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Measuring Adult Student Gains and Satisfaction

After Earning an Undergraduate Continuing Education Degree

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Measuring adult student gains and satisfaction [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Hobsons and UPCEA embarked on a study two years ago to explore the value of a higher education degree from the perspective of a continuing education graduate.

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Measuring adult student gains and satisfaction [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. Measuring Adult Student Gains and Satisfaction After Earning an Undergraduate Continuing Education Degree Majors Surveyed Motivations by Major Since 2013, i-lobsoris and UPCEA have Career Personal Developing Move Surveyed 1,708 bocheloris degree graduates Adyansernent Accprnpiisnrnent Mariieraee saris Money from 14 colleges and universities Science saaai srsnceswox M12252 carnrnunitatian and — V ’ ’ ’s’d€ia'i rectinaiogy e 12x ”“'“"3' 5°‘ Sciences Heaitti— ex ”’°“" usmrn and teen , seience — sac — — — — Liberal Nursmg Arts -2ux , , , , , Education - 5% Business Arts and ’ ’ * ’ 2 * Arcnitecture —3x Engineenng - ax Engmemg Education otner - as i l l l l l i MmeSS_ 24% a-. is. 20! 20!, m sax 60!. rux am. 531 max salaries among engineers are among the nigtiest at $88,581 an average The proressian is expected to grow ay 9% by 2022, despite tne increase in engineers educated outside or the u s‘ Vacated engineering positions rank 9tn as being among tne rnast dirticuit ta riii ~- 'EurveaA at Labor statistirs eoie 2022 Pr-wectvons -- Merino»-er rdient srmage Sitvey 2014 Majors by Age As age increases, adult learners lean away from engineering and the sciences in favor of business, COmtT7l. it'iICOLlOFl5y or nursing 2534 A 54 em 3544 S384 B§ii1eSs y can. .. and men Nursmg Social S<ier‘(es i health Liberal Arts rdiiraiisn Arts sine Arzhilecture EDLDHKH i tr. gir. ~.~. .r. _c, l Changes in Post—Degree income Ditier by Major Income Ehanges by Major > “How has your personal income changed? ” mcreused Decreased Stayed tne sarne j 2 2 iig. r.i. ir. iie ' I4)J(UlI()ii | n[; [gasgd Art». and / i( Nlxx HUD iiusiiuss t Ultilti and i. .iri N, f,: ,', :f Stayed about the . 35% same (Nhvi r i l i l i l l i AM Decreased rr iin . in was sun -in ism rm sin «in; mi Currently. tne ayerage nurse in tne u 5 earns $81,855 The protessian is expected to grow 21% by 2022' rnase in ttie nursing pratessian also enjoy one of tne iawest unemployment rates " ‘Bureau iii luhuv siuisu. Pow pm. » r. u,i. i min, -- z-. .ai9.. is. .ii c-. .iii. .r lot l (L: .ii. ai and wsniipiis iiau iiim Rtvpail 2n 1 Average income increase depends heavily on Adults differ in current career progression majm after earning a degree Some are close to their career goats, wtiiie atners are rartner away based on rna_or Avumgu incliau I rmuul porscnal i-ugh-r numbers lndicau rrien ml" incoml aflor rlc ng nu mgm (5) Safsfazlicn with zarilr progrlss rnareeririg ' saojia j 7 3 edatatiaii ' $2/oas i so Ivlsuvd/ iOri| uLiuvu ' $2!/35 j /2 Hknnfkwn Seams j 7: Nursing 51/ 50/ 5 5 Near! " ' 517 am en lrbevui/ M2 SIC-EH 59 5Lxx1lSouvi<c v $15922 r cs science ’ sir may s s 50 5]? S00 $95 000 537.500 550.000 ti: i P '? A ‘r E 7 R ‘3 l0 €awii1hi2i]|5UPBEl and iiiitsiirs iii vim: as-win H O O N S ;