Full Circle: The Rise of Vehicle-Installed Telematics


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Full Circle: The Rise of Vehicle-Installed Telematics

  1. 1. Full Circle: The Rise of Vehicle-Installed Telematics Telematics Munich 2009 Ralf Lamberti Director Telematics, Infotainment and Cabin EE Group Research and Advanced Engineering, Daimler AG Nov. 10th 2009 Date (year-month-day)
  2. 2. Head Unit (HU) Contents Migrated From Off-board to On-board, then to Off-board Again Current HU: Most contents come from onboard media Simple Radio: All contents (Radio myCOMAND HU: All contents stations) come from the network come from the network 2
  3. 3. Provisioning and Storing Software (SW) in the Cloud Enables Easier Upgrades and Quicker SW Distribution Screen + Controller Application Space Screen + Controller Data Application Space Screen + Controller Platform Stand-Alone Computing Data Application Space Backend Client-Server Computing Data Cloud-Based Computing Ability to update Software Years Upgradeability Months Days Time & Cost Time between Software Releases/Builds 3
  4. 4. Equal Opportunity: Head Unit Joined Other Devices in Receiving Contents From the Cloud Infotainment Contents PC Phone TV PND Head Unit 4
  5. 5. Unique Opportunity: Only HU Can Take Advantage of ADAS and Vehicle’s Ergonomics & Acoustic Models • Customers wants the most efficient route, lowest gas prices, the best restaurant etc. • As we deliver this information to drivers, how & when it is presented becomes important. • Only factory-installed telematics systems can take advantage of vehicle ergonomics and acoustic models to offer an intuitive and comfortable multi modal user interface. • Only factory-installed telematics systems can take advantage of ADAS to increase the driving safety and enhance the in-vehicle infotainment experience while driving. 5
  6. 6. Customer Does not Need Another In-Vehicle Display if His Car Comes With One • Small display • Not connected to vehicle’s ADAS • Not integrated with Vehicle power or GPS (wires dangling in the car) • Gets infotainment contents from the Cloud • Large automotive display • Connected to vehicle’s ADAS, optimized for vehicle ergonomics and acoustic models • Integrated with Vehicle power and optimized GPS antenna • Embraces infotainment contents from the Cloud and from Consumer Electronics (CE) devices OEM Telematics Internet OEM CE Internet CE Services Telematics Devices Services Devices 6
  7. 7. Connected Head Unit Will Embrace a New Ecosystem Customer Infrastructure Higher expectations of Mobile Internet services functionality, visual now the benchmark experience, content, etc. Barriers to off-board Influenced by factors connectivity lowered outside the vehicle Connected Head Unit Business Domain Consumer Supplier role augmented Electronics by large, vertically Can augment part of integrated Internet players Head Unit Functionality Increased need for partnering, Device platforms become HU platforms new co-branding opportunities 7
  8. 8. myCOMAND HU Vision: All Features Are Internet-Based Complete off-board navigation with graphically rich features, Off-board Navigation including Google Streetview. Replaces the on-board Satellite and AM/FM radio with World Radio Internet radio stations from around the world. Media Library Allows seamless access to a personal off-board media library. Integrates Voice over IP calling with Picture CallerID, VoIP Calling Messaging, and off-board Address Book. Unrestricted web browser, enabled when vehicle is Web Browser not in motion. Offers a flexible framework to integrate context-specific web Trip Assist services (e.g. Make Reservation, Find Parking). Other Services Weather, Traffic, Social Networking, Parking Availability, ..etc. 8
  9. 9. Underlying Trend: Wireless Internet Bandwidth Will Continue to Increase Dramatically 200 150 Bandwidth (Mbps) 100 3G/HSDPA 3.6 Mbps GSM/GPRS 50 LTE 32 kbps Uplink <10 50 Mbps Downlink 100 Mbps 1996 2002 2008 2014 2020 User Experience of Internet Applications is improving... 10
  10. 10. myCOMAND Test with LTE showed Great Performance While Driving myCOMAND test drive with LTE network Data rates along campus and wide area routes in Munich 11
  11. 11. myCOMAND Demo 12
  12. 12. Thank You 13