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  1. 1. Did you want to learn: About tool that allow you to gather PRESENTATION, QUIZ, VIDEO, POLL and other things in one place.!!! Not this only, also the tool enable you to control the screens and activities of your audience !!! Done by: Hisa Al-Ali
  2. 2. Nearpod Welcome to
  3. 3. So... What isNearpodNearpod is a collaborative presentation tool that allowsteachers to engage and assess their students using mobiledevices.
  4. 4. INFORMATION . . .You Need to Know Price: free. Language: Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic. Nearpod just work in apple product like iphone, ipad, ipod (click here to download) Nearpod need internet connection. You will need one iPad running the Nearpod Teacher app, and at least one other iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) running the Nearpod Student app.
  5. 5. Nearpod In Classroom Instructors can create multiple choice questions, problem solving activities, quizzes and drawing exercises to include in the lecture slides, and videos can be added as well. Student results from quizzes and activities are calculated and sent to the instructor. The teacher can monitor the class’ activity and evaluate students on an individual basis.
  6. 6. Let’s Learn How Works . . .
  7. 7. 1- You need to download Nearpod in 4- Click on sign in and enter your email andyour apple device from this link. password.2- Then you have to set an accountfrom your apple device. 5- This screen will appear for you after signing in, choose (CREATE).3- Then go to this link to create orupload your presentation.
  8. 8. 6- This page will appears for you Edit Clone View New Delete Share Purplish Presentation You can click here or here to start creating or uploading your presentation.
  9. 9. 6- Click on (start from scratch) if you 8- Wait until the slides uploading.want to create a presentation. while, clickon (or find a pdf file on your computer)to upload a PowerPoint presentationafter convert it to PDF file. 8- Here you can add a title, description and materials like videos, quizzes, polls and other things.7- Click on (or find a pdf file on yourcomputer) to choose your PDF file Click here to add materials
  10. 10. 9- Click onThis massage , then publishwill appears for you to inform you that 2the presentation in published.10- Enter your Nearpod application fromyour iPad, choose the presentation youwant to display it, click submit. 11- Click on (LUNCH) 1 3 12- Give the students the presentation pin to enable them see the presentation content.
  11. 11. That’s itnow you can enjoy using theamazing features of Nearpod In your classroom . . .