Capturing attention moving to enrollment


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Thanks to technology like smartphones and tablets that makes searching the internet easy and engaging, the expected online experience for students is changing. It doesn’t matter whether a student is buying a pair of shoes – or a college education – today’s generation expects short, instant and relevant information delivered in a way that meets individual wants, needs and lifestyle.

• What other institutions are doing to make the online college search a tremendous "shopping" experience
• How you can capture student attention with engaging, accessible, web-friendly content to make researching your school fun
• Communication best practices and how to get started with a communication strategy that will work for you

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  • After three months:Young adult consumption increased significantly during the campaign, up by 7%18.3M+ media impressionsFacebook traffic increased by 870%Facebook page grew by 39%#1 most talked about Facebook page in Australia (23rd globally)76K virtual coke cans shared378K custom coke cans were madeChanged attitudes – teens claimed it gave a very positive impression of their brand, coke is always doing new things, is a brand they love, and is for someone like me.5%more were drinking cokeSales transactions grew by 3%Volume increased by 4%
  • Peopleconnected with it, and could see it present in their lives, could envision themselves drinking a cokeIf you show someone how they fit before they even try, they are more inclined to buy (Doppelganger Effect)
  • use separate codes for buckets of students. University of New Haven did this to communicate admissions reps by region
  • Post launched an iPad, iPhone and android app to make their online view book more accessible on the go
  • And to help promote it, they travel with small promotional fold-over print pieces to encourage students to download the app.
  • Stop doing the same things you’ve always done. Check in regularly to identify comm strategy gaps and how you can fill those holes
  • StudentsParentsGuidance counselorsOther places your materials can be present – library? Outside organization?
  • Capturing attention moving to enrollment

    1. 1. How to Capture Attention and Drive MoreStudents Toward Enrollment
    2. 2. About Me Senior Account Manager, Higher Education Marketing Solutions 3 years with Hobsons It’s my birthday!2
    3. 3. Agenda Capturing student attention What others are doing well Best practices and strategies that will work for you Chat your questions to Hobsons Webinars using the chat feature.4
    4. 4. 90% < 50% v Source: The Deck is Stacked.” [White Paper] Intelliworks, retrieved from
    5. 5. v6
    6. 6. How do we stand out?7
    7. 7. Capturing attention
    8. 8. v The problem: 50% of teens and young adults in Australia hadn’t tasted a ‘Coke.’9
    9. 9. v
    10. 10. v11
    11. 11. v12
    12. 12. Participation and Mass Sharing13
    13. 13. After three months: 76K virtual cokes shared 378K custom cans made 18.3 million+ media impressions 870% increase in Facebook traffic 7% growth in young adult consumption 4% increase in volume 3% increase in sales14 transactions
    14. 14. Attitudes changed! I love the Coca-Cola brand! Coke is for Coke does cool, someone like me! I like new things! Coke!15
    15. 15. Why did it work?16
    16. 16. What does this mean for HE? Getting creative with personalization can help you: GET NOTICED STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD GENERATE BUZZ GET MORE APPLICATIONS CAPTURE ATTENTION ENROLL MORE STUDENTS17
    17. 17. How are HE institutions making this happen?1
    18. 18. Dickinson State University19
    19. 19. LookGoodInBlue.net20
    20. 20. St. Bonaventure University
    21. 21. v
    22. 22. Park University Pirate Life23
    23. 23. v24
    24. 24. v25
    25. 25. v26
    26. 26. v27
    27. 27. Aberdeen University v28
    28. 28. v29
    29. 29. v30
    30. 30. v31
    31. 31. v32
    32. 32. v33
    33. 33. v34
    34. 34. v35
    35. 35. University of New Haven
    36. 36. Digital MagazinesSample: Digital magazine—Bloomfield CollegeSample: Digital magazine—Snapshot magazine
    37. 37. Post University38
    38. 38. Post University OUTSIDE INSIDE39
    39. 39. Communication Strategies andBest Practices
    40. 40. Ask yourself… Hmmmm, are we doing the same things we’ve always done? If so, REVISIT YOUR APPROACH41
    41. 41. Make it personal Don’t stop at the name You have the data – use it in a more powerful way! Capitalize on interests, location, etc42
    42. 42. Push your message out in several ways MESSAGE43
    43. 43. Target various audiences Guidance Organizations Students Parents where you can Counselors share your info44
    44. 44. Use CRM to track source codes CONNECTION C O N TA C T S College Confidential Interest Pages CollegeView Request Info Pages CRM (e.g., Hobsons SuperMatch S Online-App Connect) ----- Campus-Tour Form Hobsons Media Services45
    45. 45. Questions? Chat them now to Hobsons Webinars Or submit your questions later at