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Change The Ratio WR March 8 2017

On International Women's Day we gathered for a rousing evening of inspiring and entertaining speeches on creating greater inclusivity in our tech and engineering communities for women and minorities. While sometimes maddening and others hilarious, this was an energizing event. Check the recap on our blog: and the full video here or on YouTube.

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Change The Ratio WR March 8 2017

  1. 1. Stephanie Rozek | Executive Director @srozek |
  2. 2. Erica Lee Garcia Venture Lead, Engineers of Tomorrow Co-Organizer, National Engineering Month Ontario @ejdlee
  3. 3. Changing the Ratio by Changing the Message March 8th 2017
  4. 4. Our team Our advisors
  5. 5. About Engineers Of Tomorrow (EoT) ● A venture of Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB) started in 2007 as Global Engineering Outreach ● We partner with engineering companies, professional associations, and educators to transform the engineering profession: more diversity, ability to learn from failure, innovate and solve the most important problems of the 21st century. ● We believe in the power of engineering outreach to shape the future. That’s why we do world-class engineering outreach and we inspire and instill capacity in others to do the same. ● By shaping the public’s perception of engineering, we change its future. More at
  6. 6. What we do ● Manage National Engineering Month (NEM) in Ontario, an annual public and youth outreach campaign (since 2012) ● Manage the Engineer-in-Residence (EIR) in Ontario, a volunteer-based STEM outreach program (since 2014) ● Collaborate with EWB chapters and other important actors to influence the public perception of engineering More at
  7. 7. WORLD WE WANT TO SEE • I dream of a world where it’s normal to apply the tools of the mind to the problems that matter most in people’s hearts; where a booming economy is a symbol of a fully-served, humanely-treated population; where everyone believes there is enough and is willing to include the experience of others into their personal purpose; where humanity matters more than gender or skin colour. TECHNOLOGY & SOCIETY ENGINEERING PROFESSION ORGANIZATION INDIVIDUAL • I dream of erasing the barrier between ‘people problems’ and ‘technical problems’; to more democratized access to health, safety and happiness, made possible through engineering. I envision a culture around technology free from any type of exclusion or hostility, but instead priding itself on making the best of the human experience available for all to enjoy. • I believe that the engineering profession has the opportunity to receive the next generation with open arms, embracing recent dramatic shifts. I see engineering adopting new kind of leadership and imagination; agile, principle-driven, and methodical in considering its impacts especially on those disadvantaged or unheard in current systems, and revitalized in its purpose. • Engineers of Tomorrow sees the potential in every young person to contribute to a world that works for everyone. Whether through inclusion into the engineering and technology professions or through empowered interaction with the created world, today’s young people have our support to solve big problems that matter to them, to help people, and to change the world. • I am committed to telling my story as a human being (who’s also an engineer, mother, entrepreneur, and global citizen). I will use my resources, platforms, and privileges to create a picture of a world that could be different, to encourage others to question power structures, and to think both critically and generativity. I will use my left-brained professional toolkit to serve the needs of humanity. I run my businesses in a way that models the change I want to see. I follow my heart; map the route with my head. Situating Statement – Erica Lee Garcia – October 2016
  8. 8. EoT’s important external relationships
  9. 9. Systems-based EoT Achievements TRIPLED number of NEM events in Ontario More than DOUBLED the EIR Program
  10. 10. Messaging – evidence based Source: NAE’s Changing the Conversations campaign.
  11. 11. Systems-based EoT Achievements STEMunlock
  12. 12. Our approach in action (diversity)
  13. 13. Our approach in action (real-world impact)
  14. 14. Our approach in action (outreach innovations)
  15. 15. Our approach in action (catching on)
  16. 16. We’re on trend with... - Diversity as strength - STEM as recognized economic driver - ‘Design thinking’ - Makerspaces, Hackathons, Coding initiatives - Engineering change movements
  17. 17. Bridging theory to outreach Runs the Self, Stereotyping and Societal Norms Lab at University of Waterloo Focuses on women in STEM, specifically engineering students Partnered on ‘Outreach Strategies for Diversity’ webinar in Feb 2016
  18. 18. How to change the ratio Leverage best practices from research Inspire outreach volunteers to tell better stories Encourage everyone to spread the message: ‘There is a Place for You’ #NEM2017 22
  19. 19. Steve Prentice Residence & Community Life Manager St. Paul’s University College, UW @StevePrentice79 Caity Dyck Outreach Coordinator Engineering Outreach University of Waterloo @UWEngOutreach
