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Photos from the Hackney Archives - by Amir Dotan


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Presented at the 5th Stoke Newington History Talks event, St Matthias Halls, 30.11.2017

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Photos from the Hackney Archives - by Amir Dotan

  1. 1. Photos from the Hackney Archives Amir Dotan Stoke Newington History Talks no. 5 30th Nov 2017 St Matthias Halls
  2. 2. 2349Old photos and drawings of Stoke Newington
  3. 3. 0.85%of which will be presented in the next 20min
  4. 4. Newington Hall (1821-1875)
  5. 5. Garland House being built in 1953
  6. 6. No. 1-2 Glebe Place
  7. 7. Church Row (1695-1935)
  8. 8. Foundations of the Tudor Manor House discovered in 1935 when Church Row was pulled down to make way for a new Town Hall
  9. 9. Stoke Newington Church Street occupancy survey 1847-2017
  10. 10. The Falcon pub (1826-1919)
  11. 11. OLD NEW Arundel Street Arundel Grove Broughton Road Barbauld Road Gordon Road Beatty Road Park Lane Clissold Crescent Arthur Road Gunstor Road Union Road Hollar Road Grove Lane Lampard Grove Mason's Court Manley Court (part) Mason's Place Manley Court (part) Milton Road Milton Grove Hamilton Place Ormsby Place St. Andrew's Road St. Andrew's Grove Goldsmith Square St. Mattias Square Woodland Road Sandbrook Road Wellington Road Shacklewell Road Lansdowne Mews, Shakespeare Walk Shakespear Mews Shakspeare Road Shakespeare Walk Chapel Court Slindon Court Spenser Road Spenser Grove Church Street Stoke Newington Church Street Clarence Terrace Stoke Newington Church Street Clissold Park Villas Stoke Newington Church Street Kingsway (part) Stoke Newington Church Street Newington Hall Villas Stoke Newington Church Street Paradise Row Stoke Newington Church Street Park Crescent Stoke Newington Church Street Rochester Place Stoke Newington High Street (part) White Hart Court Stoke Newington High Street (part) Victoria Grove Victorian Grove Victoria Road Victorian Road Birdcage Walk Windus Walk Park Street Yoakley Road Victoria Grove West Yorkshire Grove
  12. 12. Fleetwood House (1635-1872)
  13. 13. Thank you