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Acme customer service

  1. 1. A Guide to Good Customer ServiceACME Pros Office CleaningBy Michele HladikPublic Relations/Marketing DirectorMKGT350 E1WWTony Bonina9-11-11
  2. 2. Welcome Customer service training session for all current and new employees A variety of customer service complaints. Importance of excellent customer service Improving customer service Benefits for the customers, the employees, and the company.
  3. 3. Recent Customer Service Issues  Complaints need to be taken seriously  Addressed at all levels  Long hold times for calls  Unanswered questions or requests  Unprofessional dress  Rude telephone treatment  Ignored concerns  Product or service updates
  4. 4. The Need for Good Customer Service Tough economy means customers spend less Customers feel valued and appreciated Inspires loyalty Brings in return business Every employee has customer contact Never too late to begin Customer dissatisfaction
  5. 5. General Procedures  Excellent job performance  A positive, can-do attitude  Take concerns seriously and respond promptly  Listen to the customers’ requests intently and act promptly  Know about all ACME products and services  Forward requests  Follow up
  6. 6. Procedures for Cleaners The most visible Be polite Never interfere Wear the appropriate uniform - Clean - Professional No cell phones No electronic devices
  7. 7. Procedures for Office Staff  Phone calls - Professional - Prompt - Hold time - Messages - Return calls  Professional business dress - Hair, makeup and jewelry - While representing the company
  8. 8. Procedures for Supervisors Monitor staff members Positive team meetings Fit the employee to the job Consider the way employees are treated - Rewards - Discipline
  9. 9. Customer Service Rewards  Customers - Better care - Satisfaction  ACME employees - Employee of the Month - Special parking - Special bonus - Future rewards - Job satisfaction  ACME - Continued success - Financial prosperity - Growth
  10. 10. Conclusion Performing a few simple customer service procedures can makefor a happier and more successful workplace. Performing these simple tasks would make current customershappy and encourage new customers to contract with ACME. Happy customers are essential to a successful business.
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