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Anotation of Local Newspaper Websites


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Anotation of Local Newspaper Websites

  1. 1. Annotation of the Hackney Gazette and Harrow Observer By Hitesh Varsani
  2. 2. Hackney Gazette The Title is the same as the newspaper head mast. The advertisements are shown throughout the website as well as showing a small glimpse of the actual printed press It also has sub topics shown on the side and a topic bar above for easy navigation throughout the site.
  3. 3. Advertisements are all throughout the site and the sub topics on the side carry on down the page. It also shows mini stories which are hyperlinked and it also shows an story with recent news about the General Election
  4. 5. It shows at the bottom of the webpage how many awards the website has won and links to other sites benefiting the people who read it. It also has an advertisement across the whole bottom page.
  5. 6. Harrow Observer The mast head is also the same as the newspapers one. Same as the Hackney Gazette. Search bar so it is easy to navigate through the entire site. Advertisements shown throughout the whole website as well as having sub-topic headings for easy access. Main stories are always shown. Here we have 4 choices. With image related to stories.
  6. 7. Shows a variety of subheadings an other important stories such as sport, most popular, world and UK news as well as polls to interact with the visitors . The stories written in blue are all hyperlinked showing another port of easy access.
  7. 8. Helps the community which the newspapers do as well. Job hunting links and various open vacancies across the Harrow Borough.
  8. 9. As well as having links on the top it also has links at the bottom to. It also shares a similarity with most local newspaper websites of having advertisement across the bottom