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A short presentation given at the E-consultancy conference on the Future of Digital Marketing in June 2011

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  • Good afternoon For the next 7 minutes I’m going to talk about Evrythng ;-)[cue next slide]
  • Next everyone wanted the Web to be everywhereThat too has now petty much happened in urban areas wireless broadband 3 + 4G networks 1/3 handsets with GPS chips We said these things were gonna happen, and they’ve now happened,… so what’s happening next?
  • The reason this is happening  is the cost of object tagging fast reaching a tipping pointWhere cost of HAVING a digital presence for any object (each unique object) on web becomes so trivial as to be de factoThings come with some degree of network awareness and intelligence built inMaking possible this world where every thing is connected or connectable
  • The company I started  Evrythng  thinks of this world as a FB for things We all have unique identities which are represented online in our profiles  and this allows us to attach content to them  communicate via them  and connect apps and services to them We think individual objects will start to have the same kind of active presence online
  • From a marketing povalready lots of ways to augment physical objects w/ associated digital content  like scannable QR codes brings up related content on your smartphonee.g. the IOU project lets consumers track each clothing item they buy all the way backto the individual weaver in India. Or the “RememberMe” project attaching stories to donated things in Oxfam with RFID tags
  • RFID tags are being used more such as the Coke event in IsraelRFID tags posted physical activities to Facebook through amusement parkOr RENAULTRFID cards at Amsterdam Motorshowswiping it in front a particularposts a LIKE to their profile. 
  • Toyota Friend = great example of active digital IDsYour car has an active identity and communicates with you to text you alerts when you need to re-charge the engine, or change the tires, and this all connects with your social networks.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pre-order car Anticipation Desire to share (stats from merc pres) Only brochure! Why, given the incredible sophistication of today’s supply chain systems, can’t I get to track manufacture/delivery, fuel my anticipation/passion and give me social currency to help me share and promote to othersAnd when it arrives, why does supply chain stop dead with delivery/purchase? Why is it up to me to connect my USAGE experience of the product with my social world? (e.g. FB, twtter etc) Why can’t I make the products I care most about part of my social identity Why do I have to hunt around for the best advice, tools, services, add-ons to get the most out of it?
  • Life for marketers will become significantly more complex and challenging but also present tremendous opportunitiesI can make one firm prediction about the FODM relating to the emerging Net of Things Because if you thought… READ QUOTE
  • Future of Digital Marketing

    1. 1. THE INTERNET OF THINGS Andy Hobsbawm Founder, Evrythng @ConnectEvrythng © Evrythng Limited | June 2011© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    2. 2. From everyone If you’re one in a million, then there are 1,966of you on the Internet. Source: Internet World Stats, 2011© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    3. 3. To everywhere© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    4. 4. To everything© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    5. 5. Every thing connected© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    6. 6. Real objects part of the real-time web “You won’t need to hunt anxiously for your missing shoes in the morning, you’ll Google them. ” Source: Bruce Sterling, Shaping Things, 2005© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    7. 7. Evrythng: ‘a Facebook for things’ Active Digital Identities for products and other objects, with the tools and online environment to share and manage A world where individual products have unique digital profiles, like we do, to update, share and add to© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    8. 8. This is already starting to happen Digital content for physical objects Source: Trendwatching.com, June 2011© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    9. 9. RFID Facebook updates Socially-connected things© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    10. 10. Active digital product identities Products that communicate with you© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    11. 11. The future of digital marketing? If you thought there was a lot of communication on the internet today… Just wait until all the things start talking© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net
    12. 12. Thank you @ConnectEvrythng andy@evrythng.net© Evrythng Limited | June2011 evrythng.net