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  1. 1. ALITALIA Benedict Gombocz
  2. 2. BACKGROUND  Full name: Alitalia—Compagnia Aerea Italiana S.p.A. (Alitalia – Italian Air Company).  Operates as Alitalia; Italy’s flag carrier and national airline.  Assumed the name, the landing rights, many planes, and some other benefits from the insolvency process of the former Alitalia – Linee Aeree Italiane and all of Air One.  Has its main office in Fiumicino, Italy.  Its biggest hub is Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome, with two other main hubs at Linate Airport and Malpensa Airport (both in Milan).  Largest airline in Italy, and 19th largest in the world.  Its name is a portmanteau of the words ali (wings) and Italia (Italy).  Risking bankruptcy late, the loss of a major gas provider, and a likely grounding by the Italian civil aviation authority in 2013, the airline announced a €500 million rescue package that comprises a €75 million asset by Italy’s state-run postal operator.
  3. 3. ALITALIA HUBS  Major hubs:  Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumiciono Airport (Rome)  Linate Airport (Milan)  Malpensa Airport (Milan)  Secondary hubs:  Naples International Airport (Naples)  Turin Airport (Turin)  Venice Marco Polo Airport (Venice)
  4. 4. OTHER FACTS  Founded 1946 (as Linee Aeree Italiane)  Commenced operations 13 January 2009  Air operator’s certificate I-130  Frequent-flyer program MilleMiglia  Airport lounge Club Freccia Alata, Welcome Air One, SkyTeam Elite  Alliance SkyTeam  Subsidiaries Air One, Alitalia CityLiner  Fleet size 104  Destinations 83  Headquarters Fiumicino, Italy  Key people Roberto Colaninno (Chairman), Gabriele Del Torchio (CEO)  Revenue +€3,594 million (2012)  Operating income -€119 million (2012)  Net income -€280 million (2012)  Website
  5. 5. SLOGANS  Alitalia currently uses a number of slogans, including:  "Alitalia vola con te" (Alitalia flies with you)  "Fatti per volare alto" (Made to fly high)  "Alitalia, al lavoro per te" (Alitalia, working for you)  "Muoviamo chi muove l'Italia" (We move the people who keep Italy going)  "Scegli come volare"(Choose how to fly)  "Orgogliosi di mostrare il meglio del nostro paese appassionatamente"(Proud to show the best of our country with passion)  "The pleasure of flying made in Italy“  The former Alitalia also used a variety of slogans before the new updated and livery were introduced in 2005:  Volare, nella tua vita" (Flying, in your life)  "Volare in compagnia dell'Italia" (Fly with Italy)
  6. 6. AIRLINE OPERATIONS  The Alitalia main office is located in Piazza Almerico da Schio, Pal. RPU – 00054 Fiumicino (RM).  AMDL, an architecture firm headquartered in Milan, devised the company headquarters.  Alitalia’s chairman is Roberto Colaninno, while Rocco Sabelli was the first chief executive officer since the re- launch.  Andrea Ragnetti became the new chief executive officer of the corporation on 28 February 2012; he was replaced by Gabriele Del Torchio, previously the chief executive officer of Ducati, in April 2013.  Compagnia Aerea Italiana (CAI) claims a 75% stake in Alitalia; the other 25% is claimed by Air France-KLM.  In October 2013, the state-run postal service Poste Italiane announced it would obtain a 15% stake from Alitalia by means of infusing €100 million into the corporation’s equity and permitting the subsequent capital increase of €300 million.
  7. 7. MAJOR SHAREHOLDING  These are the airline’s primary shareholders as of 13 January 2014.  Shareholder and percent of holding  Intesa Sanpaolo: 20.59%  Poste italiane: 19.48%  UniCredit: 12.99%  Immsi: 10.19%  Atlantia: 7.44%  Air France-KLM: 7.08%  Others: 22.23%  Total: 100%
  8. 8. DESTINATIONS  Including flights operated by its subsidiary Air One Smart Carrier, Alitalia flies to 98 destinations in 44 countries (as of September 2013).  In addition to its largest hub at Rome Fiumicino Airport, it operates from five other Italian airports (two as major, three as secondary).  Air One operates from Milan Malpensa Airport, Pisa Airport, and Venice Marco Polo Airport.
