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Top publisher tailors offline content to online clients with Hitwise leverages Hitwise data to improve its content development efforts through analyzing consumer demand patterns.

The Challenge has exclusive digital rights to a viritual library of offline books from top publishers. These titles had to be designed for online consumption and needed help priortizing which titles to digitize first.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, Vehovsky says, "We leverage the Hitwise Competitive Intelligence service, specifically Search Intelligence™ and Lifestyle data, to help us determine what content is important to customers now, and which demographic and social segments are likely to be drawn to specific content subjects".

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  1. 1. Hitwise at work: Education and reference HitwiseLeading publisher uses Hitwise to tailor offlinecontent to online customersOverview “Hitwise helps us ( leverages Hitwise data to improveits content development efforts through an examination of evidence-based consumer guessing what kinddemand patterns. of content we shouldThe challenge be developing to meetWith exclusive digital rights to a virtual library of offline book titles written by leading constantly changingpublishers, Gabe Vehovsky says, “A major challenge is to restructure the offline content and consumer needs.”develop unique content features that are designed specifically for online consumption.” Gabe VehovskyAnother task, according to Vehovsky, is to use empirical consumer behavior as a basis for EVP, Strategy and Researchfinding “better ways to prioritize and guide the digitization of offline content.” HowStuffWorks.comThe solutionIn response to these challenges, Vehovsky says, “We leverage the Hitwise CompetitiveIntelligence service, specifically Search Intelligence™ and Lifestyle data, to help us determinewhat content is important to customers now, and which demographic and social segments arelikely to be drawn to specific content subjects.” To do this, the team at HowStuffWorks.comcontinually use Hitwise to monitor search behavior and match demographic profiles to contenton competitive websites. After this information is scrutinized, these consumer insights areturned into “tactics and strategies for reaching new audiences and improving our end-userexperience,” said Vehovsky.The benefitsHitwise contributes to the strategy and research process by helping“avoid guessing what kind of content we should be developing to meet constantly changingconsumer needs,” says Vehovsky.Since the company continually challenges itself to improve ways to bring new product andcontent to market, Vehovsky declares that with access to Hitwise, he is able to “streamlineand simplify” content development efforts, and that his goal is to replace ambiguous “I thinkso” statements within the content planning and development process with definitive “I knowso” statements.About Experian HitwiseExperian Hitwise is the leading online competitive intelligence service. Experian Hitwise gives marketers a competitiveadvantage by providing daily insights on how 25 million Internet users around the world interact with more than 1 millionwebsites. This external view helps companies grow and protect their businesses by identifying threats and opportunitiesas they develop. Experian Hitwise has more than 1,500 clients across numerous sectors, including financial services,media, travel and retail.Experian Hitwise (FTS:EXPN),, operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia,New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Brazil. More information about Experian Hitwise is available ©2009 Hitwise Pty. Ltd. All of the trademarksFor up-to-date analysis of online trends, please visit the Hitwise Research Blog at and Hitwise Data and logo are the property of their respectiveCenter at owners. All rights reserved.