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7592 Chevy Chase Drive Apt 205 Austin, TX 78752  512-300-1198
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Helene Baret Resume 1 5 15


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Helene Baret Resume 1 5 15

  1. 1. HELENE CLEMENTS 7592 Chevy Chase Drive Apt 205 Austin, TX 78752  512-300-1198 EDUCATION University of Louvain, Belgium The University of Texas at Austin University of Liège, Belgium Missouri State University Master in Management Science Graduated with honors Exchange Program Bachelor of Business Administration, undeclared Bachelor of International Business Exchange Program Bachelor of Business Administration, undeclared September 2012 Fall 2011 June 2010 Fall 2009 EXPERIENCE Four Hands LLC – Import Logistics Specialist; Austin, TX 2090 Woodward Street Austin, TX 78744 January 2013 – Now  Track import shipments from point of origin to destination  Ensure all import documents meet the necessary requirements for customs entry  Communicate with various trucking companies and forwarders on delivery appointments and correspond with customers’ receiving warehouses to schedule timely delivery of containers.  Prepare wire requests for timely payment of manufacturers and coordinate with accounts payable to arrange the payment of freight charges.   Acted as Social Coordinator for the Supply Chain Department Intermarché – Grocery Store Cashier; Crisnée, Belgium July 2012 – December 2012 Chaussée Verte 96, 4367 Crisnée, Belgium  Processed payments efficiently and guaranteed a positive and friendly experience at the checkout  Assisted customers by relaying product information, advertising promotional activities, and professionally resolving complaints  Stocked shelves and ensured their cleanliness and attractiveness at all times Four Hands LLC – Import Logistics Intern; Austin, TX 2090 Woodward Street Austin, TX 78744  Undertook the responsibilities of the Import Logistics Specialist mentioned above for more than 600 containers December 2011 – April 2012 A.S. Adventure – Shop Assistant; Hognoul, Belgium 14 Rue Chaussée 4342 Hognoul, Belgium March 2009 - July 2011  Assessed customers’ needs and provided detailed advice on premium clothing line  Filled an active role in the sales force to reach the store’s $12,000 daily sales quotas  Designed visual displays, and supervised the fashion department ACADEMIC PROJECTS BGS 381: Corporate Social Responsibility Project – Client: T.E.C Wallonia  Managed a multi-cultural team to create a business plan improving the accessibility of public transportation in Wallonia, Belgium, for visually impaired people  Collaborated with governmental organizations and non-profit companies  Designed a commercial to promote the project Spring 2011 THESIS - Stakes and success factors of student international mobility in business schools: case study of LSM and McCombs Business School Fall 2011 –Summer 2012  Designed a theoretical model gathering hypothetical factors of business students success abroad  Implemented statistical research with a sample of 103 students to validate the model  Analyzed the results and emphasized their implication for students and academic institutions LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE AND ACTIVITIES Ambassador for the University of Louvain-La-Neuve August 2011 – August 213  Participated in an International Fair at UT to promote exchange programs with Belgium and enrolled in the Buddy Program  Advised and supported exchange students from both USA and Belgium in their destination choice, their preparation, and their trip abroad  Assisted a Belgian Student during her 4-month study abroad at UT in Austin Fundraiser for Girls Camp December 2013 – March 2014  Planned, organized and set up a garage sale, carnival, and breakfast/lunch booth with the help of 30 volunteers  Attracted more than 300 people through promotional material such as posters, flyers, and internet ads  Raised $4650 in one morning to finance Summer Camp for 19 girls  Managed to cut 50% of the event cost by collecting donations from local businesses ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Computer Skills : MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Languages : Fluent in French and English, beginner in Spanish Interests : Cake designing, decoration, sewing, traveling, badminton