  9. 9. CODESHARE AGREEMENTS  As of August 2013, Alitalia, in addition to its Air One subsidiaries, has codeshare agreements with these airlines:  Aeroflot (SkyTeam)  airBaltic  Air Calin  Air Corsica  Air Europa (SkyTeam)  Air France (SkyTeam)  Air Serbia  Azerbaijan Airlines  Bulgaria Air  Carpatair  China Airlines (SkyTeam)  China Eastern Airlines (SkyTeam)  Cyprus Airways  Czech Airlines (SkyTeam)  Delta Air Lines (SkyTeam)  Etihad Airways  Etihad Regional  Gol Transportes Aéreos  Japan Airlines (Oneworld)  KLM (SkyTeam)  Korean Air (SkyTeam)  Kuwait Airways  Luxair  Middle East Airlines (SkyTeam)  Montenegro Airlines  Saudia (SkyTeam)  SriLankan Airlines  TAP Portugal (Star Alliance)  TAROM (SkyTeam)
  10. 10. MEMBERSHIP IN SKYTEAM  Alitalia has been a member of the SkyTeam alliance since the airline began operations in 2009; it was preceded by Alitalia-LAI in joining the alliance, in 2001.  Since joining SkyTeam, Alitalia has opened code-share agreements with other SkyTeam members; this permits passengers to fly to a number of destinations with a single Alitalia ticket.  Alitalia joined fellow SkyTeam members Air France, KLM, and Delta in the transatlantic Joint Venture in July 2010; this means that the earnings from flights via the Atlantic are shared between these four airlines.
  11. 11. SPECIAL LIVERIES  A Boeing 767-300ER (EI-DBP) was painted in the SkyTeam livery in mid-2009.  An Airbus A320-200 (EI-DSA), once in the Air One livery, was painted in a unique “” livery on 19 July 2010.  An Embraer E-190-100LR (EI-RND) was delivered in the SkyTeam livery in March 2012.  A Boeing 777-200ER (EI-DDH) was painted in the SkyTeam livery in March 2012.  An Airbus A321-100 (EI-IXI) was painted in the remarkable livery of Freccia Alata-Linee Aeree Italiane, Alitalia's forerunner, in April 2012.  An Airbus A330-200 (EI-DIR), formerly in the Air One livery, was painted in the SkyTeam livery in November 2013.
  14. 14. HISTORICAL FLEET  Alitalia has operated these aircraft types throughout the years:  Airbus A319 (introduced in 2002)  Airbus A320 (introduced in 1999)  Airbus A321 (introduced in 1994)  Airbus A330-200 (introduced in 2009)  Boeing 767-300ER (introduced in 1995; retired in 2012)  Boeing 777-200ER (introduced in 2002)  McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (introduced in 1983; retired in 2012)
  15. 15. RETIRED AIRCRAFT  In 1990, the Alitalia-Linee Aeree Italiane fleet acquired the Boeing 767-300ER, but withdrew it in 2012 after 22 years of service; the last 767-300ER flight took place on 25 October 2012, with the plane operating under the registration EI-DDW in flight AZ845 (Accra-Lagos-Rome).  In 1978, the Alitalia-Linee Aeree Italiane fleet acquired the McDonnell Douglas MD-82, but withdrew it in 2012 following 34 years of service; the last MD-82 flight took place on 27 October 2012, with the plane operating under the registration I-DATI on flight AZ1740 (Catania-Milan-Linate).  On 17 December 2012, the same aircraft operated a memorial flight from Rome-Fiumicino Airport to Trieste Airport with journalists and Andrea Ragnetti (former CEO of Alitalia) on board; I-DATI, upon landing, was supported by Frecce Tricolori; a show was done for the event, and the hostesses on board wore Alitalia’s older uniform.
  16. 16. THE END  YouTube links:  Safety Demo Alitalia:  Alitalia A320 Safety Announcement:  Alitalia – Rain:  Alitalia Airbus A321-112 Takeoff (Rome Fiumicino - LIRF):  Alitalia Boeing 767-300 landing in Rome Fiumicino Airport in Sunrise: