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Newpaper Webiste and how they differ from printed Newspapers


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Newpaper Webiste and how they differ from printed Newspapers

  1. 1. Difference Between Newspaer Sites and printed newspapers By Hitesh VARSANI
  2. 2. Newspaper Website
  3. 3. Printed Newspaper
  4. 4. There are slight variations between the website version of a particular website and a printed one. As seen on slide one the various tabs on the side such as Sport, Showbiz, News, TV as well as fun and games. This makes it very accessible and helps pull out information the readers may need quickly. On the printed newspaper of The Sun it is specifically made for readers on journeys as it takes a while to flick to the pages you may want to read. Whereas on the Site there are advertisements the same goes to its printed version, it also shows jobs for different people and is seen to better the websites as millions by it every day. Other newspapers such as LOCAL and BROADSHEET have the same layout and characteristics I have described above
  5. 5. Islington Gazette Newspaper and Website
  6. 6. The Guardian Site and Newspaper