Seema Andhra loss due to bifurcation (according to me)


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  • A very good analysis.. Thanksssss
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  • Lot of analysis, projected almost all topics in the slide
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  • Yes admin your opinions are fact in aspect of seemandhra. No development in coastal andhra and rayalseema regions. Atleast our gr8888888 Sonia & rahul bhajan ministers dont have an interest/idea on this. how the fate and funny is, today the separatists which have all resources demanding a separate state and pointed out seemandhra people were exploiting the telangana, so sad?
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Seema Andhra loss due to bifurcation (according to me)

  1. 1. Loss to Seemandhra Due to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh
  2. 2. Disclaimer • I (B.N.V.K.Hitardha) not trying to insult or degrade any individual or any government or public bodies or political parties or Government of India • My intension is not to create disputes in between people of different regions of AP. • As part of my minimum responsibility I am conveying my views and opinions of current activity initiated by Government of India. • I didn’t mean Telangana has no loss in bifurcation, As Telangana people wanted to separate I assume that they are already ready to bear the loss • The places I selected in seemandhra for development has no personal interest. Just to make sure the distribution of Development across Seemandhra
  3. 3. Boundaries Telangana After merging(1956), not a single inch of Telangana land merged into Seemandhra Seemandhra After merging(1956), Badrachala, Aswaraopet Revenue Divisions and 13 Munagala villages of Seemandhra Merged into Telangana Districts (Nalgonda & Khammam) Seemandhra loose Revenue from above divisions & loose Godavari Water due to loosing Badrachalam divison
  4. 4. Solution • Just respect the boundaries before 1956 merger
  5. 5. Capital Telangana Telangana has Capital “Hyderabad”. With 650 SqKms size. More than 600 Kms internal roads, under ground drinking water & sewage. Around 40 flyovers 180 Kms Outer Ring Road, 150 Kms approved Metro, World Class International Airport Seemandhra Seemandhra Doesn’t have such a sophisticated city. Noteven near to Hyderabad. None of the Infrastructure exist in Seemandhra
  6. 6. Solution • G.O.I should fund the capital city development with all infrastructure like Hyderabad. • G.O.I should decide the capital without leaving a chance of fight between costa & seema • Unpopulated (2nd class) town should be selected for Capital so that more chances to grow
  7. 7. • Best Chance for India and Seemandhra to Develop 21st century city like (Hongkong , Singapoore, Dubai) • Nearly 1 Lack acres should be acquired by G.O.I to develop city roads, parks, gov institutions & int airport etc …
  8. 8. Administrative Institutions Telangana Seemandhra Telangana has, Assembly, secretariat, Rajbhavan, HighCourt , Ministers quarters, Seemandhra has MLA quarters, Gov Guesthouses and all other state gov institutions in Hyderabad. “NOTHING”
  9. 9. Solution • Government of India (G.O.I) should fund the development Government administration institutions • Govt institutes like Secretariat, Assembly,Rajbhavan @ Specified Capital & Council @ different place like Kakinada or Kadapa • High court @ Kurnool + 2 Special Benches @ Guntur & Rajahmundry
  10. 10. Budget Telangana Telangana has “Hyderabad” whose revenue is half of the state. Telangana (with 10 dists) has 70% of Revenue Seemandhra Seemandhra (with 13 dists) has only 30% of the Revenue.
  11. 11. Solution • Government of India should fund seemandhra the revenue equal to Hyderabad revenue for 10 years after bifurcation irrespective of parties/alliance in power (central govt) after elections
  12. 12. Employees Telangana Telangana employees has NO problem due to bifurcation Seemandhra Seemandhra employees has to move from Hyderabad to Seemandhra … Seemandhra employees has to leave their properties to save their job Bifurcation will effect the studies of Employee’s kids. Lot of physical/mental disturbance to the employees Expenses involved in moving from Telangana to Seemandhra
  13. 13. Solution • Whoever(seemandhra employee working in Telangana) has voter ID in Telangana before 2009, should considered as Telangana localite • Such employees should be given a choice to either remain in Telangana or moving to seemandhra
  14. 14. • Whoever has move from Telangana to Seemandhra by choice or by mandate should be granted 10 lac Rupees non-taxable compensation .
