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Why Britain


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My second-year presentation for British geography course in which I attempted to discover why students choose Britain as their study destination.
This presentation was designed slide by slide, for a better look, please download and show it (F5)

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Why Britain

  1. 1. Why Britain What attracts international students in Britain? 1. Facts 2. Quality 3. Multiculturalism 4. Support Policies 5. Future Benefits 6. Ideal Tourist Attraction Outline
  2. 2. Facts GLOBAL TREND  World Bank: 50% (1999-2004) 2010: > 3 millions  2025: 8 millions
  3. 3. Facts TOP DESTINATION OECD: second best-destination (2008) 2010: 10%
  5. 5. Education Quality Infrastructure Libraries Meet learning needs Modern but quiet Research labs Hi-tech and amenity Museums and Collections Extensive resources
  6. 6. Education Quality Facilities “ State-of-the-art” lectures Maximize teaching-learning effectiveness Can be booked for clubs, meetings, events... The Junior Combination Room Informal socializing, discos... Sporting facilities
  7. 7. Education Quality Globally recognized quality Global acceptance Standardization Basic for job seeking
  8. 8. Multiculturalism Open to new traditions, regions and cultures Recreations is suitable for different tastes International students’ centers
  9. 9. Multiculturalism More knowledge Communication and Learning Become multicultural
  10. 10. Multiculturalism Preparation Thousands international companies Able to integrate into work environment
  11. 11. Support Policies Free healthcare National Health Service > 6 months < 6 months Private Insurance Avoid waiting list
  12. 12. Support Policies Scholarships Thousands of scholarship CSFP scholarship Chevening scholarship European Commission Overseas award
  13. 13. Support Policies More time to work while studying Max: 10-20 hours/week Career services Work Experience National Insurance Number
  14. 14. Future Benefits Potential International friendships Cultural Exposure Social interaction International experience
  15. 15. Professional Opportunities Future Benefits Have world-class qualification Solid foundation for future building
  16. 16. Other merits Future Benefits Personal Growth Exploration Multicultural society integration
  17. 17. Ideal Tourist Attraction Long-standing history Historical Places Art of Architect
  18. 18. Large territory consists of 3 countries Ideal Tourist Attraction Beautiful and famous natural sceneries Smoo Cave, Durness, Sutherland. 1 The Bridge O' Doon, Alloway. Lake District
  19. 19. Ideal Tourist Attraction Ease of access Extensive transportation network Diverse medium of transport Buses, Car, ... Tunnel or underground Ferry, ship, ... Airway
  20. 20. Learning is your KEY to SUCCESS...
  21. 21. Exercises Key: What country we are learning about?
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