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Research proposal

  1. 1. Research ProposalDone by: Hisa Ali AlAliImprove UAE education by using assessmentand communication tools.
  2. 2. Summary of Need Analysis• In my teaching practice of thissemester I worked in SWC withfoundation computer teachers MsHajar and Ms Nawal.• I observed that teachers want touse another tool of assessmentthan bb9.• I notice there is luck ofcommunication between teachers andstudent’s parents.
  3. 3. Continue• My research topic is (improve UAE education byusing assessment and communication tools.)In this Research I will raise the following questions:1.What are the different assessmenttools that teacher can use in theipad?2.What are the security issues theywill face with the differentassessment tools?3.How teachers can communicate thestudents’ parents to put them onthe picture of their kids’performance using Moodle?
  4. 4. Moodle FeaturesLesson Forum SurveyEnroll Parents
  5. 5. Lesson• I will add a linear set of contentpages with video tutorials andinstructional activities that offer avariety of paths and options for thelearner.• I will include a variety ofquestions, such as multiple choice,matching and short answer.
  6. 6. Forum• I will add different topics relatedto assessment security issues indiscussion board to allow teachersto discuss these issues and suggestsolutions about the tools theytried.• I will also hide the forum fromstudents.• Files can be attached to forumposts in case teachers have longexplanation or they get files frominternet.
  7. 7. Survey• I will create a survey to askteacher about the security ofcertain assessment tools they used.Ex: Does this tool allow students to open another files and navigatethe internet browser?• After that, I will analyze theiranswer using excel and attach theimage resutl’s in the Moodle website.By this way I gave other teachers aclear idea about this tool.
  8. 8. Parents Enrollment• I will give the parent permission toview certain information, such asactivity reports, grades and forumposts related to their kid’s work.• To be more obvious, to keep thewebsite organize and avoid confusingthe parents with the websitecontent I will enroll them asparent role.• I will follow these steps (Parentrole, 2012) to create a parent Rolein Moodle for the parents.
  9. 9. My objective from this plan• I will create lesson, Forums andsurvey to give teachers knowledgeabout different assessment tools inthe ipad and to facilitate decisionmaking for the teacher in choosingthe tools .• The goal of family involvement inMoodle is not merely to get familiesinvolved, but rather to connectimportant contexts forstrengthening children’s learningand development.• I used Moodle to collect my workand display it in organize way duringthe work shops. Also, Moodle will bea good reference for independent
  10. 10. Measure Success of My Goals.• I will do face to face interviews with theteachers. I will prepare around 7questions for roughly 10 teachers.Before I start I will explain forthem the interview topic which isabout the feature of theassessment tool they used.• I will record their voice using my phoneif they accept, if not I will takenotes to collect their answers.• I will participant in direct observation tonotice how students interact withthe assessment by taking notes andpictures if they agree.
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  12. 12. Research MethodsI will use qualitative research for several reasons.•First, the participant from teachers will beat the forefront of analytic discussion.(Albon,n.d)•Second, I will shape a variety of interactiveactivities that bear on one another like thelesson and forums topics. (Albon,n.d)•Third, the assessment tools judgment willbe suspend until full explication ofassessment tools qualities has been madeand teacher use it with their students.(Albon,n.d)•Furthermore, I will use questionnaire togather information about the teacher’sattitudes, thoughts and behaviors towardswhat they learnt and used. (Lanthier, 2002)•Also, I will utilize a correlation to make
  13. 13. Data Collection MethodsInterviewsRecordObservationSurvey
  14. 14. Ethical IssuesIn my research I have to take into account:1- the approval of my audience totake their pictures, record their voiceand include their names in myresearch.2- I have to take permission from theschool administration if I want totake pictures, doing workshop in theirschool and include their name in theresearch.
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