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Susheel Patel, Pivotal_Hadoop&SQL


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Susheel Patel, Pivotal_Hadoop&SQL

  1. 1. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Application Design Blueprint for Organizations Hardware Compute/Storage/Network Software OS, Monitoring, Database Operations Data Data Management Data Access Application Applications InterfacesPlatformServices Factors How to get fastest ‘Time to Market’ Investment Leverage Integration with existing technology stack Architectural Impact Application features and application and technology architecture asks Scale Requirements Existing requirements on application scale Resource Investment Acquisition and training costs Business Transformation Changes needed to adopt the application. Application Life Investment return computations - How long the application will be in use Goal: Fastest ‘Time to Market’ Startup Enterprises Public Cloud Private Cloud On Premise
  2. 2. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Challenges Enterprises Face Factors Description: Factors considered to get fastest ‘Time to Market’ Investment Leverage Easy and Transparent Integration with existing technology stack Architectural Impact Extend existing application building design patterns Scale Requirements Average Scale requirements – Few are close to INTERNET scale Resource Investment Leverage existing working as much as possible – SQL as Business Analyst tool. Too hard to attract and acquire talent Business Transformation Adoption is a significant step to realize benefits. Lot of human involvement in enterprises. (Internet companies focus on decision automation). Application Life Resilient application architecture and more stable business models Enterprises find SQL to be very expressive for complex data analysis
  3. 3. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved. HAWQ: The Crown Jewels of Greenplum Database High Performance Query Processing – Multi-petabye scalability – Interactive and true ANSI SQL support – Programmable analytics Enterprise Class Database Services – Column and Storage Indexes – Multiple table formats – Robust join support – Cost Based Query Planner – Security – Workload Management – Transactions & Data Skew Comprehensive Data Management – Scatter-Gather Data Loading – Multi-level Partitioning – 3rd Party Tool & Open Client Interfaces Expand the Productivity and Possibilities of Hadoop with Existing SQL Skillsets