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E2D3 introduction 2016SEP ver


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E2D3 introduction

Published in: Technology
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E2D3 introduction 2016SEP ver

  1. 1. D3.js and E2D3 Data visualization 4 your Excel/website SEP , 2016 E2D3 Open source project
  2. 2. What is “E2D3”? free add-in for your Excel 2013/2016/365 and online E2D3 is the Global/Japanese Open Source Project.
  3. 3. Won 13 Awards! (2014-2016)
  4. 4. Are you struggling with Excel graphs? Familiar Situation? ・My graphs can make people disappointed ・To be honest, I cannot keep up with new Excel features ・Somehow, more efforts to improve graphs lead nowhere
  5. 5. Ideally, ※ McKinsey quality graphs… ・Easy to understand, and stylish ・Is it art? ・Somebody may actually pay you for your work!
  6. 6. ・ I’m not born with artistic talent… ・ Can you really make nice graphs using Excel or Powerpoint? ・No time to polish my graphs I’ve tried hard… but with not much outcome 樹海 Wish Excel graph templates Were nicer…
  7. 7. E2D3 Can Help You!
  8. 8. With E2D3 graph template.. ・I can make stylish graphs on Excel, easily! How Stylish!
  9. 9. Overview of D3 & E2D3 ① What can you accomplish with E2D3 ② What can display with D3.js ③ How to use app within Excel ④ Graph template development ⑤ About E2D3
  10. 10. ① What can you do with E2D3?
  11. 11. E2D3 is… An Excel application, which displays created graphs D3.js created graph Library of javascript, specifically for drawing Excel Amazing! Wow! E2D3(Excel to D3)
  12. 12. What can you do with E2D3? ・ Choose from beautiful graph templates ・ The Excel data is immediately reflected in a graph
  13. 13. ② How far D3.js can Go?
  14. 14. D3.js expression- Beautiful!
  15. 15. D3.js expression: amazing!
  16. 16. D3.js expression: wow!
  17. 17. D3.js expression ・Beautiful templates ・Nuanced color expression ・Graphs move!(it’s run on javascript)
  18. 18. D3.js Expression javaScript graphic library Ranked 1st in 2015! 人気上昇中のJavaScriptライブラリを調べてみた【2015年版】
  19. 19. Can you make beautiful graph on your own?
  20. 20. With E2D3 app, You can do it!
  21. 21. ③ How to Use with Excel
  22. 22. Downloading App: ① Choose Office App ② Search for “E2D3” ③ Choose graph template ④ Finish!
  23. 23. Example (Moving bubble chart) Av. Life expectancy Income Size of the circle: Population Use mouse to see chronological trend
  24. 24. ④ How to make a Graph Template
  25. 25. How to make a graph template 1) Register as “contributor” 2) Source code is on E2D3 github. Apachel Licence 2.0 Contributor (Programmer with D3.js knowledge) (Pull Request) E2D3 Project Member javascript css Sample data Explanation merge Users Worldwide
  26. 26. ⑤ About E2D3 Project
  27. 27. Contributors (Programmer who knows D3.js) E2D3 Project Team Users E2D3 project supporters Enjoy using E2D3 graphs Create new exciting graphs using Runs E2D3 project ・E2D3 Application development ・Develop platform ・ material translation
  28. 28. E2D3 on Office App Store
  29. 29. Started as a two-men project May 2014 1. Special Award, 「Office App development contest, 2014. 6. 24 2. TOP3, Office App Idea contest, 2014. 9. 24
  30. 30. September 2014, 15 project members 1. Top 20,Mashup Awards 10, 2014. 11. 19 2. Microsoft Award,Mashup Awards 10, 2014. 11. 19
  31. 31. E2D3 Team grew into 50 person team Now
  32. 32. We believe in a huge potential of E2D3 project (and have passion!)
  33. 33. How to get involved with E2D3 project. ■E2D3 Official webpage ■twitter( Results for #e2d3) - Official FB - Official twitter - HP & Wordpress
  34. 34. We are looking for new team member to develop E2D3 free add-in for your Excel! Please join E2D3 global/Japanese open source project