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Big 6 Research Model


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How to start and complete your research.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Big 6 Research Model

  1. 1. Conservation of energy• Focus on the questions you need to answer.• What can we do to conserve energy?• Why do we need alternative energy?• How can new technology help to conserve non-renewable energy and find renewable energy?
  2. 2. Think about all the sources you can find!• Non-fiction printed books• Non-fiction ebooks• Magazines such as Kids Discover, National Geographic Kids• Educational videos/DVDs• Reference books such as Encyclopedias• Online databases• Age appropriate websites
  3. 3. Where to find the sources?• Search library catalog for non-fiction books and DVDs• Borrow the magazines with the relevant topics• Use Britannica Online Encyclopedia• Use the age appropriate websites – Webpath Express
  4. 4. Kids friendly search engines• Yahooligans• Kidrex• Yippy• Please remember that search engines like Google and Yahoo are made for adult readers and researchers• Let’s try to find age appropriate materials for our projects!
  5. 5. Note-taking and cite your sources• DO NOT copy the information you found word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph• It’s plagiarism!• Cite the sources you’ve used – Title of the book, name of the author, publishing company and publishing year
  6. 6. How can I organize theinformation? How can I bestpresent theresults?
  7. 7. How to meet the standard of the project?• Use the notes you’ve collected from different sources to finish your project• Use your own words! Cite your sources!!• Make a Power Point/Prezi presentation• Make a manual/book/digital book/blog about your topic• Make a poster/newspaper about your topic• Oral presentation/living museum
  8. 8. Is the task complete? Does mysolution answer the originalquestion? Did I find the bestresources?
  9. 9. Self-reflective thinking• Have I used all the available sources? Can I tell which sources are better for the task?• Have I taken notes by using my own words? Have I cited the sources I used?• Have I presented the ideas clearly to meet the requirements of the project?• How can I do better for the next research project?