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Torill bull NHPRC 2013.2


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Salutogenic processes among women in poor rural areas

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Torill bull NHPRC 2013.2

  1. 1. Women and family in a salutogenic perspective Torill Bull, Maurice Mittelmark, & Ngasuma Kanyeka
  2. 2. • Production • Reproduction • Combination of production and reproduction • Relationships • Culture
  3. 3. The Bole district of Northern Region Poverty Patriarchy
  4. 4. Wellswept ground
  5. 5. Workload of women
  6. 6. Workload of women - firewood
  7. 7. Poor – but playing
  8. 8. LIFE STRESSORS 1.Nature as a Threat 2.Lack of Infrastructure 3.Food insecurity 4.Illness and death 5.Work overload 6.Culture and religion as a threat GRRs 1.Health 2.Key item ownership 3.Skills 4.Wisdom 5.Being married 6.Marital relationship quality 7.Motherhood 8.Supportive neighbours 9.Empowering group memberships 10.Culture and religion as meaning /joy 11.Political agency 12.Women-friendly local leaders MOVEMENT TOWARDS WELL-BEING SENSE OF COHERENCE 1. COMPREHENSIBILITY 2. MANAGEABILITY 3. MEANINGFULNESS Bull, T., Mittelmark, MB, and Kanyeka, N. (2012). ‘Assets for health and well-being of women in impoverished rural areas of the Global South.’ Research paper commissioned for special issue of Critical Public Health as a follow-up from the conference Assets for health and wellbeing across the life course. Accepted pending minor revisions. LIFE EXPERIENCES 1. DEGREES OF CONSISTENCY 2. UNDERLOAD- OVERLOAD BALANCE 3. PARTICIPATION LIFE SITUATION Wider determinants of health including genetic, social, cultural and contextual factors (eg. geography, climate)
  9. 9. • Practical aspects • Emotional aspects 3. Considerate husband behaviour
  10. 10. Considerate husband behaviour: Practical aspects “Some men are helpful. He can come up with some work and say let us both join hands in this work for our common good. Sometimes he helps you in bathing the children or in some house work. Then together you converse on the way to the farm. It is simply nice so.” “If he talks to you in a loving way, that alone makes you happy. If you have two children, on the way to the farm, he can carry one child and you carry the other.”
  11. 11. Considerate husband behaviour: Emotional aspects “Sometimes when you are ill and the man does not have money to take you to hospital, what he will tell you will make you happy. “ “When you are tired or ill and he shows signs of care and love and even uses warm water to massage your body in place of medicine. In doing this, if he talks gently and lovingly to you, you will be happy. You may in return prepare such a nice meal for him as you have never done. “
  12. 12. “Child death is painful. (…) Any day you count your children their number is always short by one. Anytime you are lying in bed it is like the child is still lying in front of you.” Survival of children