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Creating a Dynamic, Reactive Communication Model from Scratch


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With more and more students interested in professional education and diminishing resources to meet these demands, Paul Allen, Director of Recruiting at the Professional MBA program at the University of South Carolina helped create a fully automated, dynamic, and reactive communication model. Join our webinar to review the case study of his program and learn best practices that led to achieving an average open rate of 50% across all communications. In addition, this session will walk attendees through the stages of evaluating, planning, designing, and implementing their own similar model.

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Creating a Dynamic, Reactive Communication Model from Scratch

  1. 1. Creating a Dynamic, Reactive Communication Model from Scratch Paul Allen, University of South Carolina
  2. 2. •  Strategic Recruiting •  Communication Modelling •  Email Development Paul Allen Director of Recruiting University of South Carolina Professional MBA Program AboutMe
  3. 3. •  Over 5,000 undergraduate students •  1,000+ graduate students •  Ph.D. programs •  4 Masters programs •  3 unique MBA programs DarlaMooreSchoolofBusiness
  4. 4. •  ApplyYourself •  Connect Products DarlaMooreSchoolof Business&Hobsons Records Filters E-mail Templates 168,000+ ~300 475
  5. 5. Agenda •  Professional MBA Case Study •  Process of Building a Model –  Evaluation –  Planning/Design –  Development –  Implementation Today’s Conversation •  Advice
  6. 6. University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business Professional MBA Program CaseStudy
  7. 7. Limited Staff Wheredidwestart? Underutilized CRM 1 manual email sent from Outlook once per week 0 automated emails being sent
  8. 8. Metrics: •  7 active plans •  Average of 6-8 touches per plan •  Over 45 live, unique communications Wherearewenow?
  9. 9. Wherearewenow? 50% 20-30% 75% 8% •  Fully automated, fully reactive, multi-staged communication model •  All 4,000 prospects receive a personalized communication plan o  50% average open rate o  75% or higher open rate on key communication nodes (some are at 85% or higher) o  20-30% average interact rate across entire plan o  Enrollment is up 8% o  Conversion rate from started app to admitted is up 17% o  Yield (admit to enroll) is strong at 85-92% Success metrics Success!
  10. 10. How do you create a communication model? Process
  11. 11. Process Step 1 Evaluation Questions •  What do you have now? Is it working? •  Is the current model meeting the needs of students? •  What is your competition doing?
  12. 12. Step 2 Planning/Design List Your Goals •  Automated •  Reactive •  Comprehensive
  13. 13. Bought a house? Been married? Shopped on Amazon? Haveyouever?
  14. 14. Funnel Approach: •  What is the desired outcome of each part of the funnel? •  Define key behavior that helps student reach the goal •  Create communications that encourage those actions DesignYourModel
  15. 15. Planning/Design
  16. 16. Step 3 DevelopmentImportant Considerations •  Naming conventions •  Email Creation Workflows
  17. 17. NamingConventions CP 12.1a Automated message, not one a “one timer” Stage in the funnel Specific plan in a group of plans Email or communication in that plan Variation of that email if it exists
  18. 18. Development Idea Copy Edit Code Filter Test Implement
  19. 19. Step 4 Implementation What is important when implementing? How do you know if you’re successful?
  20. 20. Remember •  Write down processes •  Communicate processes •  Create reports •  Measure success over time •  Keep lots of notes! Implementation
  21. 21. Success Factors •  Open rates •  Interact/click rates •  Opt-out rates •  Progression through the funnel •  Trends over time KeyMetrics
  22. 22. Pro Tips BitofAdvice Know your student Give them the communications they need, not what you want to give them Plan, plan, and plan some more! Be organized Be flexible
  23. 23. Paul Allen Director of Recruiting @ptallen63 Questions?