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Project: "Free English Class"


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Project: "Free English Class"

  1. 1. - Free English Class -Implemented by: Hoang Anh Project: ThuAdd: Class 11a1 - Chu-Van An High School Class - Free EnglishThai Nguyen City Name: Hoang Anh ThuEmail: 01644656385 11a1 – Chu Van An High School Class: 28 / 10 / 2012
  2. 2. About the ProjectAs can be known, English is themost popular language in theworld. To integrate with theother countries, eachVietnamese person has to knowEnglish. Be a girl in TechnologyAge, I would like to contributemy effort to help thecommunity. So I plan a projectcalled “Free English Class” toteach my neighbours’ childrenthe basic knowledge of English.
  3. 3. GOALSMy project will help the children tosolve not only small problems suchas reading and writing inEnglish, understanding theinstructions of the householdmachines but also the big matterssuch as communicating with theforeigners.
  4. 4. PLANMETHODTHEIThe class is for primary to will invite the neighbours’ childrentake part in the class. There will be 3 – 5 students. There are 3 – 5students.Istudents. My lecture the will also have to prepare all will be lasted during 2 hoursnecessary things such as the empty room every Sunday. Theof my house is the classroom; board,chalks, tableswill chairs... will be students and take part inprepared by salvaging oldpaying my this class without things inhouse and using my savings... I intend to any money for fee.compose a primary lesson-plan which is THE RESULTthe combination of grade 3, grade 4 andgrade 5. With all the method as mentionedThen, I will teach them the basics:spellingwords, counting numbers, reading short be above, I think the children willstories, writingin and enjoyed my project interested simple letters...The lectureclass lastedbe really effective and and the will be will during 2 hoursevery Sunday. a lot. help them
  5. 5. ResultsI hope, after participating my class, each student will be able to use English easily.
  6. 6. THE PLAN ANDRESOURCE myThe empty room ofhouse is the classroom.I intend to compose aprimary lesson-planwhich is thecombination of grade3, grade 4 and grade 5. Iwill prepare all the toolssuch asboard, chalks, tablesand chairs... bysalvaging old things inmy house and using my more confident in life They will become
  7. 7. The children willhave lots offun, make friendswith eachother, then they willhave a passion forEnglish.