  15. 15. Water Telangana Being in middle of major rivers Godavari and Krishna … Telangana claims larger quantity of water Seemandhra Being the tail-land Seemandra claims very less amount of river water. Compared to 10 dist Telangana, Seemandhra should supply water to 13 dists with less quota
  16. 16. Solution • I am really not capable in providing the solution for water But I mentioned few in my knowledge • G.O.I should fund seemandhra a project of interconnecting rivers from Vamshadhara to Penna • G.O.I should fund seemandhra 1000 lakes across seemandhra (fund for land acquisition)
  17. 17. Education Telangana Seemandhra Telangana has National educational Seemandhra has National Educational Institutes IIT Hyderabad Institues ISB Hyderabad Central University – Hyderabad good medical facility in Moulana Azad Urdu University – Hyderabad Seemandhra National Institute of Fashion Technology – Hyderabad Nalsar university of Law - Hyderabad 0 No NIT (REC) – Warangal .. etc and Sophesticated Medical Institute (NIMS) - Hyderabad
  18. 18. Solution • IIT @ Ananthapur • IIM @ Tirupati • AIIMS @ Vijayawada (center of the seemandhra big rialway junction good connectivity in South India) • NIT @ Vijayanagaram • Central University @ Kadapa • National Institute of Film & Telivision @ Rajhamundry
  19. 19. National Research Units Telangana Telangana has more than 20 Research laboratories like CDFD ADRIN DRDO labs CDAC IICT CCMB NIRD NRSC …. etc Seemandhra Seemandhra has only 3 research laboratories with very minimum employment NIO subdivision SHAR NARL
  20. 20. Solution • G.O.I should plan & fund seemandhra minimum of 5 research units • @Eluru • @Guntur • @Srikakulam • @Ongole • @Ananthapur
  21. 21. National Manufacturing Units Telangana Telangana has more than 20 national manufacturing units BHEL BDL BEL ECIL … etc Seemandhra Seemandhra has only vizag steel industry
  22. 22. Solution • Government of India should plan & fund seemandhra minimum of 3 manufacturing units • @Kakinada • @Machilipatnam • @Ananthapuram
  23. 23. Railway zone Telangana Telangana has “South Central Railway Zone” Seemandhra Seemandhra has NO railway zone even after having good junctions like Vijayawada and Tirupati and Vizag
  24. 24. Solution • G.O.I should create a separate railway zone for seemandhra combining all 13 districts into one zone. • G.O.I should plan & fund seemandhra one railway manufacturing unit @Vijayanagaram
  25. 25. Natural Resources (utility) Telangana Seemandhra Telangana has Singareni Calories, which is completely under Government. Seemandhra’s KG basin gas is under Reliance Industries… The coal comes out of these calories can used to produce utilities like POWER in Telangana Most of the gas recovered there is actually used in Mumbai and Gujarath
  26. 26. Solution • Govt of India Should take back entire owner ship and provide it to Seemandhra Government by paying compensation or any other means • Govt of Seemandhra Should have power utilize the gas for generating POWER and other utility fuels.
  27. 27. IT Employment Telangana Seemandhra Telangana has very good IT hub providing nearly 10* lacs jobs Seemandhra has small IT zones @ Vizag & Vijayawada Recently Hyderabad got ITIR which is going to provide nearly 20* lacs jobs Total employment through Information Technology is nearing around 50 thousand jobs only
  28. 28. Solution • G.O.I should fund IT zones (like ITIR) @ Vizag, Vijayawada & Tirupathi • G.O.I should fund 21st Century World Class International Airport in the capital to promote Information Technology • G.O.I should fund Cruise and shipyard to Andaman, Singapore & Thailand to promote Electronics Manufacturing and Tourism
  29. 29. Thankyou • This video covering the problems in my knowledge. • There could be several other problems to seemandhra other than what I mentioned • You are free to deviate from my opinion.