A monk and his monastery! rob scully


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A monk and his monastery! rob scully

  1. 1. A Monk and his Monastery! By Rob Scully 1Y
  2. 2. A Monk and his Monastery A Monastery was a place of work, and a place of prayer where Monks dedicated their lives in service to God. The following is a day in the life of a Monk.
  3. 3. The morning Generally a Monk’s day began early. He would wake at 6am for morning prayer. This would be conducted in the monastery church, where the Abbot would lead the prayers. The service would include, singing, Psalm readings and prayerful meditation. Following this, the Monks would go to the dining room and eat their breakfast.
  4. 4. Daily work Whilst their lives were centred on prayer, the Monks were still required to do daily work. Some Monks worked in the kitchen. Others in the garden. Monks also helped the Almoner to disperse alms to the needy. Other jobs such as maintenance of the monastery and manufactory of habits were also done by individual Monks within the order.
  5. 5. Food and Drink The food that the Monks ate was generally quite basic. It mainly consisted of bread, made in the monastery and meat from their farm animals. They also ate vegetables from their garden. The Monks were very much self-sufficient. Therefore, very little money was needed to buy food. Monks made wine for Masses and special occasions.
  6. 6. Accomadation Monks stayed in large buildings called dormitories. Within these buildings each Monk had his own room, which was called a ‘cell’. It was very basic, containing only a bed and a prayer kneller. Always there was a crucifix upon the wall and Monks could pass many hours here in solitude prayer.
  7. 7. Prayer As stated earlier the day of a Monk began in prayer. Prayer played a very important role in a Monk’s life. It was not solely confined to the morning time, there were 6 different prayer times during the day. These punctuated activities, which were ceased immediately when the prayer bell rang. On average, a Monk spent 7 hours in prayer each day.
  8. 8. Conclusion As you can see Monks lived very busy lives from dawn to dusk. Throughout their busy days they never lost sight of their core duties as a Monk. Prayer permeated their lives and everything that they did involved prayer and service to God. I think they were commendable people who sacrificed a lot for their faith in God. The End.