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HR Trends 2014 in Asia


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HR Trends 2014 in Asia covering topics like:workforce planning,employee retention strategies,succession planning,employee progression,ASEAN Economic Community,AEC,Big Data for HR,workforce analytics,data analytics for HR,flight risks,talent gaps,real-time analytics,Applicant Tracking Systems,HR Dashboards,social recruiting,SaaS-based models,Expat Packages

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HR Trends 2014 in Asia

  1. 1. HR Trends 2014 in Asia
  2. 2. 1. Focus on Employee Retention • Re-evaluating recruiting practices to ensure the new compliance standards are met. • Workforce planning and developing retention strategies
  3. 3. Steven Yeong, Chief Talent Evangelist of Hof Consulting “In Europe, we see an uptrend of organisations investing in employee retention strategies but in Asia, companies are not doing well in terms of leadership and succession planning. That’s the reason why employees are leaving, especially the mid–level executives… There is a need to keep employees on the right track and give opportunities for employee progression.”
  4. 4. 2. The Rise of Asian Talent • Entry of Asian Talent into global roles for international businesses will become more prevalent. • Organizations laying the groundwork for these seismic shifts in the Asian business landscape • An increase in the number of Asian employees sitting in the global headquarters of organisations.
  5. 5. 3. Big Data for HR (Workforce analytics) • The focus this year will continue to highlight the benefits of a Big Data people strategy for HR. • Big Data systems also helps you identify potential flight risks and talent gaps.
  6. 6. Kevin Xia, Regional Director North Asia at HRBoss “ With Big Data technology, C-suite leaders are no longer making guesswork-based decisions, but are working with tangible data, having more tools and legitimacy. HR Big Data analytics platforms, like EmployeeBoss aggregate employee data from all existing HR and business systems into one single overview. Ultimately, EmployeeBoss helps HR to properly leverage Big Data analysis and gets them knocking at the door of the Boardroom”
  7. 7. 4. Elevating HR to the Boardroom • C-suite HR professionals are participating in board meetings to discuss the role of Talent in order to ensure that the organisation has the talent it needs to deliver on business goals.
  8. 8. 5. Embrace the Digital • With the generation of techno-philic Millennials as the new emerging workforce, it’s high-time for HR to leverage the new developments in business tech. • Multiple HR processes can be streamlined by going online. (Read the full report to find out more)
  9. 9. 6. The Golden Age of the ‘Expat Package’ is over. • Gradual decline of premium Expat packages will come to fruition. • 2014 will see foreign talent competing with local talent to work in these locations, so the bloated Expat packages of pre-2008 will decline in favor of local or 'local plus' remuneration schemes.
  10. 10. CLICK HERE. Click to read the full HR trend report.