Dior crisis campaign


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Dior crisis campaign

  1. 1. CHRISTIAN DIOR: REGAINING PUBLICCONFIDENCE CAMPAIGN (“Dior Logo Ring,” 2010) By: Katie Ulrich, David Sigmund, Katie Goodling, Helen Anderson and Michele Hladik
  2. 2. The Crisis Who is John Galliano? Thursday, February 24, John Galliano and anti Semitic remarks spew forth February 28 – Second complaint – old video released “Your mothers and forefathers would all be gassed.” March 1 Public opinion backlash imminent – Natalie Portman first to speak out (“Fashion Designer…,” Negative press could be damaging 2001)
  3. 3. Previous Actions Dior acts quickly Galliano suspended after Café altercation Galliano after video release Toledano releases written statement Top: Dior Owner Toledano makes special Bernard Arnault (Testino, 2010). appearance at Paris Fashion Left: Dior CEO Sidney Toledano Week (“Sidney Toledano,” 2005)
  4. 4. Previous Actions AnalysisWe agree with... How the situation was handled The initial statement that was released by Diors CEO How the fashion show was conducted (“United Fashion States,” 2011)
  5. 5. Analysis Cont.We agree with... The decision to suspend Galliano The decision to fire Galliano Dior Owner Bernard Arnault (Alderman, 2011)
  6. 6. Our Proposal Zero tolerance policy Final apology Support Jewish organizations Force apology from Galliano Hire a replacement as soon as possible (“The Fashioiste,” n.d.)
  7. 7. WHY DIOR SHOULD CHOOSE OUR PR FIRM Knowledge Experience Deadline & teamwork oriented Proven track record Solid recommendations (“Dior in Shanghai,” 2010) (“Dior Logo Ring,” 2010)
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