Opportunities in Big Data by Arihant Patni


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Talk by Arihant Patni, Managing Director of Hive India at The Hive Big Data Think Tank Meetup - Healthcare 2.0 hosted at the EMC India.

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Opportunities in Big Data by Arihant Patni

  1. 1. Opportunities in Big Data @hivedataindia #hiveEMCdata
  2. 2. … data that can be scalably processed & stored with new cost effective infrastructures
  3. 3. Recent Trends of Magnitude
  4. 4. Big Data Overall Revenue *Source Wikibon
  5. 5. Wearable Devices *Source http://www.informationweek.com/m obile/10-wearable-devices-to-keep- patients-healthy/d/d-id/1104359
  6. 6. Intelligent Healthcare Ellis Medicine deployed GE’s AgileTrac system in 2010 to track both assets and patient flow, which helped Ellis tag and track IV pumps and other clinical equipment, improve workflow, and save $1.1 million over three years. Newsroom.gehealthcare.com
  7. 7. Personalized Medicine
  8. 8. More signals are generated…
  9. 9. … people have more data …
  10. 10. …enabling new products and services.
  11. 11. Big Data is transforming our lives
  12. 12. 4 Things to Remember • How do you generate and capture data from everything that you do? • Use more diverse data, not just more data (use data from multiple sources) • Address a real pain point – Think about you core problems and how data can create value • Data has value far beyond what you originally anticipate – don’t throw it away!
  13. 13. What is THE HIVE INDIA • Early stage startup funding and launch entity • Based in Mumbai/Bangalore • Focused on analytics, applications and services for Big Data • Co-founded by Amit and Arihant Patni (ex-Patni Computers) and The Hive in Silicon Valley Big Data Technology Guidance Partnerships US Go-To- MarketBusiness Design Funding Team of Proven Company Builders
  14. 14. Combination of Two FORCES Patni Family • Leveraged key inflection point in Indian IT industry in the 70’s and 80’s. • Post exit of Patni Computers in 2011, investing in new waves of technology innovation. • Nirvana Venture Advisors to bet on internet and mobile in India. • The Hive to bet on Big Data.
  15. 15. Combination of Two FORCES The Hive Silicon Valley • Co-creating data-driven businesses along with the who's who of the tech industry • Team of proven company builders to launch companies • Successful serial entrepreneurs • Investment team behind $B’s of exits • In-house Big Data technology team • Strong Big Data Brand and Ecosystem
  16. 16. Big Data Experts Who’s Who of Big Data Advisors & Investors include: Proprietary deal flow and expert advice for startups Harel Kodesh EVP of Cloud Paul Maritz CEO of Pivotal Dhruba Borthakur Hadoop Charles Zedlewski VP Products Jure Leskovec Machine Learning Satya Nadella CEO Raghu Ramakrishnan CTO, Info Services Vanja Josifovski Search/Matching Dan Warmenhoven Chairman James Lau Founder Kumar Malavalli Founder Rob Goldman Dir, Monetization Jerry Yang Founder Raymie Stata fmr CTO Tom White Hadoop
  17. 17. The Hive India –Investment Thesis • Engage with entrepreneurs/young companies who have • Deep domain experience • Desire to develop data-driven solutions • Strong management teams • B2B or B2B2C play • US target market • Product/Services
  18. 18. The Hive India – Value Proposition Capital Initial capital and access to sources of future capital Partner Ecosystem Access to strategic partners Business Design Enhance management bandwidth & help with market validation and business plan Clients Access to clients through our network of partners Access to Silicon Valley Technology stack to accelerate product development. Engagement with thought leaders in the Big Data community. Unique structure to fund and launch Big Data companies in India
  19. 19. Opportunities in Big Data @hivedataindia #hiveEMCdata