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Charles Booth's 1897 poverty map: The Stoke Newington notes


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A talk by Mike Steele. Presented in the 8th Stoke Newington History Talks event, Nov 14th, 2018 in St Matthias Halls, Stoke Newington.

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Charles Booth's 1897 poverty map: The Stoke Newington notes

  1. 1. A talk by Mike Steele Charles Booth's 1897 poverty map: The Stoke Newington notes
  2. 2. The beginning My daughter Jessica My granddaughter Eve
  3. 3. While studying in the London School of Economics, Jessica came across the notebooks of three men who did the research for Charles Booth for what became his 17-volume “Life and Labour of the people in London” published 1889-1903
  4. 4. Meeting Phil Mernick, Chairman of the East London History Society
  5. 5. In early 2018, the East London History Society very kindly funded the publication of the notes covering East London
  6. 6. All the leg work for Charle’s Booth survey of East and North London was carried out by one man: George Duckworth. From 1892 to 1902, Duckworth acted as secretary (without pay) to the philanthropist Charles Booth
  7. 7. He was knighted in 1927 Duckworth did all 68 walks in East and North London between May 1897 and June 1898.
  8. 8. Duckworth was almost always accompanied by a police officer whose job was to protect him in rough areas but more importantly for the project to give a great deal of local information
  9. 9. Booth divided London up into seven different categories from rich to poor
  10. 10. Chapted 11 is an area which we decided to call the Far North. According to Booth this was the most prosperous area.
  11. 11. How I got to be here tonight 1899 - Suffragettes outside Stoke Newington Station?
  12. 12. Stoke Newington
  13. 13. Stoke Newington Paradise Row Church Row
  14. 14. Barn Street Church Row, Church Street 1min walk Now the site of the Town Hall
  15. 15. In an area between Evering Road, Downs Road and the railway line known as Navvies Island "the roughest quarter of the district but much better than it used to be" are the Rendlesham Rooms, a mission place with an announcement of a meeting "for the band of Christian police"
  16. 16. “Jenners Mews a ramshackle stabling place for horses and carts. Stellman Street has 8 shops and a beer shop. ‘The shopping place of the district’”.
  17. 17. “Stoke Newington is very healthy and has a great reputation. Nearly all the houses are small, it is very seldom that you will find any of them empty.”
  18. 18. “Barn Street is a poor street, 2-storey, Purple (Mixed. Some comfortable some poor) to Light Blue (poor). No trouble to the police, all the children with boots on.”
  19. 19. “Then down Milton St to Howard Rd. Purple (poor). Working class. Some 3rd rate shops. 3 public houses and 2 beer houses, these last an almost sure sign that there are some poor streets in the neighbourhood.”