Delta Airlines Case Study


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Competitive analysis drives customer insights for Delta
The Challenge

The airline industries is highly competitive – especially online where it’s easy for travelers to quickly search for the cheapest airline tickets. Delta Airlines wanted to understand what is working most effectively and efficiently within the industry online, as well as have the ability to react and adapt swiftly are a must.

The Solution

Using Hitwise, was able to run a competitive analysis to determine:

* Where ranks against specific competitors.
* Daily, weekly and monthly market share changes compared to its competitors.
* The impact of search and display advertising on's market share.

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Delta Airlines Case Study

  1. 1. Delta better understands its online customers through competitive analysis, Delta Air Lines’ award-winning website, uses Hitwise to analyze online competitive information to stay aware of trends and quickly determine changes taking place in the online travel and airline industries.The ChallengeThe travel and airline industries are both highly competitive – especially in the onlinespace where it’s easy for travelers to quickly search for the cheapest airline tickets Hitwise at work:available. Understanding what is working most effectively and ef ciently within theindustry online, as well as having the ability to react and adapt swiftly are a must.The Solution Competitive Insights for“By keeping up-to-date with competitive trends, we are able to react to changes in understanding consumerconsumer behavior and investigate causes for that behavior,” says Francis Lavelle, behaviorDelta’s Manager of Web Analytics. “The value is in the analysis - by creating a IndustryHitwise report of our exact competitive set, we are able to analyze their activities and Travelunderstand how traf c is driven to each site by marketing channels.” Using MyHitwise, a customizable tool for creating custom categories and aggregations, theDelta team created a custom category of airline websites they view to be their onlinecompetition - something they were unable to achieve with any other provider.Using Hitwise Rankings, Charting and Clickstream tools, was able to run “Hitwise providesa competitive analysis to determine: competitive information - Where ranks against speci c competitors that allows Delta to analyze - How much market share gains or loses in comparison to the trends and quickly competition on a daily, weekly and monthly basis determine changes in the - Whether marketing, search and advertising campaigns have a direct impact on’s market share – the very next day online marketplace.”“Using Hitwise, we are also able to analyze and understand what’s Francis Lavellehappening in the online travel industry daily,” said Lavelle. “We discover Manager Web Analyticsthe most notable changes that occurred and react accordingly. For example,discovering which sites had the biggest increases in market share on a particular Delta Air Linesday, leads us to investigate further to identify the reason for the movement.” UsingHitwise Clickstream data, Delta can determine whether the changes were a result ofnew search campaigns, advertising partnerships or other promotions and then applythat knowledge to the airline’s own marketing strategies.The Bene tsSince using Hitwise, Delta has been able to “understand and react to industrychanges, applying new insight to our own online business like never before,” saidLavelle. About Experian Hitwise Experian Hitwise is the leading online competitive intelligence service. Experian Hitwise gives marketers a competitive advantage by providing daily insights on how 25 million Internet users around the world interact with more than 1 million websites. This external view helps companies grow and protect their businesses by identifying threats and opportunities as they develop. Experian Hitwise has more than 1,500 clients across numerous sectors, including nancial services, media, travel and retail. Experian Hitwise (FTS:EXPN),, operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Brazil. More information about Experian Hitwise is available at ©2009 Hitwise Pty. Ltd. All of the trademarks For up-to-date analysis of online trends, please visit the Hitwise Research Blog at and and logo are the property of their respective Hitwise Data Center at owners. All rights reserved.