  20. 20. When you’re accustomed to Privilege, Equality feels like Oppression
  21. 21. Sam Nabi Founder, ShopZest Web Manager, WLU Student Publications @samnabi
  22. 22. More than Code Sam Nabi
  23. 23. “People aren’t edge cases” — Carina C. Zona, Schemas for the real world
  24. 24. Social tools, social responsibility
  25. 25. “Machine-learning systems often reflect biases in the real world.” – Vivienne Ming, artificial intelligence expert
  26. 26. Inclusive spaces “Without a block button, social networks are essentially unusable — not viable —  for many marginalized people.” — Eva Gantz, Spoken could be the social network where creatives find a voice
  27. 27. Venture capital • Investment • Growth • Acquisition by R A D I O via Dribbble
  28. 28. Startups = total business domination? – David Heinemeier Hansson, Reconsider
  29. 29. – MaRs, Where are the women VCs in Canada? (Nov 2015)
  30. 30. Babson College, The Diana Project (2014) • Executive teams with women are more likely to receive later-stage funding. • ... but all-male teams are 3x more likely to receive funding in the first place
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Platform cooperatives • Juno: Driver-owned Uber alternative (
  33. 33. So, what are the ratios?
  34. 34. Thanks! Email Twitter @samnabi Github samnabi Website
  35. 35. Samantha Estoesta Williams Community Engagement & Government Relations Mad Hatter Technology Inc. @smoestoe
  36. 36. Going from <p> to </p> and back again. If N is the statement that all techies follow the same A to B sequence, that statement is false
  37. 37. I was born with a mouse in my hand
  38. 38. Look at that cutie That’s me (age 6 months?) on my Dad’s lap as he works on materials for the computer class he taught at the Catholic high school in my hometown, Chatham, ON.
  39. 39. No surprise: I hard coded my first website at age 8.
  40. 40. As long as you loooooove meeeeee A love of .gifs and a need to put boy band music as the background music to a page with endless marquees (you all know you did the same thing!) P.S. If you want to know where I got these .gifs, here you go: YOU ARE WELCOME.
  41. 41. Wait for it - it gets better I began animating because of a need to make my own .gifs. This evolved into creating my first animated films using old Microsoft 95 programs.
  42. 42. No error codes A pathway to being a coder was clear What the 01100110 (f) happened then? Grade 4, happened.
  43. 43. Self-esteem: 404 1. I was homeschooled until Grade 4. On the second day, I told my teacher he was teaching us how to calculate the area of a T shape wrong (which he was) and he made me cry. It’s my second day of “real school” and I’ve learned one thing: you are not good at math. 2. While everyone else was creating paper mache volcanoes, my grade five science fair project was on intervals, frequency, guitars, and chords. I lost to the tallest boy in the class WHO MADE A FREAKING VOLCANO.
  44. 44. Academic Pathway
  45. 45. This basically sums up the whole thing:
  46. 46. Men: 72.7% Women: 27.3% Worked in STEM between 1991 - 2011 according to StatsCan
  47. 47. 70% of companies do not have a single woman on their Board of Directors LinkedIn survey with 600 responses from startup investors and founders across industries
  48. 48. 54% of companies do not have a single woman in an executive position LinkedIn survey with 600 responses from startup investors and founders across industries
  49. 49. 5% of white men say they considered a lack of diversity a top problem LinkedIn survey with 600 responses from startup investors and founders across industries
  50. 50. How did this natural techie end up with two degrees in conflict and communications, and how did she find her way back to tech after swearing off the field indefinitely? TL;DR: The answer is women and diversity in tech.
  51. 51. Dear 10 Year Old Me: Code Like a Girl -
  52. 52. @smoestoe -
  53. 53. #AMPCodeLikeAGirl
  54. 54. Danielle Graham Women in Tech Program Manager Communitech @DanielleBGraham
  55. 55. Communitech’s Fierce Founders Programs Bootcamp July 18th – 20th Aug 22nd – 24th Accelerator Sept 25th – March 21st
  56. 56. Fierce Founders Publicity
  57. 57. Steve McCartney VP, Startup Services, Communitech Janet Bannister General Partner, Real Ventures Dan Mathers President & CEO, IronBit Consulting Inc. Fierce Founders Board of Advisors Dave Chalmers Sales and Go- To-Market Strategy Anna Foat Sales, Marketing and Partnerships
  58. 58. Women in Technology
  59. 59. Cat Coode Founder Binary Tattoo @BinaryTat
  60. 60. Dancing Around The Meaning of Engineer Cat Coode @BinaryTat
  61. 61. What Google Thinks I Am @BinaryTat
  62. 62. What My Friends Think I Am @BinaryTat
  63. 63. What I Think I Am @BinaryTat Baron Batch, 2015
  64. 64. What I Am #DistractinglyHonest, by Eden Hennessey PhD candidate at WLU
  65. 65. What We Can Be @BinaryTat An Artist • Designer • Creator • Originator • Producer • Old Master An Engineer • Originator • Deviser • Designer • Architect • Inventor • Developer • Creator
  66. 66. Please join us at TWH Social for our after-party | @HiveWR | #ChangeTheRatioWR THANK YOU!