Final project raising south sudan - hannah risser


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Final project raising south sudan - hannah risser

  1. 1. RAISING SOUTH SUDANHelping the world’s newest country onto its feet
  2. 2. A Brief History of South• Sudan: for Africa, there Prior to the European scramble was no state in the area currently occupied by South Sudan.• After the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, Sudan existed under Anglo-Egyptian rule from 1898 until 1955. However, not all agreed. The northern area of Sudan agreed to this rule, but the southern region fought for independence.• In 1956, Sudan gained its independence. Unfortunately internal struggles continued.• The first Sudanese Civil War ran from 1955 until 1972 and the second lasted from 1983 until 2005.• In 2005, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed, and in line with its policies South Sudan voted for total independence in January of 2011. On July 9th of 2011 it became a sovereign state!• The second Sudanese Civil War is what we are going to examine closer in the following slide.
  3. 3. The Second Sudanese Civil War and the Lost Boys of Sudan• During the Second Sudanese Civil War, which lasted for twenty-one years, over 30,000 boys were orphaned or at least displaced. They relocated to refugee camps. People began to call them “The Lost Boys of Sudan.”• These boys were wandering in the desert, surviving off of what little food and water they could find. Many died from hunger, disease, or attacks from wild animals.• In 2001 the American government invited a select amount of these boys to come to the US to go to school and start new lives.• However when they came here, they found it to be rather difficult to make the money they needed with enough left over to send home. There was a great deal less aid than they had hoped for.• This is where we step in.
  4. 4. A group of the Lost Boys who lived in Chicago in theirgraduation gear. They were the second group of theLost Boys in Chicago to graduate.
  5. 5. Raising South Sudan• Mothering Across Continents©, a non-profit devoted to helping children around the world, helped begin Raising South Sudan with some of the Lost Boys. These Lost Boys, (now men) are determined to help their home country, as it is a new nation and needs a little help getting onto its feet. They have told us that what they need most is education. So Raising South Sudan is focusing on building schools.
  6. 6. Why Schools?• The statistics for education in South Sudan is appalling, especially to those of us so used to our lives here in the States.• In South Sudan, 2% of boys and only 1% of girls graduate primary school.• Illiteracy rates are high; in some areas it is estimated that 90% of the adults can’t read.• Class usually occurs outside, without any form of shelter. So if it rains, school is cancelled.• The Lost Boys have told us that providing South Sudan with education provides the nation with intelligent young people who will further its growth.
  7. 7. What Can We Do to Help?• On the Raising South Sudan website there are links to places where you can donate. You can sponsor a child or add cement blocks for building.• Our school Northwest School of the Arts has been working closely with Raising South Sudan and other schools in the area. We have met with some of the Lost Boys several times and hosted many events to raise money to build a school in South Sudan. In the next few slides I’ll show you some of our past events!
  8. 8. Raising South Sudan Benefit ConcertWe had a benefit concert at a music club in downtown Charlotte. We had a few bands perform, two of our teachers performed, and we had Emmanuel Jal, a famous South Sudanese rapper and former child soldier turned activist.
  9. 9. Bowl to Build• One of our local bowling alleys agreed to allow us to host a bowling event with a portion of the proceeds going to Raising South Sudan! It was a lot of fun.• Here is a link to the promo video we filmed to advertise our event: h?v=HwhM68fnQdo• (I’m the one at 1:07!)
  10. 10. ConclusionSouth Sudan is a very important cause to me. I do believe that education is important and a lot of the times we take it for granted (or even complain about it) because it is so available to us. We most likely couldn’t even conceive the fact that some people won’t have school one day just because its raining. I want to help South Sudan, I want to spread knowledge, and that is why Raising South Sudan is so close to my heart.
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