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Improve International Student Connections with ActiveMatch


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Jamie O’Connell
London, UK | February 2017

Published in: Education
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Improve International Student Connections with ActiveMatch

  1. 1. I m p r o v e i n t e r n a t i o n a l s t u d e n t c o n n e c t i o n s w i t h A c t i v e M a t c h Jamie O’Connell Hobsons London, UK | February 2017
  2. 2. 1 2 3 4 Our vision for: • Advising in schools with Naviance • Connecting best fit students and institutions with Matching solutions Naviance & ActiveMatch for UK institutions What’s coming next Agenda Any questions
  3. 3. Our vision
  4. 4. Connecting learning to life Our mission at Hobsons is to empower students to connect learning to life by making informed choices across a lifetime of education decisions
  5. 5. Self-Discovery Careers Exploration Academic Planning University Preparation University and Careers Readiness
  6. 6. Naviance Naviance is the world’s most widely used university and career planning tool for K-12 schools and districts. • Over 12,000 schools worldwide • Over 11,000 schools in the US (6,500 high schools) • Reaches 40% of US high schools students • 7.8 million colleges “added to list” annually • 5.9 million indication of college applications annually • 114 million college profile views annually Self- Discovery Career Exploration Academic Planning University Preparation
  7. 7. Naviance State Reach by % of Students 95-100% 70-94% 40-69% 10-39% 1-9%
  8. 8. Matching with Hobsons
  9. 9. Hobsons Matching Solutions today Inform Match Connect Advise University Profiles ActiveMatch Plus
  10. 10. Enhanced Naviance university profiles to improve information, visibility, and engagement new profile pages launched at the end of 2016 University Profiles (HubPages)
  11. 11. Directly engage with best-fit students who are more likely to apply and enrol ActiveMatch Plus
  12. 12. ActiveMatch Plus Competitive State, Universities of Interest Self-Matching State, Expressed Interest in Your Institution Ethnic Diversity State, Class Year, GPA Range, Race/Ethnicity Economic Diversity State, Class Year, GPA Range, Attending School with High FRL Rate Community College Zip Code Radius Student Interest Admissions Optimization
  13. 13. Matching with students who are more likely to advance Text Here Text Here apply admit enroll persist complete National Average Matching & Name Services inquiry Hobsons Average ActiveMatch Plus (Class of 2016) National Avg Source: Eduventures, Benchmarking Admissions Operations 2014 5% 3% 1% 78% 41% 9% Percentages are represented as the portion of overall inquiries to convert to each stage.
  14. 14. Naviance and ActiveMatch for UK institutions
  15. 15. # H U E M E A 1 7 UK institutions and Naviance 2016 figures across all UK institutions: Student / guidance councillor shared data Total Considering/short listed Total Applied Total Accepted Total Enrolled % short list who apply 19,600 9,596 4,590 950 49% 2016 average across all UK institutions: Student / guidance councillor shared data Average Considering/short listed Average Applied Average Accepted Average Enrolled Average % short list who apply 117 57 27 6 29%
  16. 16. # H U E M E A 1 7 2016 top 10 shortlisted UK institutions in Naviance Student / guidance councillor shared data Institution Considering/ short listed Applied Accepted Enrolled % short list who apply University of St Andrews 2838 1830 945 262 64.48% University of Oxford 1592 449 65 31 28.20% University of Edinburgh 1370 758 465 115 55.33% King's College London (University of London) 1264 743 340 71 58.78% University of Cambridge 909 237 30 10 26.07% University of Glasgow 728 333 186 24 45.74% University College London 670 386 179 18 57.61% Richmond 639 380 197 24 59.47% The London School of Economics and Political Science 433 215 46 12 49.65% University of East London 386 166 81 12 43.01%
  17. 17. # H U E M E A 1 7 Top 10 states for showing interest in UK institutions State Number of students shortlisting UK institutions 2016 CA 3,893 NY 2,499 MA 1,707 TX 1,450 NJ 1,225 CT 1,139 IL 865 MD 828 PA 689 VA 688
  18. 18. # H U E M E A 1 7 ActiveMatch for the UK 2016/17 Pilot - Matching UK institutions with US high school students Aim: • Supporting brand exposure and awareness • Supporting UG recruitment Initial pilot with 8 institutions: • Hub page/ Profile • Matching filters • Direct engagement with connected students
  19. 19. Comparison of Naviance conversion funnel Pilot institutions 2016 v’s 2017 2016 ½ 2017 52 6 Shortlisted Applied Accepte d Enrolled Profile views 128 119 34 597 - 74 41 6 31 Connection s
  20. 20. # H U E M E A 1 7 What we’ve learned on the way • Matching greatly increases ‘Profile views’ • An enhanced profile and student engagement increases ‘shortlists’ • There is a need for UK specific profile fields, flexibility to share: – How to apply – Reputational indicators (e.g. rankings) – Specific subject and course information – Funding/scholarships – Support services e.g. airport pickup • Matching filters – broadening the net as wide as possible • Language considerations (e.g. Russell group v’s ‘UK equivalent of Ivy League’)
  21. 21. What’s coming next
  22. 22. # H U E M E A 1 7 Coming soon… • Detailed monthly report for our ActiveMatch customers to track shortlisted students, connections etc. • Matching platform (summer UK) – Update your own content hub page, update your own images etc. webtour – More export control – Analytics • Launch international match summer this year • Events promotion and signup (September) – public events and school visits • Major search overhaul – Saved filters for students including international study
  23. 23. Hobsons Matching Solutions Inform Match Connect Advise College Profiles ActiveMatch Plus ActiveMatch Events Counselor Community
  24. 24. increasing reach and in-person connections with best-fit students ActiveMatch Events
  25. 25. ActiveMatch Events Help students discover university events Notify students of recommended events via best-fit filters Register via Naviance to instantly notify universities Student Registration Fields • First Name • Last Name • Email • Birthdate Matching Criteria Includes • Location • Gender • GPA • Grade (graduation year) • Race/Ethnicity
  26. 26. connecting with best-fit international students Reaching International Students
  27. 27. ActiveMatch Plus Filters for International Students Middle East & North Africa ~10k Juniors & Seniors South Asia ~9k Juniors & Seniors Southeast Asia ~19k Juniors & Seniors East Asia ~27k Juniors & Seniors
  28. 28. US College Profile Personalization for International Students Content personalized for international students: • Photos & Videos • Application links • Data & information • Featured students, programs & alumni
  29. 29. a community for HS counsellors and HE admissions counsellors Counsellor Community
  30. 30. Colleges & Universities HS Students HS Staff Current HE Staff Perspective Current HS Staff Perspective The Future of Matching 8.5m+ Students 200,000+ Staff at 6,500+ High Schools
  31. 31. Counselor Community An active community of Naviance HS counselors and college admissions representatives including the following key functionality: • Profiles for all US high schools (including enrollment & demographic info) with enhanced profiles for 6,500+ Naviance schools (including student admissions behavior and college-specific applicant and prospect info) • Directory of counseling staff for all Naviance high schools • Ability to connect to counselors and develop a dynamic network that is kept up-to-date (and that can be exported to your CRM) • Ability to define territories to increase connection of regional reps to schools • Direct messaging to individual and groups of counselors • Turnover management to help new reps connect to networks of previous reps • Standard community functionality (search, user profiles, feed content, groups, follows)
  32. 32. HSInstitutionalProfiles HEInstitutionalProfiles AdmissionsRepsHSCounselors HS Feed Content HE Feed Content connect follow
  33. 33. The Counsellor Community brings together Naviance high school counsellors and higher education admissions staff. Admissions representatives can develop a dynamic network of counsellor connections, discover and explore high schools, and collaborate with the broader admissions community. Counsellor Community
  34. 34. Community Search Search for people and institutions by name Advanced search for schools using multiple school characteristics Advanced search for counselors using individual and school characteristics
  35. 35. Profiles for all US high schools Enhanced profiles for Naviance schools (including international) Ability to follow high schools for updates High School Profiles
  36. 36. View and connect to counseling staff at Naviance schools Demographic and enrollment behavior for students at each school High School Profiles
  37. 37. College profile access for Naviance counselors Post updates specific to counselor audience List your admissions staff with territories so counselors can easily connect HE Institution Profiles
  38. 38. Develop a dynamic network of connections that stays up to date Categorize connections for messaging Easily manage staff turnover with the ability to connect to previous staff’s connections Community Connections
  39. 39. Community Groups Collaborate with high schools and other admissions offices to develop best practices Connect with local and regional groups Get updates and market research from Hobsons- led groups
  40. 40. # H U E M E A 1 7 In closing • Your institution is on Naviance today, check your data is up to date • Activematch represents an exciting opportunity to reach highly engaged international students at the right time in the right place. • Initially with US students International student matching by region later this year • Updates coming for UK institutions to support ‘advising’ and outreach activities – Event matching – In the future you can be part of a community of guidance councillors and advisors
  41. 41. Questions? Contact information: