours are used in these magazines including my own as it complements each other and is simple for the audience to understand. Also this helps the focus remain on the artists instead of the reader trying to look at the complicated colour scheme.<br />
  3. 3.  Differences between Deuces magazine and others<br />These magazines contradict the themes used in my magazine as:<br />The poses used in these magazines are very different from which used in mines as the Vibe magazine featuring Eminem is very stereotypical of a Hip-hop /R&B magazine as it potrays him as very masculine as it shows his tattos and chain I try to challenge this stereotype in music magazine<br />These artists are dressed in a less sophisticated manner as the Vibe magazine featuring Ciarapotrays her wearing nothing this is very stereotypical as women are often potrayed in magazines wearing revealing or no clothes ar a result gives them a negative image I oppose this in my magazaine as my female artist is wearing quite casual yet fashionable clothes that appeal to all genders.<br />In contrast to this Kerrang edition my magazine centres on one artist whereas this shows many different people I believe this is oneffective as the audience as confused to who the magazine centres on and who the musician is.<br />Props used in these magazines are quite different to mine as the Vibe magazine featuring ciara consists of a camera alsartist.o the Kerrang magazine incoperates the artists wearing masks this is ineffective as it draws the readers attention away form the artist which is the main attraction of the magazine also the Kerrang readers are unable to see the artists face and communicate with this<br />
  4. 4. The Colour Scheme- Brand identity<br />Throughout my magazine I use a limited amount of colours which consists of - pink, blue, white and black.<br />White background<br />Borders<br />Blue highlighter<br />Most of the text is black<br />
  5. 5. Comparisons<br /><ul><li>Cover/sell lines , including a number
  6. 6. Issue number,
  7. 7. price,
  8. 8. barcode bottom left of page
  9. 9. Web address
  10. 10. Main cover lines
  11. 11. Image reinforce magazine feature/name</li></li></ul><li>Comparisons-Front cover<br />Even though neither my main image of my artists nor The artist used on this vibe issue are smiling they both have contrasting facial expression this artists looks very intimidating and scary as he has a very serious facial expression and takes up the whole page whereas my artists facial expression is very mysterious and encourages the audience to purchase the magazine while this vibe issue might scare away potential customers. Also the dark colour scheme and large amounts of red used in this magazine is of putting to the customer as red suggests danger. Similarly the colours used in my magazine are also limited but the are quite bright and warming this will attract readers.<br />Due to the large in serge of non-black and female artists in the R&B and Hip-hop genre I decided to subvert the stereotype by incorporating a white female as my main image on my front cover as it is very up to date with changing times and the modernisation if the Hip-hop culture as there are many females joining this industry. This will help readers assosiate my magazine with youthfullness and the modern culture of hip-hop and R&B.<br />
  12. 12. Comparisons- contents Page<br /> <br />Similarly to this Tilt edition I to use borders around my images aswellas areas of text. I used Pink as this is a bright colour and helps these areas stand out in the page instead of them all blending in together.<br />Both my contents page and this Tilt page use a range of images this ensures the readers are entertained and read on to the following pages of the magazine.<br />Also we both incoperate an editorial this is essential as readers get the opportunity to read about the writers take on this edition and what it has to offer.<br />However, this magazine lack a signature, my contents page has a signature as it helps the audience recognise that this is not a hoax the editor actual write this text. It gives this page a nice look and feel.<br /> <br />
  13. 13. Comparisons- The Double Page Spread<br /><ul><li>Similarly I incorporated a picture of my artist at the studio as the audience often don’t get the opportunity to see their favorite artist in the studio as it is private time for artists this may attract readers to purchase this magazine
  14. 14. Also I use another image of my artist, as it keeps the readers interested and reading.</li></ul>However my artist is not dressed like Shakira in this magazine she is fully clothes as I am trying to break away from the stereotype of females always half dressed wearing revealing clothes. <br />