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Migrate to SharePoint Online using native Tools


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You’ve decided for the cloud and Office 365. Now it’s time to upload your existing data into SharePoint online. You’re suffered by migrating using Drag and Drop, maintaining folder structures is nearly impossible and last but not least you would like to keep the original “Modified” date and time? In this track you will learn how you can use the new native Tools for Office 365 to convert existing file shares or SharePoint on-premises sources into so called Migration Packages and upload them to Windows Azure Storage. Finally, we’re starting the Migration into SharePoint Online und use these tools: – SharePoint Online PowerShell (New-SPOMigrationPackage) – UI SharePoint Migration Tool – Azure Storage (temporary) During the live demo you’ll see how easy a migration can be. Make sure to stay until the end, as I’m sharing my scripts with you. You’ll learn about general Migration practices like staging, communication, involved components. The live demo will show you the technical steps live using native Tools.
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Migrate to SharePoint Online using native Tools

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  4. 4. OK Cloud… How can I move my data?
  5. 5. MIGRATION TRIANGLE Medium Effort Workflows Features Site structure Custom UX Code
  6. 6. Do it yourself PowerShell, Azure and Office 365
  7. 7. PROCEDURE ORGANIZATIONAL Prepare Pre- Communication Analysis Communication Test environment / -Tenant! Test using test data Create a checklist Test using production data / yes it‘s different QA Assign maintenance window Communication – as always Alignment with the business User impact – Set source to read- only Run Migration QA Acknowledgement by business
  8. 8. us/download/details.aspx?id=53598&751be11f-ede8-5a0c-058c- 2ee190a24fa6=True
  9. 9. GET STARTED  Download resources  Install-module msonline  Install-module Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell  Requires Windows Management Framework 5.1 us/powershell/wmf/overview  Office 365 Tenant / Admin  Setup Azure Storage Account  Choose same datacenter  Tool: Azure Storage Explorer:  Login via Powershell: Connect-SPOService  Get PowerShell Script:
  10. 10. QUICK OVERVIEW Source SharePoint/ODB Final Destination File Share, SharePoint On-Prem, Potentially any other Data Source. Create Package for the API to be able to accept it. Use the Power of ingestion of Azure to bring the content faster in Microsoft network. Timer Job Based import in a scalable way that will not hurt the service using back end resources.
  11. 11. Content Read Manifest Read/Write Queue Add/Remove Upload the package to Azure Blob Store
  12. 12. SharePoint Online Management Shell New Convert Set Submit
  13. 13. USER MAPPING (CSV)  Or just keep modifier / creator with no lookup:  -NoADLookup OnPremSID UPN isGroup Active Directory SID of on premisesuser or group (Assuming windows/AD auth on source), which will be used to lookup entry in UserGroup.XML file UPN (e.g. email address) of account which will be used at destination Is the account a user or a domain group? (enter TRUE or FALSE)
  14. 14. LOGGING  Check Job status through queue realtime updates using Azure Storage Explorer  View logs in manifest folder .err and .wrn for ERROR and WARNINGS  PowerShell
  15. 15. Free Tool  Click Once installer  Simple Use Cases Download: us/sharepointmigration/introducing- the-sharepoint-migration-tool
  16. 16. SharePoint Migration Toolkit  Filesystem  Local and network file shares  Keeps Modified by = NTFS Owner  Keeps Modified date  SharePoint 2013  List  Libraries  Sites*  Pages*  Managed Metadata* *Public Preview
  17. 17.
  18. 18. LIVE DEMO Create Azure Storage Account Migrate File share to Office 365 Migrate SharePoint on-premises to Office 365
  19. 19. FASTTRACK – a Microsoft Service
  20. 20. ONBOARDING SERVICE  Customers 50+ eligible for direct remote assistance  Customers 150+ users eligible for data migration*  Core onboarding AAD Connect * Limited time offer
  21. 21. SP MIGRATION SERVICE Source • Documents • File and folder structure • Security requires AAD Connect File share Box • Yes – recently announced SharePoint on premise Destination SharePoint Online OneDrive for Business Max. 75 % of Tenant‘s storage including additional storage Provision SharePoint Online Sites Migration report 3x Migration batches 1 day, 5 days
  22. 22. YOUARE HERE
  23. 23. SUMMARY FASTTRACK • Free > 50 users • Remote PowerShell • File share • SharePoint on-premises • Free Azure Costs • Temporarily • 2,02 € per 100 GB (LRS) Customizations • No… • Just files • And security
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. @DHobmaier