HR Trends - The People Dilemma, Solution and Connecting the Dots


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HR Trends - The People Dilemma, Solution and Connecting the Dots

  1. 1. WelcomeIntroductionThe HR trendsThe people dilemmaThe people solutionConnecting the dots
  2. 2. Selamat siang
  3. 3. Finally a globalHR solution thatworks in Asia
  4. 4. Say „hello‟ toHiringBoss
  5. 5. Introducing HiringBossFounded in 2011 in AsiaBrainchild of, and run by, industry expertsBacked by Asia‟s leading investor JAFCOHR software for Asians by AsiansSimplicityLocalizationAffordablePredictableSaaS – software-as-a-serviceIn the CloudSoftware for HR practitioners and recruitersHosting, Release Management and Support
  6. 6. Our Flavours
  7. 7. HiringBoss - eRecruitment
  8. 8. StaffingBoss - CRM
  9. 9. HRBoss – People Management
  10. 10. Asia‟s No1choiceHiringBossJapan | Singapore | Indonesia | VietnamChina | Thailand | Malaysia | Hong Kong
  11. 11. THE HR TRENDS
  12. 12. HR TrendsWhich of these HR topics are the highest on your agenda currently?Sourcing and acquisition of new talentSkill shortageTurnover and retention of talentManaging workforce costsTalent PipelineDevelopment of new leadersBusiness & HR alignmentAccess to valuable HR analyticsVisibility of people in the organisation
  13. 13. Trends in business
  14. 14. Trends in talent informationPwC 14th Annual Global CEO Survey (2012)
  15. 15. HR Trends - AsiaYoung working populationRapidly growing workforceWar for “right” talentSocial trends (BYO)New views on loyaltyTraining & DevelopmentInflation of wagesJob security & labour law…….
  16. 16. HR Trends – Global HR PrioritiesSource: Mercer
  17. 17. HR Trends – Recruitment in AsiaOver the next 3 years, employers areexpecting significant recruitment growth inAsia Pacific, but many of them are notprepared and view those same markets asmost challenging.Southeast Asia will experience thelargest recruitment growth over thenext 3 yearsAsia Pacific will be the mostchallenging region with respect tosourcing ideal talents1/3 of employers do not have strongrecruiting presence in those marketsat this timeFuture Expectations per region/marketSource: Universum
  18. 18. HR Trends – generational trends2.3 Billion Population worldwide! Turnover rate twice of older workersFor an organization of 1000s ofpeople the cost of replacingmillennials could be millions annually50 %• Would ratherhave no jobthan a job theyhate80%• Think theydeserve morerecognition thanthey get75%• Are notcompletelysatisfied withtheir jobs33%• Chooserecognition overhigher pay90%• Think theydeserve theirdream jobSource: Universum
  19. 19. Social trends in HRSource: SHL
  20. 20. And employer branding
  21. 21. HR Trends…….The good and the badChange will be constantSourcing & attractingHiring & onboardingManaging and developingReporting requirementsIncreased need to takeCandidates very seriouslyEmployees very seriouslyHR very seriouslyReporting very seriouslyHR Professionals have the key to business success
  23. 23. Do you know?How many employees does our company really have?How long have our staff been working in our companyand in the same position?What is the average salary of our managersWhat is the performance level of sales managersacross our business…?How do we collect and track critical HR data acrossour business?
  24. 24. Today‟s reality of HR systemsERPHRISPayrollLeave ManagementTime KeepingPerformance reviewTrainingPaper, paper, paperEtc……
  25. 25. Today‟s reality of people sourcesImportance of peopleMultiple sourcesMultiple systemsAdministrative versus strategicPaper versus automationFact driven versus gut feelLack of people insightReporting kills
  27. 27. Your people insight?
  28. 28. I think we know what we want….Great staffGreat HR policiesGreat HR systemsGreat User adoptionGreat People insightGreat Business enablementWe just want to know….
  29. 29. Long, long time agoERPIT focusCustomizationFixed scopeRevolutionAdditional services & costsComplex project taking more than ayearNot user friendly, poor user adoption
  30. 30. Today & TomorrowERP SaaSIT focus HR focusCustomization ConfigurationFixed scope New upgrades and releasesRevolution EvolutionAdditional services & costs Fixed pricingComplex project taking more than ayearEasy to implement in matter of weeksNot user friendly, poor user adoption Intuitive & easy to use
  31. 31. Is SaaS scary or easy?The ERP/HRIS RevolutionChange infrastructureImplement 1 single system for Talent ManagementBing BangImpact existing HR and Talent frameworksImpact on employees, managers, executivesThe SaaS EvolutionAccept need for changeDetermine the good and the badLeverage on your existing HRISFocus on quick winsAdd value to the businessHR transformation & change
  32. 32. Join the HR cloudIncreased stakeholder commitment (ESS, MSS)Enhanced user adoptionProcess efficienciesVisibility of organization & talentBusiness alignmentStrategic HR valueDecreased Cost of OwnershipIncreased ROI & cost savings!!Ultimately positioning HR in the driver‟s seat for informed decisionmaking & the winning talent strategy
  33. 33. Recognize yourself?
  34. 34. HRBOSSConnecting the dotsbetween your HRISand your BusinessSuccess
  35. 35. Connecting the dotsCentralize employee dataPayrollHRISPaperInformation at your fingertipsVisibility of HR policiesTransparency & controlTrack employees, positions, organisationMeaningful executive conversations
  36. 36. Connecting the dotsLeading the wayMeasure people, cost and programsVisualize talents across the businessReal time people analyticsTransform HR & own the change….Don‟t take no for an answerBe that HR champion
  37. 37. High level systemoverview
  38. 38. Connecting the dots
  39. 39. Connecting the dots
  40. 40. Connecting the dots
  41. 41. Connecting the dots
  42. 42. Connecting the dots
  43. 43. Connecting the dots
  44. 44. Connecting the dots
  45. 45. Connecting the dots
  46. 46. Connecting the dots
  47. 47. Connecting the dots
  48. 48. Connecting the dots
  49. 49. IF not NOWthen WHEN?
  50. 50. Why use HRBoss?HR software for Asians by AsiansKey USP‟sSimpleAffordable„Zero-Risk‟ SolutionLocalizedSaaS – software-as-a-serviceIn the CloudSoftware for HR practioners and recruiters
  51. 51. Who is HRBoss for?Companies of all sizes, from any industryHR Champions that determine their own destinyHR Professionals that live in the here and nowCompanies seeking competitive advantage
  52. 52. How to start?PlanAssess current people data landscapeDetermine impact of real time analyticsFocus on immediate winsImplementProcess & definitionsConfigurationImporting deviceService & supportOn the groundOn-going optimization
  53. 53. “Doing Business inAsia? You should bespeaking toHiringBoss”
  54. 54. Thankyou!