Prime Ministers of Hungary


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Prime Ministers of Hungary

  1. 1. By: Benedict Gombocz
  2. 2.  First democratically elected HungarianPrime Minister; served from 23 May 1990until his death on 12 December 1993 Born 8 April 1932 in Budapest; died 12December 1993 in Budapest Leader of Hungarian Democratic Forum(Magyar Demokrata Fórum, MDF) from1989 until 1993 Graduated from Budapest Piarist HighSchool in 1950 Was interested in politics early on, butunderstandably enough, did not pursuehis political career during the communistregime Went on to study Hungarian languageand literature at Eötvös LorándUniversity as well as history andarchival science
  3. 3.  Prime Minister of Hungary from 12December 1993 until 15 July 1994 Born 27 August 1928 in Nagybajom Came to power when previous PMJózsef Antall died; held office untilcoalition was defeated in 1994parliamentary election by SocialistParty candidate Gyula Horn, who ledMSZP-SZDSZ coalition with his victory Has served as political advisor to PMViktor Orbán Was MP for three years between 2006and 2009; was long seen as supporterof MDF leader Ibolya Dávid
  4. 4.  Prime Minister of Hungary from 15 July 1994until 8 July 1998 Born 5 July 1932 in Budapest; died 19 June2013 in Budapest Defeated Péter Boross in 1994 parliamentaryelection, leading MSZP into a significantvictory and an increase in number of seatsin the Parliament from 33 to 209 and acoalition with SZDSZ Remembered as playing a major role in thedismantling of the Iron Curtain and forcontributing to German reunification, andfor Bokros package, the largest fiscalausterity programme in post-communistHungary; it was launched under his tenure in1995 Was denied the Magyar KöztársaságÉrdemrendjének Polgári Tagozata prize byPresident László Sólyom, who refused toaward it to him because Horn had notchanged his views on the 1956 uprising
  5. 5.  Prime Minister of Hungary from 8 July1998 until 27 May 2002; is also currentPrime Minister since 29 May 2010 andcurrently leader of Fidesz Born 31 May 1963 in Székesfehérvár Won 1998 parliamentary election againstGyula Horn and formed coalition withMDF Lost 2002 parliamentary election againstMSZP candidate Péter Medgyessy; wasopposition candidate in 2006parliamentary election, after whichMSZP lost majority because their lyingscam was unraveled even before Led Fidesz to significant victory in 2010parliamentary election, winning 52.73%of the votes and two-thirds majority inalliance with KDNP, placing Fidesz farahead of MSZP and newcomers Jobbikand LMP, effectively ending eight yearsin opposition
  6. 6.  Prime Minister of Hungary from 27 May2002 until 29 September 2004 Born 19 October 1942 in Budapest Won 2002 parliamentary election againstViktor Orbán and continued coalitionwith SZDSZ Resigned 25 August 2004 due to disputeswith SZDSZ, but remained caretaker PMover 30-day period as per Constitutionand a few extra days until Parliamentconfirmed his successor FerencGyurcsány Graduated from Corvinus University ofBudapest (then Karl Marx University ofEconomic Sciences); graduated in 1966and returned to earn his doctorate Is fluent in French and Romanian andknowledgeable in English and Russian
  7. 7.  Prime Minister of Hungary from 29September 2004 until 14 April 2009 Born 4 June 1961 in Pápa Became PM after Péter Medgyessy’sresignation after being elected with 197votes in favor and only 12 votes opposed,with majority of opposition in Parliamentnot voting Led MSZP to victory in 2006 parliamentaryelection and won another term as PM His ability to govern was questioned byopposition parties, in particular Fidesz,when he withheld information about thebudget in his re-election campaign; it wasrevealed only a month after the elections of2006 that he confessed his party had lied towin re-election, and had not done anythingworth mentioning in their previous fouryears of ruling Parliament Is criticised for using obscene and offensivelanguage in his speeches; subsequentlyattempted to make this subject irrelevant
  8. 8.  Prime Minister of Hungary from 14April 2009 until 29 May 2010 Born 5 March 1968 in Szeged Elected PM with 204 votes in favorwith eight abstentions; remainingMPs declined to vote Became PM when Parliamentsuccessfully passed vote of noconfidence against FerencGyurcsány, who resigned on 28March, even though his resignationwas not effective until 14 April Chose not to run in 2010parliamentary election; AttilaMesterházy became MSZP’scandidate for that election